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Ohio House District 85

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What are the two biggest challenges facing the state and how would you deal with them?

What would you do to bring jobs to Ohio? Do you support JobsOhio? What changes would you make to it?

21 states have passed minimum wage increases since 2014. What do you think the minimum wage should be in Ohio?

What is your plan for resolving concerns about the skills gap many Ohio business leaders complain about?

Ohio has consistently cut income taxes over more than a decade. Do you support further reductions or increases in the state income tax? Why?

Should Medicaid expansion continue or not? Under what restrictions?

Heroin and opiate addiction have become a major issue in the state. The death tolls are rising and more families are impacted. What ideas do you have to deal with the crisis?

K-12 education in Ohio is all over the place when it comes to success. There are very successful public schools and failing ones. What ideas do you have to improve education in Ohio?

How do you feel about the current system of ranking schools based on test performance? Performance on statewide tests consistently show that districts that serve affluent communities perform better than those with high concentrations of poverty. How do we improve educational outcomes for all students regardless of wealth? And how do we hold districts accountable in a way that doesn’t just measure wealth?

Some argue the best way to close race- and income-based achievement gaps is increased funding for preschool programs. The group Groundwork Ohio argues that a child’s academic preparedness entering kindergarten is one of the greatest predictors of his or her success, yet preschool funding gets 6 percent of what the state spends on higher education. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have other ideas on how to improve kindergarten readiness for children, especially low-income children?

What is your position on school choice? What role do you think charters and private schools should play in the educational landscape?

How does Ohio need to improve higher education and deal with affordability and attracting students?

What makes you more qualified than your opponent(s) to hold this office?

Ohio is establishing its medical marijuana program. Do you support full legalization? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why not?

What is your stance on abortion issues?

Given recent school shootings, what do you think Ohio can do to make schools safer?

Ohio has passed a lot of gun issues in recent years. Do you favor gun rights – stand your ground, CCW, etc? Do you favor gun restrictions – universal background checks, bump stock ban, assault weapons ban, etc?

Schools, cities and counties continue to complain that state funding has been cut, forcing them to cut services and/or raise local taxes. How will you work with local governments?

What else do you want the voters to know about you and your campaign?

