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Ohio House District 40

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What are the two biggest challenges facing the state and how would you deal with them?

What would you do to bring jobs to Ohio? Do you support JobsOhio? What changes would you make to it?

21 states have passed minimum wage increases since 2014. What do you think the minimum wage should be in Ohio?

What is your plan for resolving concerns about the skills gap many Ohio business leaders complain about?

Ohio has consistently cut income taxes over more than a decade. Do you support further reductions or increases in the state income tax? Why?

Should Medicaid expansion continue or not? Under what restrictions?

Heroin and opiate addiction have become a major issue in the state. The death tolls are rising and more families are impacted. What ideas do you have to deal with the crisis?

K-12 education in Ohio is all over the place when it comes to success. There are very successful public schools and failing ones. What ideas do you have to improve education in Ohio?

How do you feel about the current system of ranking schools based on test performance? Performance on statewide tests consistently show that districts that serve affluent communities perform better than those with high concentrations of poverty. How do we improve educational outcomes for all students regardless of wealth? And how do we hold districts accountable in a way that doesn’t just measure wealth?

Some argue the best way to close race- and income-based achievement gaps is increased funding for preschool programs. The group Groundwork Ohio argues that a child’s academic preparedness entering kindergarten is one of the greatest predictors of his or her success, yet preschool funding gets 6 percent of what the state spends on higher education. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have other ideas on how to improve kindergarten readiness for children, especially low-income children?

What is your position on school choice? What role do you think charters and private schools should play in the educational landscape?

How does Ohio need to improve higher education and deal with affordability and attracting students?

What makes you more qualified than your opponent(s) to hold this office?

Ohio is establishing its medical marijuana program. Do you support full legalization? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why not?

What is your stance on abortion issues?

Given recent school shootings, what do you think Ohio can do to make schools safer?

Ohio has passed a lot of gun issues in recent years. Do you favor gun rights – stand your ground, CCW, etc? Do you favor gun restrictions – universal background checks, bump stock ban, assault weapons ban, etc?

Schools, cities and counties continue to complain that state funding has been cut, forcing them to cut services and/or raise local taxes. How will you work with local governments?

What else do you want the voters to know about you and your campaign?

Experience I have over thirty years experience in Law Enforcement at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the past Ten years as the Sheriff. I oversee 450 employees and a 52 million dollar budget. I have served on numerous committees throughout Montgomery County such as; The Homeless Solutions Policy Committee, Family and Children's First Council. I started the Montgomery County Drug Free Coalition to deal with the Opiate problem in our community. We also have a Mental Health sub-committee under this coalition. I also started the (IMPACT) committee which deals with Improving Modern Police and Community Relations. I have been a community leader and a problem solver with tremendous grass roots support. I am currently on the Breast Wishes Foundation board as well as the Dayton Urban Young life board. I am a life coach as well as a volunteer assistant wrestling coach at Vandalia Butler High. I enjoy mentoring our youth and empowering our future leaders. I have been to the FBI National Academy and all the finest leadership training in my industry. I am a lifelong learner and continually work to improve my abilities. I have worked very hard for the past thirty years protecting the citizens of Montgomery County. It is now time that I take my leadership skill and life experience to Columbus to fight for the citizens of our great state. I have devoted my entire life to public service and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I intend on going to Columbus and stand up for our local governments and fix our broken mental health system. I have seen too many people suffer from opiate addiction and with my experience, I plan on making the correct policy changes to become a voice for the voiceless.
Education Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree in Business Management FBI National Academy FBI Executive Leadership Institute Secret Service Leadership Institute
The biggest challenges facing the state of Ohio are the Opiate Crisis and job opportunities. If we can establish a well-educated workforce we will attract new businesses to our state. One of the largest drains on our workforce is the Opiate crisis. It is very difficult for employers to find employees who don't have some type of illegal substance in their system. We must also look at how we educate our children. Let's face it, college is not for everyone. We must promote our Community colleges, as well as, trade skills. Many young people are are going into debt with some type of four-year degree and are unable to find a job in the career field. We need to encourage skill trade training. There are many well paying skilled jobs that are going unfilled. We need to encourage our young people to get good trade skill training and acquire a good paying job without assuming large college debt. We must attract good paying jobs to our state to keep our children from leaving our region in order to find a job. This is called the brain drain and it is happening all the time. There are three important issues that draw people to a certain community. They are; good jobs, public safety, and strong schools. We must focus on these three issues to keep families intact and allow every the opportunity to live the American dream. With the proper leadership, this can be accomplished. I intend on being that leader in Columbus.
In order to bring jobs back to Ohio, we have to become a business-friendly state. We need to cut burdensome regulations and provide a well educated and qualified workforce. We need to get the opiate crisis under control and give people hope. I have talked to many business owners who are having a difficult time finding qualified employees. We need to keep the newly implemented tax cuts which have allowed business owners to both invest back into their companies as well as give pay raises and bonuses to the employees. The job market has picked up so there is a great deal of competition to retain qualified employees. This tax cut has put more money back into the pockets of the business owners and they have been able to grow their businesses.

