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Harrison Twp. Trustee

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How has the township done dealing with the aftermath of the Memorial Day tornadoes?

What needs to be done to help people recover from the Memorial Day tornadoes?

Other than the tornado recovery, what's the biggest challenge facing the township?

What will you do to bring jobs to the township?

What needs to be done to deal with crime and public safety concerns in the township?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience Mary Scott Nursing Center 2015- Current Dietary Aid 2015-2016 Co- Marketing Director of Activities 2017- Current Crosswalk Faith Group- President Northwest Ohio Baptist Youth Chair- Current
Education Belmont High School Graduate c/o 2013 Clark State Community College - Current Political Science & Nursing
Without a doubt, I feel as if the township should be doing more. Like many of my potential constituents, in an instant, my home was demolished. Individuals came together with donations of material items and necessities, but I often wonder what our elected officials plan to do because as I see it now, I drive through this neighborhood each day and it's like the tornado just happened yesterday. Can you honestly say that at face value it looks like progress has been made in last three months? There has been federal aid that was made available to neighboring communities; I can’t seem to understand why this township did not put forth a more aggressive approach to receive those funds that are so badly needed to rebuild. I cannot be the only one who is tired of just waiting around for someone to come and save us. It is up to us. This community is worth the fight and investment. We should be doing more, we should not sit idly by and watch the rest of Montgomery County.
This community suffered a tremendous trauma, it’s clear. People are out here traumatized and left in despair with little to no guidance from the current board. Mental Health issues are real and they matter and to pretend like this does not have a negative impact on that is foolish. At minimum, I think that there should be an effort from the elected officials to implement counseling and group therapies to be available at no cost for the folks who are suffering to remain healthy and stable while also trying to get back on their feet. I think it is important to provide financial assistance to the local businesses; if they suffer our economy as a whole is doomed. Something as simple as the board taking an active and transparent effort to provide much needed information and resources to its constituents would have been hugely beneficial to this township. I’m not sure if they didn’t have it or just didn’t provide it, but either way they failed.
Harrison Township seems to lack a positive identity because most folks do not distinguish us from Dayton as a whole. It seems like the township is more inclined to be associated with drugs and violence rather than a highlight of our unique heritage. We need to set aside these assumptions and really focus on economic growth through jobs and creating a distinctiveness that gives us pride in our community.

I hope to emphasize the rarity of our mom and pop shops and truly focus on making sure that the small businesses have a fair financial situation to promote success. It’s also important to not completely transform the quaintness of this township. I think it is important to understand that this is a community where people live and it is not our goal to completely transform that component.
We need better collaboration with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department by encouraging open dialogue so they can better understand the diversity of this community. It is my goal to encourage a police presence here. I want them to work directly with our neighborhood watch programs that are already in place. The goal is for this to be a fluid process. We want to work with the police to create a safe environment.

I am the oldest of five children and I have always considered myself to have an essential role in their lives. I am fortunate to have wonderful parents, though they are very different from each other, they both have contributed to molding me into a servant leader of Christ. I am the Co-Marketing Director and Director of Activities at Mary Scott Nursing Center where I have been employed the last 5 years. I didn’t start there with such fancy titles, I actually started as a dietary aid. I am a highly motivated individual and am hoping to finish my degree soon I can continue to work my way up. I have successfully held service oriented positions and have the background knowledge, competitive edge, and overall preparedness and experience to excel at any task put before me. I have served as the President of Crosswalk in 2016-2017. I am currently the Chairman for Community Outreach for Unity Lodge #115. I have organized various large scale events and attended national conventions for leaders
Experience Retired Chief Deputy of Montgomery County Sheriff's Office after serving 33 years. Retired Fire Chief, Harrison Township after serving 40 years. Twelve years as Harrison Township Trustee.
Education Gradute of Chaminade High School and attended Sinclair Community College. Graduate of the Ohio Township Leadership Academy.
Harrison Township was prepared to act quickly following the Memorial Day Tornado. We followed our prepared Disaster Plan and were on the ground minutes after the tornado struck performing safety checks of affected houses. We were also able to clear the debris on the roads within 48 hours to allow safety and repair vehicles access to the affected neighborhoods. The township decided to open one of our fire stations as a donation drop-off/pick-up site and volunteer reception center. We operated this facility for over two weeks and assisted over 300 families with food and household supplies. This was done with the assistance of over 100 volunteers. The township also coordinated volunteer efforts in the neighborhoods which aided in the cleanup of debris from the affected properties.
The community really came together to help each other following the tornado. I am extremely proud of my community. The township handed out over 17,000 units of food and supplies the weeks following the tornado to meet the communities immediate needs. We are now working to provide a long-term recovery system that focuses on individual recovery assistance for our residents and community recovery that focuses on planning, updated disaster policies and coordinated efforts to recover economically and structurally. This process will take many years and I feel we will be a stronger more resilient township once complete.
Harrison Township is a first ring suburb and that presents unique challenges that we have been combating for many years. The main challenges include aging infrastructure, aging neighborhoods and housing stock and decreasing property values. I have been working during my three-term tenure as trustee to address these issues. The township has directed millions of dollars in investment for infrastructure upgrades, including repaving of township roads. We have been working diligently to improve our neighborhoods by removing blighted properties, building new homes and rehabilitating many homes. We have also been working hard to improve property values in the township with economic development projects and strategic neighborhood initiatives.
Economic development has been a priority of mine since I became a Trustee in 2007. Since that time the township has created many new jobs and spurred millions of dollars of investment in the township. Two examples of this include the redevelopment of the hotel at I-75 and Needmore Road that is now Midway Trailer Sales and the construction of the new Restaurant Depot at I-75 and Wagner Ford Road. Our economic development success is due to our existing relationships with our business partners. We have the Business First! program that allows us to meet with our businesses and asses their needs. This program has been instrumental in providing many of our businesses with the resources they need to grow and create new jobs in the township.
As the former Chief Deputy of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and District Commander fo Harrison Township I have an excellent understanding of what needs to be done to combat crime in Harrison Township. We have a great Community Oriented Policing program that has our deputies working directly with residents and attends over fifteen neighborhood meetings a month. This allows the township to understand, directly from the neighbors, what is happening in each of these neighborhoods. The deputies develop relationships with our residents and that goes a long way to fighting crime. The township also has three full-time proactive deputies that only patrol areas where we are having issues. I implemented this program after I was first elected and it has really helped fight crime in the township. Finally, we use technology to analyze crime trends and statistics. This allows us to focus our resources where we will they are needed at any given time.
I am a life-long resident of Harrison Township and have served as a Harrison Township Trustee since 2007. I am a Vietnam veteran serving in the United States Marine Corp, retired from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office as Chief Deputy and Harrison Township Fire Department as Fire Chief. Serving as a Harrison Township Trustee, Deputy Sheriff for 33 years and Harrison Township Fire Department for 40 years has given me a unique set of skills to lead the township as we recover from the Memorial Day Tornado.