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The Memorial Day tornadoes have changed Trotwood forever. How do you think city leaders did responding to the tragedy?

What needs to be done in the coming months, years to help tornado victims?

Trotwood residents came together to help each other after the tornadoes. What will you do to keep that community spirit going as the recovery continues?

What will you do to keep residents in Trotwood from moving out?

What will you do to bring businesses to Trotwood?

What are your thoughts on using social media to hear concerns from residents? Has the city done enough to keep debate in the city open to all?

What do you think city leaders can do to work with the school board to improve schools?

How has the closure of Good Samaritan Hospital near Trotwood impacted the city. What would you do to deal with the situation if elected?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience *Currently serve my country as a United States Air Force Program Manager on a $2.38 billion project, supporting the Department of Defense principal priority to maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent operation.
Education *Wright State University, Master of Science *Certified Geospatial-Intelligence Professional
The response of city leader to the overwhelming tornado devastation was amazing. Being part of the leadership team, it would be dutiful of me to affirm and acknowledge the hand of God. By his grace, mercy and wisdom, not one life was lost in Trotwood. Having the necessity and wisdom of emergency preparedness in place, as well as strong relationships from all levels of government, leadership and first responders executed a textbook performance. As Trotwood’s only elected official earning emergency certification from the National Incident Management System (NIMS), I was humbled and honored to assist with the immediate needs of our citizens and businesses after the tornado. The NIMS training provides a nationwide template for future use in preparing and responding to major tragedy.
It is imperative that government continue to deploy humanitarian aid to assist with temporary/permanent housing, crisis counseling, legal services, unemployment assistance, tax abatements and other services. Securing essential resources to finance rebuilding efforts is crucial to helping individuals recover from their incredible personal loss and community devastation. I strongly advocate for the National Incident Management System emergency certification for all elected officials as a proactive measure to preserve the safety, security and prosperity of our community. Other initiatives include: * Establish a long-term recovery committee to identify community needs one business/family at a time; invest in mitigation efforts that serve recovery (roads, etc.) *Partner with Montgomery County on a housing initiative *Establish a massive reconstruction campaign with the US Deptartment of Housing and Urban Development
For the most part, our community spirit is not something that just “happened.” It’s the Trotwood pride of the past that guides our strength in the future. Trotwood has always been a strong, proud community capable of enduring the storms of change. Our resiliency exemplifies our strong social infrastructure. The benefit of having a tight knit community empowers, unites and inspires Trotwood to move forward and view the task of picking up after the tornado a little less daunting. I will work hard to continue to strengthen our community as we hold tight onto each other, lean into our faith and allow our community spirit to shine. As a leader, I will work diligently to maintain our community spirit by fostering new outreach projects such as a Trotwood Welcome Wagon. I will continue to support efforts to celebrate our community including the Trotwood Family Festival and many others. Together, we endured the tornadoes…together, we will keep the spirit and pride of Trotwood alive.
Government bears a primary responsibility for promoting the economic redevelopment of its community. It is imperative that government continue to deploy humanitarian aid to assist with temporary/permanent housing, crisis counseling, legal services, unemployment assistance, tax abatements and other services. Securing essential resources to finance rebuilding efforts is crucial to helping individuals recover from their incredible personal loss and community devastation. I will work to strengthen Trotwood’s economic position and secure a better quality of life for residents by: • exploring solutions to lower taxes • attracting/retaining businesses with high paying jobs • creating growth opportunities for retail—grocery, entertainment venues, entrepreneurs • collaborating with schools to improve academic performance
First and foremost, I will diligently support and fight for the businesses already in Trotwood. I highly support partnership initiatives to promote growth opportunities as well as workforce development – employee training, etc. As an elected official, I will work to implement strategies and seek options to attract business to Trotwood including lower taxes, among other incentives. We must find competitive strategies to attract more small businesses, encourage entrepreneurship and keep our dollars in our community by supporting existing businesses while seeking to accomplish our vision for growth and redevelopment.
Social media as a communication outlet is a widely used tool for many, not so much for others. Trotwood is facing a growing senior population due to its Baby Boomer generation. As a whole, younger generations such as the millennials use social media more frequently than Baby Boomers. By understanding these differences in social media use, the city should embrace many more diverse avenues of information sharing and gathering to include social media, newsletters, civic meetings, TV, radio, direct mail, etc. The city has done a lot to solicit citizen feedback. There’s certainly more we can and should do to encourage citizen involvement/feedback. As leaders, we have a duty to engage and inform our citizens and to hear their concerns. Growing communities have mastered the skill of listening to learn and learning to listen to their citizens---in more ways than one.
Economic growth and vitality is dependent on many factors including school performance. Successful schools greatly impact the city's ability to attract new businesses and entice families to make Trotwood home. Establishing a shared strategic vision with the school board can be a catalyst for reform to improve performance and to place a higher prioritization on academic achievement. The city and school board leadership must make collaboration a priority to address key issues.
Despite the fact that Good Samaritan Hospital is not located in the City of Trotwood, its closure has greatly impacted our community. The impact stretches beyond another vacant building in Northwest Dayton. It highlights the disinvestment of underserved communities resulting in continued blight. The closure has created an economic downward spiral to neighboring businesses, job loss, time constraints on EMS and other first responders in addition to the absence of quality healthcare. As a leader, I will continue to advocate for quality healthcare for our community and support municipal partners, ministerial leadership and others focused on a resolve. The convenience and peace of mind of having a medical facility nearby to serve the need of citizens is a valued necessity that all communities deserve.
I’m a leader that operates with integrity, excellence and transparency and will do what is right and necessary to prosper Trotwood. I am a lifelong resident of Ohio, a devoted wife married to husband Anthony for 32 years; and, proud mom to son Matthew Anthony. My parents, the late Robert Terry & Connie Rebecca Allen taught me invaluable life lessons about people, hard work, honesty, the realization that character is more important than appearance and, that the most important part of us is the part that no one can see…the heart. I am a faithful member and administrative volunteer of the Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. Recipient of: *2017 Civilian Contributor Category II Achievement Award – National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) *2018 Intelligence Community Team Innovation Award – Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

