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Congress District 4

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Why are you running for office?

What are the 3 biggest problems facing the nation and how will you fix them?

Recent mass shootings have led to calls for gun control – background checks, a resumption of the assault weapon ban, etc. What are your views on gun issues?

What do you think lawmakers can do to make schools safer?

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a major employer in the Dayton region. What will you do to keep the base strong?

Ohio has legalized marijuana for medical use. Do you support federal action to provide clear rules for legal marijuana businesses to gain access to banking? If so, please describe what you would support.

Should changes be made to the Affordable Care act to repeal it? Replace it? Shore it up? How would you fix health care in America?

How should the U.S. deal with immigration?

Do you support an increase in the federal minimum wage, and to what level? Should the federal government require paid sick time or family leave?

Where do you stand on trade issues? Do you support deals such as NAFTA?

Should the Russia probe into meddling in the 2016 election end? Do you support Robert Mueller’s investigation?

What makes you better than your opponent(s) in the race?

What else do you want voters to know about you and how you will serve in Congress?

Experience Peace Corps Volunteer, Micronesia 1978-1979 Teacher, 1980-2015 Oberlin Ohio Education Association Executive Council, 1995-2015
Education BA Kent State University 1975, MA Kent State University 1980
I’m running for office because the people of this district deserve a representative who cares about their needs and is able to deliver. Jim Jordan isn’t able to deliver for our district, and is especially bad for women—he was rated one of the worst Congressman for women and he’s voted against every bill with the word “women” in it. We need more women in government and in leadership roles across America. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know firsthand the dangers that come from having men in power who don’t care about women and who don’t care about abuse. As a lifelong member of the middle class, a mom, a teacher, and a community leader, I know what the people of Ohio need. It’s time for government to return to serving the people, not the ultra-rich and special interest groups. It’s time for new leadership.
1) Healthcare: Healthcare is a right and as a government we must work towards providing higher quality and more affordable healthcare for all. 2) Women’s rights: Women need equal protection under the law, including equal pay, protection from domestic violence, and the right to full autonomy over our own bodies. 3) The Economic Divide: We must ensure that our hardworking families don’t fall into poverty. We must protect pension funds, Social Security, and Medicare; raise the minimum wage; and strengthen unions and worker protections.
I am a gun owner and fully respect the rights of gun ownership, but we must do more to protect public safety. Responsible gun owners agree that we need universal background checks and common sense gun reform. We must give law enforcement the authority to take weapons out of the hands of domestic abusers.
As a former teacher, I want schools to be places where children are safe and can learn and grow unafraid. School safety is very important to me—but schools are no less safe than their communities. Everything that we do protect the public safety will help with school safety.
While the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is not in my district, I am fundamentally committed to providing Ohioans with good-paying, stable jobs that help our communities grow. We must work with the military to ensure that strategically important military bases here in Ohio have the resources necessary to succeed.
I believe that the issue of legalizing marijuana should be decided by voters via a ballot referendum. Since it has been legalized in Ohio, there should be clear guidelines for legal businesses to fully partake in the economy.
I believe that we need Medicare for all. Healthcare costs are rising, while millions of Americans remain uninsured or under-insured. We have the highest healthcare costs in the world, and much of these costs are administrative. For every one healthcare provider, we have six administrators who need to sort out all the different kinds of insurance! That’s colossally inefficient. With a single-payer system, we could bring down much of these administrative costs. It is time for us to face this problem head-on and finally bring quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans. Studies have shown that it would cost us half of what we currently spend on healthcare.
It is clear that we need to totally reform our immigration system. We need to strengthen our borders for sure, but all migrants and refugees must be treated with human dignity and due process. I believe that DACA recipients, who were brought here through no fault of their own, should have a pathway to citizenship.
The federal minimum wage should be raised to $15 and it should be tied to inflation. Currently, a minimum wage salary does not provide enough to pay for a modest apartment in any state. This is unacceptable. Hardworking people deserve a living wage and the middle class deserves a raise. We must also have paid sick leave and family leave.
We must protect American workers and American jobs, and it’s important to have free and fair trade agreements that lift up labor and environmental standards. I believe a new NAFTA can better support our workers. I also believe that tariffs can help Americans in some cases, but when applied as drastically and sporadically as they are now, they only contribute to instability and uncertainty for American businesses, which only hurts businesses and their workers.
There is plenty of evidence that the Russians sought to influence our election in 2016. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and our government should be making every effort to prevent that from happening ever again. We should allow the investigation to continue until we know more about the risks to our democracy.
Jim Jordan has been in office for 12 years and has no legislative successes. He has said that he didn’t go to Washington to pass laws. For twenty of my teaching years I was on the executive council of my teachers union, and I was at the negotiating table many times. When you are working with people who fundamentally disagree with you, you have to go in with what you want, but come back with what you can live with. You have to be willing to reach across the aisle and find compromise for the sake of everybody. Jim Jordan doesn’t know how to do this—he’s an extremist who shuts down the government over disagreements on immigration or the Farm Bill or other necessary legislation. When I’m in Congress, I’ll work with everybody to make the changes needed to help Ohioans.

