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Preble County Commissioner

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  • Rodney Creech

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    Eric White

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Experience Self-employed small businessman for over thirty years, retired, and twenty-three years as a township trustee.
Education High school and some college.
There are three commissioners, a sewage treatment plant operator, a seed corn salesman, and then Denise Robertson. Robertson is a conservative and a former systems analyst for the third-largest company in Dayton. Unfortunately, she is always being out-voted two-to-one; I’m tired of it. Like Robertson, I would always put taxpayers ahead of big government spending. I know that a mil equals about $900,000; therefore, I also would have questioned the developmentally disabled two-mil levy resulting in a $30,000 raise for an assistant administrator. Rodney Creech has voted with Chris Day almost 100 percent of the time. The one time he voted against Day, Creech used the vote as a petty insult to a long-time elderly female court employee. That's why I'm running for office: to represent the people of Preble County and represent their interests.
1) The cost of taxes for property owners and renters is too high; I would fight the increasing cost of property taxes and I would force departments to live within their budget. In a small rural area like Preble County, the county should not be the largest employer; so, rather than government jobs, I would work to create more private-sector jobs. 2) Because of social programs, people who rely on government programs and bring methamphetamine and opiates into the county are attracted to Preble County as a new place to live. I would oppose increases to programs that benefit people who abuse the system; we need to take care of our own. 3) Another challenge is the expansion of government. Too often, the administration we have running our government is obsessed with growth within their department, insisting on programs that may start with a grant, but then soon become the responsibility of the local taxpayer. I hate to keep coming back to it, but the $30,000 raise given to an assistant administrator is a perfect example. I would represent the taxpayers of Preble county.
After a career as a self-employed businessman for most of my life, I know that a positive attitude, less government restriction (e.g., zoning), and lower taxes all encourage business growth. I would attract private-sector business growth by encouraging the building trades and other skilled trade employers to have local job fairs aimed at teenagers beginning high school. There are a lot of good jobs out there, and over the years, commuters have made Preble County a great place to live.
I want voters to know that, although I’ve spent most of my life in Preble County, I have lived all over America, or at least visited it, and I’ve seen different ways to get good results that benefit the people. I’ve always been ready to roll up my sleeves and work hard for my community. I want to do everything I can to help our county thrive. For instance, as a trustee, I saw the need for a Fire department and 24/7 EMS station to serve Lakengren, the second-largest community in Preble County. It lowers insurance costs for the people in Lakengren and helps to protect their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I am a “We the People” man and always stand up for what is right, not what benefits cronies. I believe that our constitution should be upheld and I want to be a voice for people who feel the same way. Preble County is a great place, but it can improve in many ways. I want to help with that.