Experience Councilman at Large, Trotwood, OH - 2016 to current; Licensed Social Worker during career; Retired - Director, American Red Cross Family Living Center also formally known as the American Red Cross Emergency Housing Program - Dayton, OH - 32 years of service; Housing management/support operations, Financial oversight, Policy administration and interpretation to staff, Interface with management, individuals, community businesses organizations and legislators. More than 10, 500 families serviced.
Education Bachelor of Sociology Degree from Central State University - Wilberforce, OH
The response of the entire Trotwood leadership team to the Memorial Day tornadoes was exemplary and further demonstrated the commitment to emergency preparedness of the community's safety services personnel. We relied heavily on the respective service departments and the excellence with which they address and prepare for emergencies within our community every day. Part of being a great leader is knowing when to yield or delegate to multidiscipline experts and understanding how best to partner with and support them through tumultuous situations, while keeping transparent communication with our residents open. I think we did a great job as a team there. We prepare for disasters via established FEMA traing but our Police and Fire departments, and our local partners in healthcare experience and build on that preparedness on a much deeper level, continuously. As a leader committed to service, I would like to once again acknowledge the leadership across those disciplines as our heroes.
The city will need to continue to advocate on behalf of its citizens and community for additional Federal, State, and Local resources to help with long-term recovery. Furthermore, the city will need to partner with organizations like our faith-based community, non profits, and social organizations to help meet needs not met through other existing local resources for impacted community members. As leaders we should remain open to and assess innovative ideas towards solutions for the condition of our community, post-tornado. As disasters of this magnitude are uncommon in our immediate area, proactively building upon local emergency disaster plans and cascading those plans out to the community will be essential.
Trotwood is extremely resilient and has always possessed a strong sense of community and pride. My effort and focus will be to continue the work we began in 2016 towards moving our city in a new direction and building upon that pride. I am invested in the continuation of rebuilding Trotwood as a beacon of light in the northwest corridor. I will continue to listen to feedback from citizens and work diligently on their behalf to implement strategy towards securing a bright future for our community.
I plan to continue working on economic development policies that will create sustainable wages for the community, which will in return provide the disposable income necessary to attract the type of businesses and amenities our citizens deserve.
I will continue to advocate for creating an atmosphere for business growth in our city and work with city council to utilize policies we have put in place to attract businesses like our CRA, Enterprize/HubZones, Opportunity Zone, and Tax Incremental Financing tools to spur development.
Social media is valuable as a communication tool between the municipality and its residents. I think Trotwood has been responsive to and encourages healthy debate among and with citizens. However, as a citizen and as a leader, I believe that a healthy exchange of ideas and knowledge gained for how local government works for citizens can and should be accessed through interactive dialogue and physically seeing and hearing systems at work. We serve at the behest of citizens. I was encouraged to run for my current seat on city council as a citizen who engaged in discussion at council meetings. It was important to me personally and as a citizen to know what the people making decisions on my behalf stood for during the process, not just what they 'post' about. I'm about the business of getting the work done, so although I view social media as a useful tool, I do not believe that it should serve as the sole resource for communication, education, or influence over one's choices.
Our schools are a vital to the social fabric of our community and we can work together collectively to improve our schools through inclusive collaboration by bringing together stakeholders as decision-makers in the development, governance, and improvement of our school district.
The impact was significant for Trotwood. Many of our citizens utilized Good Samaritan Hospital as a primary option for healthcare needs. Many citizens were also employed by the hospital for many years. The facility served as a pillar of hope and care in the broader community for many years, so the impact has been extremely emotional for most. As a leader I would partner with community leaders and leaders of local healthcare entities to sustain, improve upon, and grow the remaining resources for healthcare in Trotwood and the broader community. Acknowledging the direction in which healthcare appears to be moving nationally, a focus on improving the commitment to proactive self-care through lifestyle choices and availability of proactive healthcare provider services is essential. This includes access to affordable healthy food choices, fitness outlets, and adequate mental health programming. My role is to advocate for those resources, associated jobs, and dollars to come to Trotwood.