I do support jobs Ohio and it has been a great state economic development organization. I believe there has been excellent transparency with the private funding stream and independent board of directors. This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to grow and create new jobs in Ohio.
The minimum wage is a very interesting topic. We all want to earn a decent wage so we can make ends meet. The problem with mandating a minimum wage is that is can also hurt the business owner and their ability to reinvest back into their business. I am not sure that the Government should mandate any type of minimum wage because different jobs call for different pay scales. We cannot place mandated financial burdens on the business owner. If you continue to increase the mandated minimum wage, there is a potential that the employer may not have enough revenue to hire additional staff if necessary. If a company is growing and increasing revenue, let the owner dictate how they want to compensate the employees. As we have seen with the tax cuts, several business owners have increased both pay and bonuses for their employees.
My plan is to ensure that we find the appropriate way to fund our schools. We must stop utilizing the failed method of constantly rolling the tax burden onto the property owners. I will look into improving job skill training and support Community Colleges where students can learn skills without incurring massive college debt. There are plenty of good jobs available where individuals can make a good living without obtaining a four-year college degree and a large debt. We need a skilled labor force for our manufacturing sector, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.
I support future reductions in the state income tax. It is very important to continue reducing taxes so business will move to our great state. We must also eliminate some of the unnecessary mandates and regulations that are hindering business and job growth. The cost of living is exceptional in Ohio and we must create a business-friendly environment to create higher paying jobs.
Medicaid expansion should continue with certain stipulations. We need to properly treat individuals who are suffering from opiate addictions and mental illness. We need to incorporate a work requirement for able-bodied Americans who can work. There are people who are out there working several jobs and are just not able to make ends meet for their families. This is the population that we should help and assist them out of poverty. Medicaid is critical to certain people and it needs to be closely monitored and administered.
We need to approach this epidemic with a three-prong approach. We must stop the supply of this poison from coming into our country. We must prove a standard of treatment to addicts to help them defeat the addiction. We must devote a large number of resources to prevention to keep our next generation out of the cycle. Eighty percent of our addicts became addicted to prescription drugs. We must seek alternative solutions to pain management other than opiates. We had had great success in employing peer to peer support counselors who walk the addicts through the treatment process. We are wasting millions of taxpayers dollars by funding inadequate treatment programs who cannot track success rates. We must do a better job of holding treatment centers accountable and insist that the track these results.

