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Clark County Commissioner

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    Richard Lohnes

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The county has taken an active role in economic development, including the land bank taking over the property at the Upper Valley Mall. Was this a special case, or do you think the county should be active in trying to push for economic development locally?

What is your opinion of the Mad River Twp. Enon Sand and Gravel situation? What is the beset outcome for residents in the area and for the county.

What is your opinion of the Clark County economy right now? How can it be improved?

What challenges do you think may impact Clark County’s budget in the next year or two? How do you think those issues should be addressed?

Should the commissioners have any role in an ongoing dispute between the Clark County Clerk of Courts and the Common Pleas Judges? Or should it be left up to those offices to settle any disputes over court records?

What are your thoughts on a combined 911 emergency center? Do you think it’s the right step for the county and if so, what has prevented an agreement with the city from taking place?

What do you think are the two major issues facing the county?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

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Experience School teacher, Football coach and scout for Wittenberg Univ, Management and union employee for Navistar, 34 years USAF/ANG fighter pilot, retired Commander of the 178th Fighter Wing, OHANG
Education Shawnee High School, B.A. Capital Univ, Air Command and Staff College, Air War College
This was a special case that needed County involvement. We have for several years designated specific savings funds to be ready to act for important economic opportunities in the County. We work through the C.I.C. as our economic development usually, but needed to take this project on when we became aware of and began discussions with investors to renew this mall's use and impact.
It is misunderstood by many as to what the law suit by Enon S & G against the County Commission actually could resolve. What we recently settled is a protection of specific areas from automatically being mined without first going through the Board of Zoning Appeals.
The economy is on the most definite upswing. 5288 jobs added since 2012, and another company ready to announce more soon. The average wage since 2012 is up over $4000. The issue now is finding a ready work force. Attracting and keeping workers is key.
We lost $3.1 million income when the Medicaid Sales Tax was removed. The Commissioners have been actively managing budget cuts and other options for reducing expenditures. We have a good 3 year plan for our budget while we see the sales tax revenues starting to improve.
The only role the Commissioners have is to provide legal counsel to our elected official.
It is desperately needed COUNTY-WIDE!! That's why we are in the process of building it now. Hopefully the City and 2 remaining townships will join.
First, new housing to attract and retain number two, increasing our work force.
Except for a few years with the USAF learning to fly jets, I have lived and worked in Clark County my whole life. My wife and I chose to raise our family here as well. This County s my home, and I will continue to use my very best with my energy, talents, skills and experience to make it an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.