As an elected official, I will advocate at Federal, State, and Local levels on behalf of our citizens for reasonable access to healthcare and affordable health insurance. I have resided in Trotwood for more than 22 years. I have seen it at it's best over the years and am invested in its restoration, growth, and development. I will partner with any person or entity with those common goals for our community. Although retired, my professional career was one of service and advocacy. I am proud to have managed programming that assisted people through catastrophic times in their lives, ushering them towards a new start. I love and believe in the city of Trotwood and plan to continue that level of service for its residents with that same energy and commitment, as I have since my election. I am a lifelong member and Deacon at Corinthian Baptist Church, Dayton OH. My spiritual commitment extends beyond religion to my family (celebrated 50 years of marriage this year) and to my community.
Experience David Young was born in Trotwood. He spends most of his time giving back to the community. In addition to his commitment to Trotwood, he also serves as Board Chair for UpDayton, Board Treasurer for Miami Valley Community Action Partnership, Board Member for East End Community Services and the Trotwood Disaster Relief Fund. David is currently a student at Rasmussen College finishing his degree in Public Administration.
Education High School Diploma, and currently working on a bachelors in Public Administration.
Twitter @young4trotwood
Mayor Mary McDonald did an amazing job responding to the tragedy. On any given day she could be seen out in the community supporting the neighbors and checking on those in need. I ran into her a few times myself as I helped with cleanups and food delivery. Not all but the majority of City Council was seen out in the community and I was proud of the ones who did help. The response is still ongoing and the Mayor and City Administration are continuing to address those needs as they arise.
Our citizens are going to need true wrap around support as they rebuild from this tragedy. The FEMA and SBA money that was made available was a great start. But the long-term recovery will take social services, mental health resources, trusted construction companies, and fair leaders to guide these resources along. There is no handbook for how we address the recovery process. It will be different for each community! We need to acquire funding to hire a short-term recovery liaison. This would help guide citizens in their recovery.
The pride and community spirit that we see during the tornado aftermath was due in part to the pride that was being rebuilt by Mayor McDonald and the few members of City Council who are truly committed to seeing Trotwood grow. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the citizens as Clerk of Council for a number of years. I was a part of rebuilding the pride and community spirit as an employee, I have been doing it as a citizen and I plan to continue doing it as the newest member of City Council.
I want to work closer with our Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation. They are doing great work in the housing area. I believe if we work harder to get properties rebuilt and partner with our schools to keep the academics up, then we will keep our citizens in the city. We have great citizens and we want keep them all.
Our city needs a wider marketing of the available properties and incentives we can offer to those potential businesses. We need to build a stronger relationship with the State of Ohio and their JobsOhio group to help get businesses to the table. Trotwood is strategically placed for business development and growth. We have so much to offer potential businesses. Once we market better and build stronger partnerships with county and state officials, we can really grow the business base of Trotwood.
I believe social media is a great tool to hear from citizens. I know our Mayor and some of Council utilize social media to stay in touch with citizens. I know during my time at the City of Trotwood, I grew the social media presence so we could reach more citizens and ensure they could reach us. So many citizens were not getting through when they would call the city. As soon as a concern was shared or sent to the City of Trotwood facebook page, I would make sure the department Director/supervisor would see if and try to respond as soon as possible. If our citizens are using social media, then we should be using it as well. Let’s meet our citizens where they are.
I believe the relationship with the schools and the city has gotten better. The task at hand is addressing the state testing. Once the state testing is better tracking our student’s development and understanding, then we can get a more accurate picture of our schools. We have great teachers leading our students. We have great parents supporting their children. We have great community partners cheering on our students. It takes a community and I believe that we are on the right track to keeping up the improvement our schools have seen.
The closure of Good Samaritan did impact Trotwood. Our Fire & Rescue Department now has to travel further to get citizens to emergency care. With the expansion of Miami Valley North, it has addressed some of the concerns we faced with the closure but the need for closer and immediate emergency care will always be an issue. Once I am elected, I hope to build a healthcare cooperative with local health leaders to look into the model that Premier Health has started with the Urgent Care. I think if we have a more equipped Care unit in the communities surrounding the former Good Samaritan site, we can see those needs met. I don't mean another urgent care. I am talking about a scaled down version of a hospital. With the immediate services that a person would need in an emergency or critical situation.
I have been a committed member of this city and a devoted citizen to seeing our beloved Trotwood grow and thrive. We have a great opportunity to see that happen and I want to help shepherd that into reality. With a unified body making decisions to advance our city, we will see the growth and development happen. When we have division and divisiveness, it hinders our potential. I am ready to join that unity and see that our great city gets the attention it deserves. We don't need Council Members who only show up twice a month for meetings. We need Council Members who are seen constantly throughout the city. I am ready to be that Council Member!