I’m a former public school teacher—I’m not running to make money or gain power. I am running for this office because I see that our government is broken. It's being run by millionaires and leaving the vast majority of our citizens, workers, and children behind. I spent 35 years in the classroom preparing children for their future, and now I'm running for office to make sure they have one.
Experience Jim Jordan’s background as a four-time state champion and two-time NCAA champion in the sport of wrestling helped prepare him to take on some of the toughest political opponents in Washington. As a state legislator, he took on the powerful special interests and the leaders from both political parties who wanted to put Ohio on an unsustainable path of higher taxes and spending. He built a conservative, pro-family voting record, and authored an alternative state budget that balanced without raising taxes. He became the only legislator in state history to with both the Defender of Life award from Ohio Right to Life and the Pro-Life Legislator of the Year award from the United Conservatives of Ohio. In Congress, Jim Jordan continued to fight for fiscal responsibility, authoring the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan get the country’s finances back on track. As a budget committee member he offered more spending cuts than any other Member of Congress, and as RSC Budget/Spending Task Force Chairman, he offered the only balanced budget of any member of the House or Senate. Jordan helped found and was elected by his colleagues to chair the House Freedom Caucus. Jordan’s has also focused on his oversight role, helping lead investigations into federal agencies, including the IRS. Jordan was raised in rural Champaign County Ohio, graduating the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in Education from the Ohio State University and a Law Degree from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Today, he lives very close to where he and his wife Polly grew up. The Jordans have four children and two grandchildren.
Education B.S, Economics,University of Wisconsin; M.A. Education,The Ohio State University; J.D. Capital University Law School
It is a great honor to serve the families and taxpayers of Ohio’s 4th District in Congress. I am running for re-election to keep standing up for the values of the people I get the privilege to represent. Our area is blessed with thriving farms, growing businesses, and great opportunity. The policies I advocate for will help encourage more of that, including cutting taxes and keeping spending low so families can keep more of what they earn. It includes standing up for both a strong national defense and a safe and secure homeland. It includes fighting for open and honest government through the oversight role of Congress. And it includes promoting the traditional values that helped make America the best country in history.
Congress still spends way too much money. Despite the fact that our economy is growing faster than it has in past years and new money is coming into the treasury, we are still running huge deficits that burden our children with debt and threaten to bankrupt the country. I will continue to push for the same fiscally conservative policies as always, including a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. With the growing economy, I believe we also need to reform the welfare system to encourage able-bodied individuals to rejoin the workforce. I have introduced legislation to make this happen. Finally, I believe our immigration system needs to be reformed. I support efforts to strengthen the security of our southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration, as well as to streamline the process for those who want to follow the law, learn the language and become Americans can do so quicker.
As a father and grandfather I am heartbroken to hear of tragedies like this, from the 2017 shooting at West Liberty-Salem High School to the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The perpetrators of these and other acts of gun violence clearly have no respect for the law, or for the sanctity of human life. I do not agree that passing more restrictions on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens will prevent evil people from committing acts like this in the future. Gun laws are broken each time a shooting occurs. I think many schools both in Ohio and across the district are correctly taking steps to harden the security of their buildings when school is in session. School boards, the State of Ohio, and to some extent the federal government should meet the security concerns of local law enforcement and local school officials whenever they can.
There are a number of steps lawmakers can take to help make schools safer. I believe local law enforcement and local schools should be in the lead position of determining what their local needs are. A one-size-fits-all approach from Washington isn’t going to be the best answer when it comes to deciding how to provide a safe environment for kids at school. Local officials should determine their needs, and they, along with state and federal officials, can work to help provide the resources needed to implement the plan, whether that means a change in the law, or additional funding for training, renovation, or what have you. Local law enforcement and schools can best determine how to design a plan that fits the needs of their school.
Though Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is wide-reaching and diverse in its economic impact for the region, its first mission is for national defense. Providing for the common defense is perhaps the most important role of the federal government, so I support providing the funding necessary to strengthen our national defense, which will benefit WPAFB. Beyond the defense role, I think many of the local businesses that work with WPAFB have benefited from the tax reform and increased consumer confidence that has boosted our economy. This growth was fueled in part by federal efforts to cut overhead spending and reduce unnecessary regulations that hurt businesses’ ability to grow and create jobs. I will continue to fight for policies that encourage private sector economic growth, along with the funding needed to provide a strong defense for our great nation.
