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Perry Twp. Trustee

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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

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Our largest problem recently has been an inability to sustain a police department and an inability to work together with the community.
My job experience is in logistics management. I believe that the experience of running a trucking company will help me to make decisions about technical things for the community. I believe my long standing relationship with the community and respect I have for the people from service to the community through Being a Boy Scout leader will help me through this. I believe that the people of Perry township need to be informed and the trustees need to hear the community.
Perry township is a farming community. We are not a town of big industries and I don’t believe the people of the township want it that way.
I believe if I were elected I my first priority would be to open a line of communication between the township office and the people. I would possibly send a newsletter before the meetings so people know what the issues are before they arrive to the meetings.
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Experience 25+ years working in information technology. Army veteran. I have supported federal acquisitions over last 12 years. Provided leadership, critical thinking, project planning and management. Proven facilitator of meetings and discussions on a wide scope of topics with diverse people, opinions and expertise.
Education University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Graduated 2006
This biggest problems in Perry Township are transparency, communication, safety and a sense of community. Proactively providing information, draft meeting agendas, meeting minutes and other official records through a secure web site would increase transparency, eliminate the time and man power needed to reply to information requests while providing the township residents a better understanding of township business. By increasing communication and understanding of what the township is doing so residents can participate in discussions on topics that they have an interest or concern in. Safety is best served with an empowered police force. Helping the police force develop a long term plan that includes asset modernization, training, personnel and support requirements will go a long way to ensuring we have the police force we deserve. Trustees should encourage residents to speak up and listen when they do. Providing compassion, understanding and leadership to Perry Township.
I am a hard worker that has had to get up to speed quickly in my lines of work. Whether that was factory work, my time in the Army or my consulting career. To do this, I learned that there are three major keys: - Dig, research and learn as much as you can on the topic(s) - Ask for help when you are out of your depth - Listen to those around you and subject matter experts.

The more I have engaged in Perry Township, the more I see that this is exactly what our township needs. To me, the residents are the subject matter experts I need to listen to. As a trustee, I will be acting in their best interests to address their concerns and priorities. I expect them to have high expectations of me and hold me accountable. The residents are my compass on this journey to keep me on the path and working in their best interests as I will work for them.
Perry Township is predominantly driven by agriculture. While this is not an area I have much knowledge of, I am eager to hear the residents out, learn what is important to them, investigate opportunities and listen to their thoughts and concerns. It is up to us to ensure Perry Township is and continues to be what we need it to be. I am eager to work with the residents to define and nurture that vision.
I want to make sure that every resident has an opportunity to be heard and participate in how Perry Township is run. I will make myself available to sit with residents and hear their concerns or provide them the platform to be heard and discuss the community's thoughts. Whether that is through township meetings, town hall discussions, providing better access to the trustees by the residents and more. Outreach, communication, transparency and leadership is the foundation our township needs to pull our community back together and proceed together moving forward.

I also want to ensure our police force is empowered and supported to do the work they have in front of them. I will work with the police department to develop a long term plan that includes budgeting, staffing, training, and equipment needs to ensure their ability to continue protecting our community. Perry Township deserves the best safety and protection our police force can provide.
I am a: Dedicated husband to Heather and father of two amazing children, Landon and Rayna US Army Veteran Member of the Brookville Elementary School Parent Teacher Association Consultant with a 25+ year career in information technology supporting the U.S. Department of Defense, commercial industries and 12 years supporting the US Air Force as a Senior Information Technology Subject Matter Expert

If elected, I am going to donate $3000 annually of my trustee pay and partner with local businesses to establish a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) summer camp for Brookville Elementary School.
Experience Currently serve as a Perry Township Trustee and in the past have served on the Perry Township board of zoning appeals, i have served on board of supervisors Montgomery County Soil And Water, have served on the Montgomery County Farm Bureau board, I served on the Twin Valley South School Agriculture Advisory commitee, I have experience in working with drainage issues, I have experience operating backhoes, digging graves, operating road mowers and driving large trucks hauling an plowing snow
Education Graduated from New Lebanon and Montgomery County JVS Schools
I think one big problems we face is doing away with Townships. In the past it has even been proposed to make all of Montgomery county Dayton. Too often we are looked at as the final frontteir of Montgomery County and we are just sitting here waiting to be developed. We need to keep our zoning going and encourage the farms to thrive so they want to remain in agriculture and not go to development. If too much additional development is added things such as our police and fire cannot keep it all serviced. Montgomery County has already cut back on funding which Perry Township received toward maintaing roads. Parks are another example of lands being taken then the tax revenue is lost for our local communities (taxes are not paid on these parks) Over a period of years I have and will continue to protect and monitor the threats mentioned above and keep the residents of Perry Township informed and up to date about these.
I am a multi generation resident of Perry Township and have lived in Perry Township my entire life. My income is also derived out of Perry Township so i have a great intrest in the happenings of the Township. Any decision made in Perry Township could affect me as my residence or even my job and income. As a life time farmer I know what exist in Perry Township not only what can be seen from the road but what is also off the beaten path. I have been very involved in Perry Township for a lot of years and know the past history of many events and decisions that have taken place. I have a great deal of knowledge about drainage, zoning, property boundries, Real estate taxes and programs such as CAUV (which over 70 percent of Perry Township is enrolled), Ag districts, and farmland preservation
Perry Township is about 76 percent agriculture which the township an its citizens need to support. . Perry Township is one of the best areas in montgomery county for Real estate taxes being paid timely. Agriculture is an industry even though often times not thought of as one. With the right situation some of Perry Townships farms could take the farm products they produce and turn them into an item more directly used by the consumer thius creating jobs with this process and still maintain agriculture. Many people have choosen to live in Perry Township because it is very rural and they do not want it developed to create jobs and Want it to remain rural, this needs to be respected.Thriving farms buy equipment, improve facilities and land by adding drainage, waterways, clearing over grown areas, all these create jobs and increase tax values thus contributing more to the Township but with little services (such as additional fire or police needs) required by the township in return.
I will continue to see that we have fire/EMS and police protection, trash service, cemeteries that are well maintained, and roads that are maintained, mowed and the snow plowed in the winter. The trash service has had some problems but I will continue to work with trash companies to try to resolve the problems when they happen as well as keep the trash cost as low as possible. There are many new laws, regulations and products being put in place concerning agriculture things such as herbicide and pesticide application, fertlizer and nutrient application. I continue to remain educated and informed on updates about these laws and requirements and can provide input and knowledge to help us all coexist in harmony. I have and will continue to work with Montgomery County officials about Perry Township concerns. I have a long term working relationship with many of these County officials and it is easy for me to contact them and they can quickly recognize it involves Perry Township
It is never possible to make decisions that make everyone happy but I have strived to make choices that were best for Perry Township residence. Sometimes all the true facts have not been known or the law will only allow things to be done certain ways when they did not like what was done. During the time I have been in office Perry Township has remained in good financial status an we have continued to upgrade equipment an provide services. Many area townships have struggeled to continue operations and have higher rates than Perry Township on things such as quarterly trash fees, cemetry charges, and have ask for Road an Cemetry levies which we have not. Being a self employed Perry Township farmer I make myself available to help with road and cemetry situations on short notice as well as sign papework that needs to be done in a short time. Perry township being a large agricultural area I have often assisted the police department with agriculture situations such as livestock at large.