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Perry Twp. Fiscal Officer

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    Rhonda Behnken

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    Charity Grill

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What steps can you take to stretch tax dollars to ensure the most efficient spending for services?

What are the biggest challenges facing the township and how would you deal with them?

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Experience Rhonda Behnken is the Perry Township Fiscal Officer, having served for 12 years and lived in the area for 40. She is an Executive Director for Providence Lutheran Church, and Treasurer for the Western Regional Council of Government.
Education - Uniform Accounting Training for Township Fiscal Officers. - Completed Ethics Training for Fiscal Officers - Public Records Training for Ohio
The Trustees make the decisions on the use of tax dollars where the law and or federal, state or county regulations don't otherwise provide guidance. As Fiscal Officer my responsibility is to adhere to proper financial principles and the expectations of the Auditor of State. These principles include: - Be consistent in the recording of all financial matters and procedures. - Be timely in all financial procedures. - Provide clear justification for all procedural decisions. - Maintain accurate and clear documentation of all financial activity. - Insure appropriate certification (Audits), that meet the highest standards of financial accountability. I will continue to work closely with the Trustees to maintain a constant review of the effectiveness of our efforts to provide services to our community with an efficient spending of tax dollars.
The biggest challenge facing the Township is maintaining the services that we provide while avoiding an increase in the taxes for residents. The best way that I can assist in this effort is to perform the services of the Township Fiscal Office to the highest level of competence. I have saved the Township money every year by performing my duties in an exemplary fashion. I will continue to be the most efficient and timely employee for the township as I possibly can. I'm proud to serve the citizens of this township.
I know how to maintain the integrity of the Township's Finances and I know how to save this township money. I am an experienced Fiscal Officer, having successfully completed every audit of the Township’s finances for 12 years. I have completed 6 Township Audits, saving over $20,000 to the general fund by maintaining the highest standards of accounting.

I care deeply about my community. I believe we each owe part of our time and effort to build a stronger community. I believe we must maintain the highest standards of ethics when caring for the public funds entrusted to us as public officials and to never abuse that trust. I make every effort to demonstrate this daily in my work and in my life.

As part of my commitment to my community and my work, I have refused all reimbursement for employee mileage due me for meetings and conferences, and I have donated $12,000 of my salary to the Perry Township Waste Fund during my tenure.
Experience 20 years of Banking Experience (starting as a Part-time Teller and working my way up to Operations Manager) 6 years’ experience as a Tax Preparer 8+ years’ experience as the Treasurer for Dixie Elementary PTF
Education High School Diploma with a focus of Office Administration. Associates Degree in Financial Service Certificate
Steps I will take as Fiscal Officer: Examine the current policy adopted by the Perry Township board of trustees regarding spending and investing pooled inactive funds to ensure the policies are current (and effective); Closely monitor all expenditures and provide the trustees and the residents with detailed, up-to-date financial information; Check and compare prices on purchases; Search for and advise the trustees of available grants for projects and large purchases; Assist trustees in applying for grants to satisfy township needs.
Inappropriate behaviors and the lack of transparency on the township officials’ part has broken trust with the residents and put the public safety at risk. Prime example was last year when decisions were made regarding our police department, prompting a mass resignation of law enforcement officers in October. As the new Perry Township Fiscal Officer, I will strive to rebuild trust and reconnect residents to their local government by working closely with the trustees and providing a complete monthly statement of finance which includes the Starting Balance (the prior month’s ending balance), detailed Payments Received, Payments Deducted, Current Account Balances as of the meeting date, Outstanding Balances, and Ending Balances. Additionally, I will encourage and welcome questions from the residents, and will always do my best to keep them informed because I believe that transparency is one of the most important obligations of a Fiscal Officer.
I have extensive experience in the management of finances: • Earned my Associates Degree in Financial Services from University of Phoenix in 2011 • 20 years’ experience in the banking industry with local financial institutions, including Operations Management • 8+ years’ experience as the Treasurer for Dixie Elementary Parents Teachers and Families (PTF) • 6 years’ experience as a Tax Preparer • 5 years’ experience as a 4H Advisor • 1 year serving as Finance Chair for Lewisburg United Methodist Church
I have lived in Perry Township since 1997 when my husband Larry and I bought our home here and consider it a blessing to be raising our two children in the beautiful rural setting the township offers. Compassion and neighbor-helping-neighbor are life-affirming qualities that I treasure most about Perry Township and why I decided to run for office. Serving as Fiscal Officer is a way that I can use my finance management skills to give back to the community in which I live and love.