We must do a better job of treating addicts and holding drug dealers accountable. There is absolutely no excuse for individuals that sell fentanyl. These are greedy drug dealers who are murdering our children and must be held accountable. It is time that we start taking this epidemic more serious because last year alone we lost Seventy-Two Thousand Americans due to this crisis.
My plan to improve education is to stop putting so much emphasis on passing standardized tests. The legislature continually changes the mandated test and system which continually keep the educational process in turmoil. We need to find a way to legally fund education and give the local communities more authority with the process. We must ensure that our teachers have what they need to succeed. We must identify the common problems that struggling school systems have and implement evidence-based interventions to assist with the learning process. We need to employ more intervention specialists and mental health professionals who can deal with the children who have special needs, therefore taking that burden off of the teachers and just let the teacher teach. We must provide a safe and secure learning environment which has structure and regulations for our children. Good strong school systems are vital to communities and they must be a priority for the Legislature.
We have been struggling with this issue for years. We need to get the Legislatures, Educators, and teachers unions together and figure out a system that works for everyone. The current system of relying on revenue from property taxes really hurts the communities who live in poverty. Properly educating our children must become a priority and we must quit kicking the can down the road. We need to reach out to our local colleges and offer incentives for students to become tutors and mentors. We should reach out to our churches and civic organization and recruit volunteers. There are simple grass root ideas available that we need to tap to help solve the problem. All we hear is that we need more money. That is not always the case. We have to think outside the box and come up with other solutions to this problem. People are willing to help, we just need to ask them.
I totally agree with this statement from Groundwork Ohio. Preschool funding should be a priority and it is a critical time in a child's life for proper development. In that Dayton area, we have taken this very seriously and have invested the proper dollars and resources to make this happen. Our model along with Learn to Earn should be the model which everyone should emulate across the state of Ohio. Let's face it, our children have to be our primary investment, they are our future leaders.
I have mixed emotions about school choice. I feel that charter schools should be held to the same standards as public schools. All teachers should be mandated to have a state certified teaching certificate. Charter schools do remove tax dollars from public schools. I am compassionate about children who are stuck in school systems which are continually failing. Those children and families deserve another alternative to a failing system. We do have good charter schools in our community and we have seen some real failures.
Ohio needs to get the rising cost of higher education under control. We are forcing our young people to start life with massive amounts of debt due to these costs. The colleges are actually pricing themselves out of business. Students should really look at going to a Community college for the first two years which is very affordable and provides them the opportunity to take the required general education courses. Our colleges must cut the fat and eliminate non-essential positions which drive up the costs.
I am more qualified than my opponent to hold this position of Ohio House of Representative because of my Thirty years of experience in Law Enforcement. I have been involved in local government this entire time. I currently manage 450 employees and oversee a 52 million dollar budget. I have extensive experience in dealing with unions, contract negotiations, and collective bargaining. I have served on numerous boards and have a true understanding of our social service programs. I have been a leader in our community and I have implemented numerous programs which have improved the lives of citizens of Montgomery County. I have fought the Opiate crisis for the past four years and I have a true understanding of the disease of addiction. I am very passionate about serving the population who suffers from mental illness and have been left in the shadows without proper care. I am a father, loving husband and have been blessed with three great children. I am a volunteer high school wrestling coach, mentor, and community leader. I am not afraid to take on a challenge and I treat people with nothing but respect. I have really enjoyed serving the citizens of Montgomery County for the past thirty years.

I have led an organization who has suffered tremendously due to budget cuts and I have motivated them to work hard and properly serve and protect the citizens of Montgomery County. I have exceptional leadership skills and extensive training in criminal justice. There has not been a Sheriff elected to the Legislature in the past twenty-nine years. With my experience with the criminal justice profession, I will be an asset to the Ohio Legislature and I have the knowledge and ability to pass policy which will reform the Criminal Justice System.
I fully support the medical marijuana program and I oppose the full legalization of marijuana. Recreational marijuana was put on the ballot in 2015, and it was voted down by the citizens of Ohio. If the voting public puts it back on the ballot and passes it, I will support the wishes of the people.
I am a Right to Life Candidate and have been endorsed by Dayton Right to Life as well Ohio Right to Life.
Ohio can make an investment in the safety of our children by making it a priority. We need to do proper security assessments at all of our schools. We must harden the facilities and mandate a disaster plan. We need to implement a School Resource Officer program where the officers can accomplish several proactive measures for the district. These officers can build police and community relations, they can teach drug awareness training and they can manage the truancy program. We implement this program is several Dayton Public Schools in the past and they were extremely successful. We need to do a better job of dealing with students who are suffering from a type of mental illness. There should be adequate counselors who are properly trained in dealing with at-risk students. We have airports, governmental facilities. elected officials who all have better protection than our schools and school children. This has to become a priority and we must make the necessary investment to make this happen.
I am a supporter of our Second Amendment and I fully support our CCW rights. In Ohio, we have done a good job of properly training citizens to carry a concealed weapon. Through my professional experience, we have not had one single negative incident from a law abiding citizen who carries a concealed weapon. There are plenty of laws on the books that deal with criminals who are prohibited from carrying or owning a weapon. We just need to do a better job of holding those criminals accountable who violate these laws and leave the law-abiding citizen alone.
I am a local government person. I have worked my entire career in local government and I have personally been impacted by the cuts. I feel that the state government should decrease their reserves and return some of the money back to the local communities. Our roads are deteriorating and public safety forces have decreased. At the end of the day, the reserves don't belong to the politicians or state government, the money belongs to the taxpayers. I pledge to fight for our local communities and put Montgomery County back on the map.
I am the most experienced candidate in this race and my passions are; substance abuse, mental illness, and education. I have a diverse group of professional organizations who have endorsed me in a competitive process over my opponent. They include;

