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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

NOTE: Not all communities have issues or candidates on the ballot. Guide does not include uncontested races.

Miami Twp. Fiscal Officer

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    Bob Matthews

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    Aaron F Newell

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What steps can you take to stretch tax dollars to ensure the most efficient spending for services?

What are the biggest challenges facing the township and how would you deal with them?

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Education MS Computing Science, Texas A&M University
Bob will closely examine all expenditures and shop for services to be sure we get the best price on purchases. Bob will expedite the sales of unused township properties that have sat idle for years. Not only will the Township see additional income from the sales, but we will begin to receive property taxes from the new owners. Bob will be sure that our investments provide maximum return, and have minimum fees.
Maintaining cash flow from taxes if businesses leave the area. Bob will work with the Trustees to ensure that our township is a great place for businesses to reside and thrive.
Miami Township resident for 16 years. Miami Township property owner. Previous Miami Township Trustee (resigned to prevent conflict of interests)
Because of the size of Miami Township ($20 Million budget), the Fiscal Officer needs more than accounting experience. Bob has over 40 years of real-world experience, including Enterprise and Accounting Systems, Information Technology, Project Management, Investment planning, and Law. His honorable opponent has less than 10 years total work experience. Bob has previously served as Township Trustee, and has lived in Miami Township 16 years, twice as long as his opponent has lived in Miamisburg.
Experience - Elected Miami Township Fiscal Officer since November 2016. - Currently working at Dayton Superior Corporation- Procurement Specialist - Aeroseal Technologies LLC 6.5 years - Accounts Payable, Staff Accountant, Purchaser and Supply Chain Management
Education Indiana Institute of Technology- Bachelor of Science in Accounting.
I would continue to review interest rates on any existing debt to seek opportunities to lower and save money in the Township. Since I have been Fiscal Officer the finance department and I have been able to save $700,000 dollars by establishing the bond rating and refinancing. I would also look at investment opportunities that would help generate revenue and help prevent Township dependency on homeowner property taxes. Also keep working with the trustees on appropriate and fiscally conservative budgeting.
Currently the biggest challenges facing the Township is maintaining infrastructure. To ensure that this challenge is handled appropriately I would work with state, and county resources to explore ways to increase funding for residential streets and create a sustainable roadway maintenance program that would help fund the Township’s infrastructure.
Since being elected as Miami Townships Fiscal Officer in 2016. I have reestablished a bond rating for the Township which was previously lost before I took office. I have also implemented an open checkbook management system, this means that the Township’s financial status, and accounts are maintained in a format that is easy for any citizen to review. Every expense is broken down per department and then within that any citizen can continue to break it down further into subcategories to explore and track. This system allows for easy access to citizens and peace of mind for voters as they can see that every Township dollar spent is accounted for and easily traced. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I have continued to expand upon my knowledge of accounting and township finances by regularly attending continued learning conferences and engaging other townships in their procedure.
My family and I have made Miami Township our home. While in office I have considered it my duty to save the Miami Township tax payers money and find revenue in every place possible; through intelligent and well thought out investments. I am honest, responsible, and hard working. I am committed to Miami Township and its citizens, and will continue to work towards what is best for this community. It’s this affinity for community that I have known my entire life which is the foundation of my desire to give back and help build a stronger, financially secure Miami Township. I continue to study the most current concepts in accounting, investing, and risk management. I am applying that knowledge daily at Dayton Superior, a global corporation based in Miami Township. I have a working knowledge of financial management that the Township needed and benefited from when I was elected in 2016, and once I am re-elected the Township will continue to benefit from this knowledge and commitment.