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Washington Twp. Trustee

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    Dale Berry

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    Matt Lynch

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Experience Washington Twp. Trustee since 2009. Former Zoning Commission member, Realtor, Retired teacher & vocational coordinator
Education Kettering Fairmont High School. BS Business Miami University, Graduate work at Ohio State & Wright State
We have vacant land in Washington Twp. We need to plan for the best use of this remaining vacant land. Not only do I want to keep Washington Twp. the choice for people coming to our area, but I want to make sure that we offer housing opportunities and attractive amenities for our residents who decide to downsize or move to another residence within Washington Township. The Trustees must continue to evaluate opportunities for the use of the land which will include cooperation with surrounding communities and the entities within our community. And of course funding for all of our programs and services is a challenge. We need to work with the state of Ohio to increase local government funding, continue to seeks grants, and continue to watch how funds are spent so that we continue to be good stewards of tax payer dollars.
I have served previous terms as Washington Township Trustee. This experience has shown that I am qualified to continue in this position. My leadership roles while in my tenure as educator and in real estate have been valuable to me as a Trustee. I am a life long Dayton area resident with more than 40 years in Washington Township, so I have watched this community grow and have been able to analyse the growth process.
Washington Township has had several new businesses decide to locate in our community recently and current businesses are expanding & growing. We need to continue to get the word out about what a great community we have and encourage people to check us out so we can tell them the advantages.
I think that by continuing to make improvements to our roads and other infrastructure items that we are not only making life better for our residents but also those who travel through our community. Also the programs that we offer at the Recreation Center and Enrichment Center are some of the best in the area. We continue to receive excellent evaluations from residents about our outstanding fire & EMS professionals as well as the police protection that they receive in Washington Township.
I have two adult children who grew up in Washington Township and attended Centerville Schools as well as my grandchildren. I feel that I have a good working relationship with the school system and the other entities in the area. I welcome residents to contact me so I can answer questions they might have.
Experience Over 30 years leadership experience as a CEO, CFO, business owner, and board director for multiple companies. Founder and Managing Partner of a Washington Township based management consulting firm. Served as a volunteer and board member for multiple non-profit organizations.
Education Xavier University MBA American College
1. Responsible development. Washington Township is attractive to development because of our open space community, we don’t have to compromise our standards to attract development. Our community rejected Trustees' decision to approve high-density homes on the Hithergreen property when last year over 70% of voters told the Trustees to protect our property values. Yet again this year, Trustees granted approval for a similar development on the south side of the township. I disagree with their approach, we can do better. 2. Cooperation with Centerville. Working together we can save taxpayer money. Trustees recently bid against Centerville for a property even though Centerville invited Trustees to participate in the planning discussions. 3. Fiscal Responsibility - As a conservative, I believe the problem isn’t revenue, it’s spending. We must do better managing taxpayer funds. Trustees approved a budget increasing spending from $26,683,788 (2017) to almost $34,000,000 (2019).
I’m not a politician. I’m simply a taxpayer and citizen who’s fed up with our current elected officials who believe tax increases and lowering zoning standards as the way to solve budget challenges. I would always put the interest of existing residents and property owners ahead of out-of-town developers to ensure that Washington Township remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. I understand what's at stake if we allow short-term challenges to impact the long-term quality of life in our community. As an executive with 30-years experience as a CEO, CFO and entrepreneur, I have business background sorely needed as Washington Township faces difficult budget decisions. I have the senior executive leadership experience to work in collaboration with leaders of local communities for the benefit of taxpayers.
I'm pro-growth, pro-development. I've personally invested in the area by starting a business and creating jobs right here in Washington Township. However I believe our community is sufficiently attractive for new businesses because of the standards we've had in place for decades. I don't believe we have to lower our zoning standards to achieve growth. I don't believe tax increases (year after year) helps to attract development and jobs. We must balance the interest of existing residents as decisions are made to support growth. It's important to open a real dialogue with Centerville and other local communities to collaborate as we plan the future of our shared communities.
If elected I would begin by seeking to re-engage residents in local government. Today, voices and views of the vast majority of Township residents are not factored into decisions made by Trustees. Too many back room deals are done without true input of the community. I believe our elected officials should act in a manner which reflects the viewpoint of the voters who elected them. I would actively listen and learn what's most important to our residents and create a new level of transparency into local government in part by broadcasting Trustee meetings on local cable access, and making sure voters are informed of decisions under consideration that affect them so that they can make their views known. I would hold Township employees and particularly managers of departments accountable for better results, improved efficiency, and lower spending. All of this would help avoid additional tax increases and preserve our community standards for the benefit of all.
I am running for Trustee because I appreciate living in Washington Township as our area is a great place to raise a family and build a business. I'm willing to give of my time to help preserve the best characteristics of our community. I believe some of the decisions made by our current Trustees are in conflict with those goals. I find the fact that some Trustees have a history of accepting campaign donations from developers or others involved in real estate deals troubling, and wonder if that is influencing their decisions, particularly when they have approved variances to the zoning rules against the clear objections of voters. I'm not seeking or accepting donations to my campaign.

I'm a fiscal conservative, I believe our taxes are too high and that we can reduce spending. I want to work in cooperation with Centerville to support responsible growth. I believe we can do better for our residents by protecting our property values and our open-space community.