Agg Pac (Agriculture for Good Government) Ohio Chamber of Commerce Both Dayton and Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police NFIB (Ohio Small Business Organization) Ohio Society of CPA's Ohio State Medical Association Ohio Teamsters Dayton Right to Life NRA "A" Rating Ohio Chiropractic Association

I will be the first Sheriff in twenty-nine years elected to the Legislature. I will take both my professional and lifelong experiences to Columbus and represent all the people in my district as well as the State of Ohio. It is time that we knock off partisan politics and start working for the people who elect us. I have many connections from serving this community for the past thirty years and I plan on building a Dayton region coalition and get Montgomery County back on the map. I am tired of Columbus just taking care of Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus and leaving us middle-sized communities behind. Politics is about built trust and coalitions and getting the job done. That is what I intend on doing.

Experience I am a 3rd generation resident of the 40th district, a wife, a mother of three children, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a faulty member and a community mentor who has spent my career advocating for others.
Education I am a graduate of Northmont High School and a two time graduate of Wright State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services and a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling, Chemical Dependency.
The biggest challenges facing Ohio are education and the opioid epidemic because they have immediate and generational impacts on our state’s economic well-being. Ohio is 41st in the nation in education rankings and the center of the nation’s opioid epidemic. The future of our state is dependent on the health of our communities and the skills of our workforce so we must have a high-quality educational system and a comprehensive plan to address the issues of addiction that are hurting our children, families, and communities. We must do better.
The biggest issue in economic development is the mismatch of available work to the available workforce. If we can improve education and the quality of life in Ohio we can more effectively compete for jobs and support the many existing businesses that are creating jobs every day. I support JobsOhio’s efforts to attract large business location to Ohio but I believe we should put equal emphasis on supporting existing smaller businesses and small business development that make up the backbone of our local economy.
The economic challenges in Ohio are not just about wages, but the affordability of basic necessities such as healthcare, housing, utilities, and food. If we don’t support a livable minimum wage, we will end up paying more in taxes for basic services for those who are working but are still not making enough to sustain themselves. A basic minimum wage should be tied to inflation and cost of living to ensure that when a person works they can earn enough to maintain a minimum living standard.
We know that without a skilled workforce, our communities will not thrive. We need to educate our children for careers and work with employers to help schools understand what is needed now and in the future. Knowing jobs are ever-changing, we need to work with employers and educational institutions to create opportunities for entry-level employment, to advance worker skills for future growth, and build a culture of lifelong learning.
I believe taxes are an investment in our community. Without each person paying their fair share, we cannot provide the services that we all benefit from. If we continue to reduce state taxes we are passing the burden to the local level forcing counties and cities to cut programs or raise taxes to continue to provide for the needs of their community. It’s time for our leaders in Columbus to stop passing the buck for their own political benefit and start working with local government to support the needs of all citizens.
Medicaid expansion has led to more 700,000 Ohioans having health coverage. When people have access to healthcare they are able to take care of themselves better, have access to mental health treatment, and engage in preventative measures to make sure we can all be healthy productive citizens. Medicaid funding is also an important tool to combating the drug epidemic and the reduction of the program without an adequate replacement to serve the needy in Ohio would be irresponsible.
I believe we need to have a comprehensive plan to address the addiction epidemic that includes evidence-based prevention and self-regulation programs, mental health counseling, and employment services that address the problem at its core. By implementing neighborhood-based programs to identify needs we can provide holistic supports for people battling addiction and their families. We cannot jail away the problem. We need to address the issue of addiction and get people back to a productive life.
To improve education in Ohio we must create a culture that promotes greater learning by supporting teachers and ensuring our schools can meet the basic needs of the students to create a positive learning environment. We need to focus less on the state report card and more on teaching what students need to be successful in their future – critical thinking, civic engagement, and social-emotional development – teachers know this and our elected officials need to listen.
The challenges of our schools in Ohio are great and none greater than those that serve children in poverty. Schools must be accountable to their students and their broader communities however our schools are not the lone contributors to the education of our children. We know that consequences of dire poverty and adverse childhood experiences affect a student’s ability to be able to focus and learn. We must support schools in helping to overcome these challenges. Simply placing a letter grade on a school without providing the supports to address the underlying issues does not serve our students, families, or our state overall.
