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Perry Twp. Trustee (unexpired term)

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    Ronald Price

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    Mindi Wynne

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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

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What would you do if elected to make life better for residents?

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Experience 1yr Township Trustee, 26yrs Residential Inspections (owner), 26+yrs General Contractor (owner), 20yrs Pipefitter at GM, 10yrs Farmer, 5yrs Therapist/Counselor
Education 1991 Certification of ASHI, NORI, and ASPI, EPA 1st Responder through CSU, 4+yrs college, Ordained Minister
The recent tornado had a huge impact on our township. We immediately facilitated debris removal, survival needs and roof protection. We are currently involved with the county and FEMA to receive assistance to repair and rebuild. We've made great strides in creating a top notch Police Department. We have worked diligently to obtain new vehicles equipped with the needed technology and equipment. We are in the process of finding the most economically gainful way to dispose of old ones to offset new expenses. The entire township staff works together to research the best deals available to update any and all department and office needs. I am working through the appropriate channels to utilize grant money to its fullest potential and broadest effects. We make sure our wonderful road crew works together with the county and other villages to share equipment and help to defray project costs. I've received commitment from county to change the lights/signage at a deadly intersection.
I have owned and operated a successful residential inspection business for 26 years. I am trained and licensed to recognize problems and find solutions that meet legal standards. For 25 years prior, I owned and operated a successful construction business as a general contractor. I have been an EPA 1ST responder. I was a pipefitter at GM for 20 years. I was raised as a farmer and had my own functioning farm for 10 years. I worked with a well known doctor for 5 years as a therapist/counselor. I've spent a lifetime helping people identify their problems and find the best and most expedient solutions. Obviously, I have a good work ethic and I'm not afraid to work hard.
As a primarily agricultural community, my primary concern is to protect the sovereignty of the farmer. Being a rural community, most people live here by choice and on purpose. The best thing I can provide for them is the protection and preservation of that lifestyle.
I will continue to provide a platform for them to voice their needs and concerns. I will always investigate, research and define solutions in the most economical and expedient manner. I will not waste time and energy or finances on dissention. I will continue to fairly put the concerns and needs of our residents first and foremost in all areas. I resolve to continue to stimulate interest and involvement of all our residents and to utilize their many valuable talents and assets. I strive to make this a safe and secure community to raise a family and to retire affordably and happily.
I vow to uphold the policies and all conditions that accompany the office of Trustee of Perry Township. I've spent my life serving my God, my country, my family and friends, employers and employees and my neighbors. I've had many successes and learned from my mistakes. I've experienced much in life and have acquired a lot of valuable knowledge to lend the community and its people. My wife and I moved here 7 years ago from the suburbs to return to country living. We purchased an abandoned house and have rebuilt it into a peaceful home. We have nurtured the property and turned it into a haven. We've made great friends. Folks come to visit just to "get away" for a bit and re-create. We are willing to be involved to build and protect this little haven to share and live out our days in peace right here in our little corner of heaven.
Experience I have many years in various leadership roles including current position as Captain for Box 21 Rescue Squad. I currently run a successful home based business, was the Operating Manager for Capital Consulting of Dayton for 6 years and have continued with business consulting as a Freelance Consultant since 2000. I have worked with local police departments in helping develop Neighborhood Watch and Community Policing programs and have experience in developing Community involvement in several areas.
Education BA/BS in Communication and Psychology from the University of Dayton, Minor of Religious Studies from The University of Dayton, MS in Behavioral Science from Concordia College, FF/EMT Certifications from Miami Valley CTC, Intelligence Liaison Officer Certification from the Department of Homeland Security, Board Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist from the American Academy of Traumatic Stress, and various other certifications as made available to me.
Twitter @MindiWynne
I see the biggest problem facing our community is the current divisiveness and lack of unity within our Township. There is a distinct dividing line between the north and the south and residents are hesitant to get involved because they do not want to choose sides. There should be no sides, and I propose to create a set of committees to provide new opportunities in our Township for residents to work together. I would like to see more educational programs and more community events to bring people together as well. I also see a large problem in the distrust that our community has expressed in matters of budgeting, expenditures, and financial transparency. I suggest full reports be given as requested, as well as presented at monthly township meetings, and implementing Roberts Rules of Order to conduct our meetings in order to allow for input and discussion of any decisions to be made for the good and welfare of the community as a whole.
I am qualified for this position because I am a problem-solver with leadership skills. I have a strong background in Interpersonal Communication and work well with others to get things done. I, alone, will not be solely responsible to make decisions on behalf of our Township, but I believe that my expertise in business, communication, and crisis management will all bring justifiable opportunities to the table. What I do not know, I do not profess to guess. I research, I study, and I ask those who are more versed in the topic of discussion. Any decision must begin with a hypothesis and an educated conclusion as to why that decision is the best. I have many years experience in Emergency Services and Crisis Intervention. I have faced many difficult decisions in my personal and professional life, and I do my very best to educate myself before just assuming that my decision might be the best or only option.
Being as we are a rural township, we are not seeking industrial growth. I do, however, feel that there should be more support for our local industries inside the township boundaries before we outsource to businesses elsewhere. I believe in more support for our farmers. The USDA is developing tools to help small and mid-sized farmers and ranchers make sound financial decisions as they plan for their future including a whole farm insurance policy that will better meet the needs of highly-diversified producers, particularly small and mid-sized fruit and vegetable growers. I plan to become very familiar with those programs. I also feel that there are less costly resources out there for day-to-day operating expenses that come from our township budget, and by investigating those options we can save money that can be redirected into other necessary funds for the upkeep and running of our township without needing more levies or funds from the citizens.
Our township has faced a number of challenges over the past few years. I have every intention of bringing knowledge, skills and information with me to promote new ideas and a fresh start for our residents. I wholeheartedly believe in community participation, transparency in all possible manners, and communication among all to make any organization work. I believe in penny-pinching and finding available resources so that our residents are no longer nickel-and-dime stretched outside of their budgets. I would like to see exchange programs, co-ops and networks that allow our citizens to receive help as needed from our Office of the Trustees as well as from each other. Life in our township should not be an emotional struggle, and I have every intention of helping alleviate those struggles with whatever means are within my ability to do so.
I am a very eclectic person with a vast and diverse background in problem solving and resolution. I have over 35 years of experience in Emergency Services and have many high connections in my personal and professional networks. I have experience in Social Services and everything I do is for the benefit of people in general. My husband and I have opened our home to over 25 adolescents and teens living in difficult situations and have provided either short-term respite or long-term housing for them so that they did not become victims of fate. I was employed for 15 years providing crisis intervention on telephone hotlines while also serving as a peer-counselor and Critical Incident Debriefer for Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services. I handle stressful situations very well and believe in getting jobs done. I know that I can, and will, do my best to help restore Perry Township to the community that it once was for all of the citizens.