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German Twp. Trustee

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  • Matt Burns

  • Mark Cross

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Experience Private Practice Dental Office - 25 years in Germantown Township Trustee - 1/1/2016 - present
The biggest problem is funding for our road department. Cost of materials continue to rise making road improvements more expensive. The Township tried three times to pass a levy for increased funding for the road department but it failed three times. We now have a joint levy with the City of Germantown on the ballet in November. Failure of this levy would be devastating for the Township. Another problem has been the acquisition of Township property by Five Rivers MetroParks. Once the Parks acquire the property it is removed from our tax base, lowering our income. I would encourage Five Rivers MetroParks to refrain from actively pursuing the purchase of any more Township property.
I ran a business for 25 years so I have experience in finance and decision making. I continue to read the Dayton Daily News and the Wall Street Journal daily so that keeps me informed of developments locally and nationally that may effect our Township.
The Township seems to be limited when it comes to growth in the Township and new jobs. We were lucky to have Point Source Inc., a high tech company, move in to the Township but these types of jobs are rare. I am not opposed to looking at alternative use for some of the land in the Township. This would include large commercial solar arrays that would benefit the environment and increase property values on that land and bring us increased income.
I will push for better funding for our roads so all residents can drive safely in summer and winter. I wlill also try to activate a long dormant trust fund that the Township controls that was set up to benefit children in the Township. Hopefully we will begin to distribute those funds to needy children in our community. soon.
I am running for reelection as a German Township Trustee. I have learned quite a bit about the job in the last few years but I promise to continue to learn and be responsive to our citizens.