An investment in our children is an investment in our future and that starts with our youngest learners. Learning begins at birth and it’s important that as a society we support family-friendly work policies, so families can stay together when a child is young and have the means to support learning from the beginning. This includes early interventions, Headstart, and programs that help families to prepare their students for school. Additionally, when families can feel safe with their children in a high-quality childcare and preschool programs, the whole family benefits as children get the academic supports they need while parents can go to work with the peace of mind that their child is taken care of. This shouldn’t be a privilege for the wealthy, it should be a basic foundation we provide for all children.
First and foremost, public money should go to public schools. Charter schools should not be making a profit off of government funds. We need that money to fulfill our responsibility to educate our youth, not to line someone’s pockets. Charter schools could serve as a test bed for new ideas, unfortunately, many of them are less effective than the public schools they are a substitute for and they should be shut down. Overall, we have to work towards a system that invests in our public schools to make them the best they can be to serve all of our families, so parents don’t want to send their children anywhere else.
Ohio needs to promote educational pathways that embrace all post-secondary options including apprenticeships, certificates, and associates degrees, not just 4-year degrees. Starting in middle school we need to promote relationships between students and local industry that help connect them to living-wage career paths and create a connection to the community. With more intentional planning many students can avoid the debt trap created by starting school and never finishing. We need to decrease student debt and increase educational attainment in Ohio.
The people of the 40th House District deserve a leader focused on advancing the people’s desire for good government rather than political opportunism and cynicism. I have spent my life being an advocate for others both personally and professionally. I know how to work with diverse stakeholders to utilize resources and make the most impact. As a resident of the 40th district, I have ingrained myself in the community through my involvement with numerous organizations who make our community a better place to live for all citizens. I believe that experience will serve the 40th district well.
Ohio has the opportunity to learn from other states who have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes to understand if legal use harms the broader population. Any plan to legalize marijuana needs to be balanced with an understanding of the impact of impairment on society, particularly, how this will impact our workforce and families. If evidence shows legalization can be implemented safely then that option should be considered.
I believe women should have and access to safe, high-quality healthcare including reproductive healthcare that aligns with their personal beliefs. Healthcare decisions, such as the decision to terminate a pregnancy, should be between an individual and their doctor. When women are empowered to talk control of their reproductive health, the overall community benefits.
We need to support schools with increased school counselors and resources officers, development of peer supports, and access to mental healthcare so students have what they need both inside and outside of schools to be safe and learn. I see the impact of fear on my own children as they participate in active shooter drills that rattle them for days. We owe it to our children to consider what we adults can do to make them safer.
I come from a family of hunters and recognize the current gun debate is not an issue of guns for sport, this is an issue of public safety. We can learn from other countries how to develop appropriate regulations for the safety of our communities including the elimination of gun show loopholes, the creation of universal background checks that include mental health screening and prevent people with violent backgrounds from obtaining guns. We need to eliminate bump stocks and assault weapons and focus on increasing safety training of all gun owners and those with a CCW permit. These changes would not limit the rights of responsible gun owners but could save the lives of many people.
Over the last several years, the elected officials in Columbus have cut taxes to bolster their political record while passing the burden onto local governments. Here in Montgomery County, our commission was forced to raise the local sales tax to make up for these drastic cuts that would have impacted our County’s ability to provide safety services, fix infrastructure, provide job training and basic services that citizens rely on. Our elected officials in Columbus need to work with local government leaders to understand the impact these decisions have on their community and we need to work together to support the overall good of our local governments.
If elected, my constituents can count on me to listen to the options, consider the evidence and then make a decision on how to vote for the laws that impact their daily lives. What I guarantee to my constituents is that by electing me, they will be electing a thoughtful, passionate person who truly cares about the community and will use this position to advance all people, not just those that agree with me or who donate to my campaign. In me, they will receive an advocate, not just someone who will march in line with a political party. Representation matters. The constituents of the 40th district deserve someone who will bring a fresh perspective and will responsibly and honorably represent their needs in Columbus. I am for the people, our families, our neighbors, and for our future.