I support keeping the current federal restrictions on marijuana. As our economy begins to grow again, there is already a shortage of able-bodied Americans who are willing and able to enter the workforce. Recreational drug use from marijuana to opioids has contributed to this labor shortage. While medicinal marijuana may be a different question, our nation must do all we can to encourage able-bodied Americans to be productive members of society. Legalizing marijuana doesn’t change the fact that most job sites, need to be a drug-free workplace, for both safety and productivity reasons. This includes many of the jobs that employers are having a hard time filling today, both in the 4th District of Ohio and beyond.
ObamaCare continues to drive-up costs and reduce options for Ohioans. The status quo is not sustainable for consumers' pocketbooks or government budgets. It's time for market-based solutions that provide more options for better coverage at a lower cost.
America is a nation of immigrants. It always has been, and should always remain so. But a numbers of issues need to be addressed within our immigration system. First, we must take immediate action to secure our border and stop the flow of illegal immigration. A nation is not a nation without a border. Second, we must not reward those who broke the law to get here. We must reject the blanket amnesty approach that some are advocating. Third, we must improve the system for those who want to follow the law and become Americans. It is always heartwarming to participate in a naturalization ceremony where brand new Americans take the oath and become citizens. They come from every part of the world and go through a long and difficult process to become Americans. I believe we can streamline this process and reward those who did it the right way!
I believe issues like these where the federal government applies a one-size-fits-all approach on how businesses should operate is an overreach by the federal government. The minimum wage in the State of Ohio is ninety cents higher than the federal minimum wage. This shows that the marketplace in Ohio has, through the people’s representatives in the state legislature, already driven the minimum wage higher than other states. It shows that competition is a good thing, and that other benefits like paid sick time or family leave can increase in the same way. It is not the place of the federal government to dictate what kind of pay and benefits a business must provide its workers, and I think like the state minimum wage example demonstrates, it is not often that effective either.
I believe that given a level playing field, the productivity of American workers will outpace the productivity of any other country in the world. A market economy with free and fair trade is the best way to turn this American productivity into private sector economic growth. But not every trade deal currently in place represents the fairest deal for America. I have supported some international trade deals in the past, and I have opposed others, on a case-by-case basis. As far as NAFTA, I believe we can negotiate a better deal for Ohio farmers, manufacturers and consumers than we currently have. I am comfortable giving the administration some latitude in order to negotiate better trade positions in situations like NAFTA, as well as to put pressure on countries like China to bring them into compliance.
I believe Russia represents one of the greatest international threats to American security today, and it goes without saying that we cannot tolerate their meddling, or the meddling of any foreign government, in American elections. As far as the Mueller investigation, I believe it is fundamentally flawed and must come to an end. Just like in the Obama Administration, high ranking officials in the Trump justice department are hiding documents from Congress, preventing us from fulfilling our oversight role of the Mueller investigation. However, despite their obstruction, some important facts came to light during my questioning of a witness at a public hearing before the House Oversight Committee. We learned that the entire Mueller investigation is rooted in a political “opposition research” document created for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign against then-candidate Donald Trump. The admission that the investigation is based in politics calls into question its motivation and credibility.
It is a great honor to serve the families and taxpayers of Ohio’s 4th district. This district is diverse, but the folks I have the privilege to represent agree on a number of issues that I have worked hard to represent. First, they believe the role of the federal government should be limited. I have led the fight for balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility, starting with cutting my own office budget and returning over $2 million back to the treasury. Second, they believe that public officials should be held accountable for their actions. In my role on the House Oversight Committee, I have worked to root out waste and fraud in the spending of taxpayer dollars, and I have worked to expose wrongdoing and hold public officials from both parties accountable when they violate the public trust. Finally, they believe in promoting traditional American values such as equal justice under the law and personal responsibility. I have led the effort to honor personal responsibility by requiring able-bodied Americans to work before they can receive welfare benefits, and I have worked to “drain the Washington swamp” where people of privilege and power seem to get better treatment than regular hard-working Americans.
So many politicians and candidates for office say one thing during the election, and then act differently when in office. That’s not me. The phrase I use to describe my approach to the job is “do what you said you would do”. I don’t just talk about fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets during the election. I led by example…cutting my own office budget and returning over $2 million of unspent budget money. I also introduced the Cut, Cap and Balance bill which would cut unnecessary federal spending, cap future spending as a percentage of GDP, and send a Balanced Budget Amendment to the states for ratification. Had this been enacted when I first introduced in, the federal budget would have been balanced by now. That’s why I keep fighting for fiscal responsibility, and I keep using my oversight role to hold public officials accountable, regardless of which administration they serve. People expect you to do the job they elected you to do, and that what motivates me every day.