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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

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Jefferson Twp. Trustee

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    Luke Dickerson

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    James McGuire

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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

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Experience I have been a business owner of a successful landscaping company for 17 years. I have served with Jefferson Twp on a volunteer basis for the past 2 years on the zoning commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.
Education High School Diploma
Our Township is a quiet community that needs a balance of maintaining the peace while allowing room for economic development, and in order to attract new residents and businesses we need a more attractive and prosperous appearance. There are many areas that have been neglected and departments that haven't been adequately funded. We need programs that encourage residents to be responsible, pay their taxes, maintain their properties, and look after their neighbors. I will work to make sure township funds are being spent according to their department and ensure that laws and zoning codes are being followed. I will work to help make sure roads are properly maintained, parks are beautiful, fire and police are well equipped, and the township is staffed with good team players. Transparency from the elected officials and the administration will go a long way with building trust with the residents, which is greatly needed if future progress and levies will be put in place.
I love my township and my country, I have many years of experience as a business owner working with clients, employees, and vendors. I know how to follow a budget, overcome challenges, and make decisions under pressure. I have lived in the area for 16 years and in the township for over 10 years. I have experience with the township as a volunteer and have gotten to know several of the key people who work for the township, and I have a reputation for being transparent and honest. I am also a husband to an amazing wife and father of 6 wonderful children.
Government can't add jobs since every elected official or government employee is paid using taxpayer's money and is therefore a drain on the local populace. The best way the local government can help encourage a flourishing economy is by making the community an inviting place to live, work, and do business in. Care must be taken, however, so that new or existing businesses aren't disrupting the peace that many residents came here for. Keeping taxes low, improving property value, having a healthy school situation, and attracting valuable taxpayers are all ways to improve the local economy. Where there is demand for goods and services, jobs will be created. The more money that flows into the township, the more we can hire workers to maintain the community so that all are benefited by the results of an attractive community.
I would try my best to be transparent with the township's decision making, ensuring that decisions would be in the people's best interest. I would work to ensure that safety is a priority, whether it be better roads, signs, fire and ems strategies, and police support. Vacant or unkempt properties are also a problem, so I would like to see ways of dealing with those so they are no longer a nuisance. I would like to see property values increase so that homeowners are getting the best possible value for their hard work.
I am a dedicated, hard working, honest, and truth-telling individual. While many candidates will make big promises to get elected, my commitment to my fellow residents is that I will always use wisdom and discernment to make decisions that are right for the people and not just my personal interests. I have a passion to see things running smoothly and properly. I look forward to serving my community!
Experience 30 years Corporate Experience. Past 15 years in Banking as a Compliance Testing Analyst 15 years government and contractor sales and marketing. 4 years as Jefferson Township Trustee
Education B.A. Communications/Marketing Bowling Green State University Graduated 1992
Our biggest problems are lack of growth and a poor perception of the area. There are not many places left to live where you can have a rural living and still be downtown or at the mall in 15 minutes. If we can simply get people to visit Jefferson Township see the beauty one time, the growth and perception issues will take care of themselves. We also have a huge backlog of grass, trash, and junk car complaints to work through. Residents should start seeing a difference within a year with the addition of our professional code enforcement officer.
Experience is the main question in this year’s race for Trustee. It takes two years to really learn the job to get anything done. I was fortunate to mature quickly as a Trustee and acquire a significant list of accomplishments. All this was made possible by building a solid team of support members. I have over 30 years of corporate experience and 4 years of solid improvements to the township. I want to devote my next term to selling Jefferson Township to developers and business owners. The Township still has many significant challenges to work through. Now is not the time to take a chance on unproven candidate.
Residents are very clear on their desire to maintain the rural nature of our community. Those goals are outlined in our Strategic Land Use Plan. They prefer to keep it a bedroom community coupled with some retail growth on 3rd Street. Jefferson Township is not in a financial position to offer large economic development incentives. We are focused on basics such as a pharmacy, medical clinic, and more eating establishments.
Life is much better for our residents now that the Fairgrounds up and running. This multi-purpose event facility offers a diverse variety of events. Our community now has a central gathering place where you can see your neighbors and take your kids to do things. Nearly every weekend, there is something to do in Jefferson Township. The appearance of Judge Fisher Park continues to improve along with the appearance of our other facilities. In the future, I see opportunities to propose a new park in the Blairwood area.
The Jefferson Township administration has undergone a complete overhaul during the last 4 years I have served as Trustee. Our team completed the following accomplishments: Securing the location for the new Fairgrounds. The zoning Book was updated for the first time in over 20 years. Our code book includes provisions to protect Jefferson Township from allowing a full scale landfill. Saved over $140,000 bringing nuisance mowing in house. Many blighted houses were torn down and have 3 new tornado warning sirens were installed. In conjunction with Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, Jefferson Township won the National Star Award for its Strategic Land Use Plan. Jefferson Township fire operations improved significantly with a new fire chief and over $500,000 in grant awards. That money was used for new firefighting uniforms, Air packs, hose, and 3 used medics. There is also an additional Sheriffs unit patrolling the township which started about a year ago.