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Experience 24 years in business and manufacturing. MBA. Worked for Apple, Wendy's International, and current partner in brake manufacturing business in Urbana.
Education BA, The Ohio State University MBA, Frankly University
Overregulation and the destruction of the family. First, we need to continue the deregulation that Trump is doing at the federal level and remove much of the burdomsom code that makes Ohio expensive for business and expensive for families. Second, we have to start supporting the foundation of our society, the family. Mom, Dad and the kids should be taxed less, we need to take a serious look at why many of our schools are failing our kids, and we need to stop killing babies in the womb. Our state should do all it can to help mom and dad struggle through the hard times and flourish in the good times for the sake of the children. Our tax code, nor our divorce laws help.
First, we don't have a jobs problem so the question is wrong. come to our factory in Urbana. We have loads of jobs. The problem is our workforce is not well educated and they are no motivated to work. Every business I talk to says the same thing, we don’t want government creating jobs, we want government out of the way. To fix our work force and to increase the quality of Ohio workers, we need a strong family. Kids need to see their dad get up and go work every day. They need to see a dad who doesn’t feel like getting up and going in, but we do because it’s the right thing to do. They need to see a dad with a sense of honor and duty to provide for his family and to do the job he agreed he would do for his company. Kids also need to learn the dignity of living on their own paycheck and not living off some government program that is paid for by someone else who does get up and go to work. We need to have a state that doesn’t have families where 49% of the dads are not at home and cannot teach these lesson. How about making divorce harder and looking for ways to keep the family together. And I’m not a fan of mixing public and private money. Anything with public money should have full transparency. The tax payers deserve to audit any program using tax payer dollars. No exceptions, even if using blended funds.
Minimum wage increase HURT the poor. When you increase minimum wage, you also increase the cost of basic things like groceries or a simply hamburger at a fast food restaurant. When you make the local restaurant pay people higher wages, they pass that cost on in each French fry, burger and drink they sell. When you make Kroger pay higher wages, they increase the cost of the food. Minimum wage is not for living. A person should acquire skills so they are worth more to a company and can make higher. Minimum wage was never a means to base family work on. If we raise it, all prices will go up and again, that will hurt the poor the most.
First, if someone has a skills gap, is that the government’s fault or my fault. I was the first one in my family to go to college. I worked my way through school working road and building construction. People need to individually decide HOW they want to live and WHAT standard of living they wish to pursue. I have friends, who spend 3-5 years being an apprentice and journeymen and are now making $85, 000 a year as a plumber. We need to stop assuming every person needs a college degree. We need to stop classifying one job as more important than another. I commend anyone who works on themselves, gets up and goes to work every day and does not live on someone else’s money. I tell my 5 boys, I don’t care if you are the CEO of a company or ride on the back of a trash truck, get up, do it well and be a productive member of society and take pride in what you do. Treat people well and make yourself more valuable for your company. They will notice and you will get pay raises and move up.
I would prefer we cut the taxes and let people keep more of their own money. Right now, if you make $50,000 a year, most of us have around 35% of that forcibly removed by the government. If someone wants to save money, they should be able to spend less, and thus save more of their money by not paying the taxes on the goods we buy. That $17,500 is taken from us without our consent. Imagine if we only were taxed on what we spend. This way, we could save more by spending less and control what we are taxed on. We are taxed when we get our paycheck. We are taxed when we buy a car. We are taxed when we buy gas. We have barely 35 cents left of every dollar we make. I say let government do with less and let people keep more of THEIR money. It’s their money, not government money. They earned it.
I have voted against government health care and Obamacare. Medicaid is Obamacare on steroids. Most of these people are able bodied males with no children. Get up, go to work and secure health care for yourself. This is just another government program and gives someone and excuse to not get a job. The more we expand government programs, the less incentives people have to work.
We need government to stop letting people into our country illegally. The Nation Chief’s of Police recently published a study showing that most of these illegal drugs are coming because we have no control over our borders. Get control of the border, build the wall and severely punish any drug pusher. If you are a drug user, I would give less chances. The crimes need to be rough, not more lenient. People need to take personal responsibility and stop taking drugs. They are putting our law enforcement in harm’s way and costing the tax payer more money by clogging our court systems. In Shelby County alone, they used 3 shots in one day to save a drug user. That’s $3000 for one person who kept overdosing. Stop using drugs people and if you do, lock them up. It’s cheaper to put them in jail than to have them running around on the streets as a danger to society and using previous law enforcement resources and our courts.
First, I want to know how much it costs to educate a child. No one will give me this answer. Second, we keep spending more and more money on high tech school and gizmo’s. Our kids were smarter when they read the classics out of books and used paper and pencil. Today, we have kids who cannot think because we don’t seem to be teaching kids how to think, we teach them what to think. We need to really look hard and return to a classic education curriculum where kids have to read and learn the basics. At issue though is not the teachers, it’s the family. When you send a kid to school hunger, or have a parent who does not read to them, or that kid never sees their father, that kid will simply not learn as well. Our issue is with the basic building block, the family. A lot of foundational learning happens before a kid ever enters the education system. We are asking our teachers to do the impossible.
I think we should have local schools with local board deciding everything, right down to what book they use. Get the state and feds out of it. I trust parents, teachers and the local community to know and decide what’s best.
The best way to give a kid a shot at a basic good life is to fix the family. Not more government programs. Keep mom and dad together. Encourage them to raise their own kids and penalize them for NOT staying together and doing the job THEY should do. The nanny state does not work. We learn truth, justice, the value of working hard and other lessons in the family and we learn them from ages 0-5. By 5, kids are either compliant and want to respect authority and want to work, or they are not. These programs make people and government officials feel good because they say the ‘did’ something. But they really only created more programs, spent more money and had very little impact on the kid.
Parent are the primary educators of their children. If a school is failing for whatever reason, the parent should be able to take their kid out and the money should go with that child. No matter what they do. It’s not the government’s money, it’s your money.
It’s a mess in most cases. We are too concerned with having social justice classes instead of the core classes. We use tax payer money for the most ridiculous classes in the world, kids take them and they graduate with no real hard skills. I think if they take government money, the classes should be limited to basic common sense courses that actually give skills.
I think what makes a good public official is someone who has worked for many years in the private sector living of their own money. I think someone who has been married and has had kids and fought through those challenges. Someone who has life time experiences dealing with the many hardships of life. There are many good things that government does but it has way overstepped it’s boundaries when it comes to regulation and taxes. I think someone who has created jobs and has managed to keep working and live through the many things life throws at it. I also think a foundation rooted in Christian principles is key. This country was founded on Christian principles and I believe we should hold fast to that as our foundation.
I do not support full legalization. We have enough of a drug problem and marijuana is a gateway drug to using other harder drugs. If someone needs the property in marijuana and it helps them, I am okay with extracting, that putting it in pill form and getting that through a doctor just like we do with all our other drugs.
I am pro life from conception to natural death. That is an innocent unborn human. I would ask anyone thinking anything different to go on youtube and watch a video of an abortion. Look that body party, legs, arms, etc. Is that what you support?
We need to fix the family and teach the sanctity of human life. We need to stop allowing porn and allowing violent video games. And I wonder, what message does it send a 15 year old when they know that adults just show up at abortion clinics and kill their innocent children. It teaches life is disposable. I also think that when shooters know that someone will shoot back, they are less likely to harm others. Most of these gun crimes are in so called ‘gun free zones’ where they know no one will shoot back. They are coward. I say more people with concealed carry and arm the teachers and put signs up that say, if you come in here and want to do harm to our kids, we will shoot back. Do you think a shooter is more or less likely to show up at that school?
I am a strong support of gun rights. People have the right to protect themselves and their loved ones.
The state and feds need to cut, and I believe local government is best. But I also believe that money was earned by the person who went to work and all levels of government need to be wise about their spending.
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