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Huber Heights Council at Large

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    Glenn Otto

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    Danna Lynn Plewe

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What will you do to improve the city's economy?

What are the biggest challenges facing Huber Heights and how would you solve them?

What if anything do you think the city needs to do to attract military families tied to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?

How do you think the city is doing dealing with crime and public safety issues? What if anything would you change?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience In addition to my military and professional experience, I have served the City of Huber Heights as a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Vice-Chair of the Ordinance Review Commission and currently sit as an elected member of the Huber Heights City Council. I also currently serve as Vice-Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Services Committee with the National League of Cities.
Education I am a graduate of Beavercreek High School and have pursued Engineering and Visual Communications studies at Wright State University and Sinclair Community College. I received military training in electronics at the Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
I would like to see Huber Heights capitalize on our proximity to the I70-I75 interchange and our diverse workforce and housing options to actively seek out and attract light manufacturing, office and transportation companies to develop within our city. We should then focus on developing our geographic center of town as a walk-able, bike-able and pedestrian friendly multi-use district to encourage surrounding redevelopment within the community to address residents modern needs and desires. Our economy is changing and we need to recognize the manner in which our modern population chooses to live, recreate and shop by modernizing our roadways, passing legislation to create and develop multi-use areas around our community and and adapting to the modern needs and desires of our general population.
I believe that the primary challenges that the City of Huber Heights face today revolve around the topic of communication between the City, City Council and our private and commercial residents. I do not believe that the City does enough to stay in contact with our population and that is one of the reasons that I introduced a cellphone application that will allow increased communication between the City and its population. Additionally, I believe that Council needs to consider reversing and correcting recent actions of a majority of Council through recent legislation to revise our Public Records Policy, which in my opinion, limited and curtailed the ability of residents to easily obtain public information without already knowing much of the information desired. We should also strive to keep information sources, such as the the City's website, social media, checkbook portal and meeting documentation, properly updated.
As a veteran, married to a veteran, with military children, I know that this is an important topic not only for Wright Patterson Air Force Base, but also to the City of Huber Heights. I believe that transitioning to a more active community with more walk-ability, bike-ability and pedestrian friendly areas, along with an increased focus on public services that are more interactive, such as Parks and Recreation, would be a great draw to military families coming to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. We already have good proximity and a very diverse housing stock to accommodate all levels of military personnel, and with an additional focus on revitalization of older areas of our community, we can attract families regardless of what level of housing option is desired. As a member of the Miami Valley Military Affairs Association, I will continue to be actively involved with the association to convey the benefits that Huber Heights has to offer.
I believe that our Police and Fire Divisions do a great job for the residents of Huber Heights and I will continue to show support to those agencies. I do not believe that we have any major public safety issues within the City of Huber Heights and I thank Police and Fire for their good work, but I will certainly continue to encourage cooperation with outside agencies to communicate and assist in any and all ways possible to the benefit of our community.
I have, and will continue to be actively open and available to all forms of communication with the Huber Heights business and residential communities to address the concerns, needs and desires of all residents. I will continue to be active with organizations such as the Huber Heights City Schools, Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce, Huber Heights Historical Society, church, youth and any other local organization within our city who provide benefit to our community. I believe that it is very important to establish good working relationships with entities in and around our community to move our city forward in a manner that is not only agreeable, but realistic to our working goals.
Experience Professional and Volunteer Positions-- Air Force Employee Assistance Program Manager: USAF; Community Support Coord: USAF; Commander's Action Group: USAF; Dayton Art Institute: Associate Board President; Dayton Children's Hospital: Women's Board; Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association: Event Chair; Marketing and Communications: Reynolds & Reynolds; School Liaison Officer: USAF; College Lecturer: Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport University; St Leo University;
Education Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership (in progress): Wright State University; Air Command and Staff College: USAF; M.A. English: Old Dominion University; B.A. English: Christopher Newport University; A.S. Social Science: Cerro Coso Community College Relevant Experience: Leadership Dayton, Class of 2013 Leadership Ohio, Class of 2019
Leverage location and recognition of Huber Heights as a military/business-centric community that supports developing industry, a growing WPAFB footprint, and neighborhoods that welcome military families. Given our easy access to transportation hubs like the airport, I-70 and I-75 highways, we are the prime location for new developments, revitalization of small businesses, and have the resources and opportunities through collaboration with Miami Valley partners across the business and local agencies to create awareness and initiatives supporting growth, inclusion, and community. We can foster interest through site-ready areas for development, city incentive programs, and demonstrating an infrastructure capacity that supports current and future development needs.
The biggest challenge facing Huber Heights is simple: inclusiveness and trust. While we celebrate the developments like the Rose Music Center, and the current condominium project on SR-201, the challenge to adapt to the increase in traffic, the strain on infrastructure, and the impact on the current residents is something that will need to be monitored and addressed by the city with transparency. And, as we continue to build on those successes, we also must continue to seek opportunities in the southern part of our city as well, driving new business and creating a city center that brings people together rather than creating a dividing line within our community. Finally, we need to reinvigorate Huber Heights as a city prime for growth, with an attitude of inclusiveness, and ready to build towards our future with innovation and an honest desire to serve the citizens of Huber Heights through action, rebuilding trust and credibility, and having leaders that are true community servants.
I was a military spouse for 20 years; as we moved around the world, the one constant that meant success for our family was the incredible support we received from our “new” communities and having the things we needed nearby such a college on-base, like SInclair at the YMCA in Huber Heights, which allowed me to continue my education through my husband’s multiple deployments. Having recreational teams for basketball and cheerleading gave my kids friends and a sense of place when every face around them was new. Our city has a lot to offer, but none of these things matter if we can’t communicate to new families that we are the place to be, that we are military-friendly, and that we understand the challenges of our service families. A welcoming program that engages with Wright-Patterson and our local reserve bases will create awareness of what Huber Heights has to offer, and why we should be at the top of the list of favored locations not only for military families, but all families.
Every city has challenges on some level with crime and public safety. We need to continue to engage and support our first responders and provide them with the resourcing and staffing that they need when requested. Continuing to promote neighborhood watches and citizen patrols allows for participation throughout the city and the capability of the individual citizen to advise and engage on public safety issues. We could do better, however, at providing opportunities for our citizens to become more informed on current issues, trends, and conversations. Hosting a series of topic-oriented community forums that are recorded and available for viewing at a later date allow citizens to engage at their desired level: active by attending or for informational purposes only by viewing later. The more informed we are on the individual level, the better we are able participate in addressing the challenges facing our communities.
I have a long history of public service/leadership whether as a college lecturer, a seated member of a diverse California school board or non-profit board member. Currently an Air Force program manager, my experience leading, collaborating, and driving outcomes combined with my passion for community led me to run for city council. As an Air Force civilian and spouse, an educator and a member of the the Huber Heights community, I see so much potential in where our city can go and what it can achieve. I see the ability to be a military-friendly community unlike any other; I see a community that fosters higher education and trade training to invest in our young adults; and I see a city that can welcome new industries and developments. I believe I can help move the City of Huber Heights forward towards an exciting future that puts us center stage for innovation and growth in the state of Ohio, representing Huber Heights with informed, thoughtful and purpose-driven leadership.