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Brookville Mayor

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What are the 3 biggest challenges facing the city? How would you deal with them?

How did the city of Brookville respond to the Memorial Day tornadoes. What needs to be done to help rebuild?

How would you bring jobs, businesses to Brookville?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience Currently Mayor of the City of Brookville.12 years as a City Council person. 15 years working for the City of Englewood in the Street Maintenance Department.
Education Graduated Brookville High School and MVCTC, formerly MCJVS in 1977 in Auto Mechanics. Former business owner of Village Auto Parts (NAPA) and the Emperor's Palace video arcade. Both of which were in Brookville.
1.Rebuilding and redeveloping the areas affected by the Memorial Day tornados. The City had a massive outpouring of support from citizens and businesses alike. Now we are in the rebuilding and redeveloping phase. To help assist residents we keep updating our website of the various types of aid available and have expedited the permit process for rebuilding at no charge. I under what they are going through because I was affected also and am dealing with the same things they are. 2.Infrastructure. The City needs upgrade and replace aging and brittle water mains throughout the City. Industry standard is now 8" diameter lines and we still have many 4" lines in some parts of the City. This would also cut down on the amount of water main breaks that need repaired during the year, especially in the winter months. 3. Economic Development. We have taken a large step by announcing that General Motors would be building a new $175 million facility which gives us something to build on.
City staff and personnel gathered almost immediately after the tornado at the firehouse and began assessing what needs had to be dealt with. The disruption of power and water service was our main concern as we get our water from the City of Dayton. Their power grid was hit severely and they were unable to pump water to us from the Ottawa station. Now the challenge was drinking water and non-potable water for the citizens and businesses. We called Bill and Rhonda Price, the owners of McMaken's grocery, and they opened the store at 3am and donated 5 pallets of drinking water to be distributed. A local farmer, Bruce Flora, brought to the firehouse a 3500 gallon container of non-potable water for citizens to get so that they could flush their toilets What needs to be done to help rebuild is TIME. Most contractors already were booked out for the summer making it difficult to start the rebuilding process. Plus on top of that is some who were under insured or no insurance.
The announcement of General Motors plan to build a $175 million facility was great news. The hope is that we can build on that and keep expanding in the Northbrook Industrial Park. With this in place we expect to see other businesses move in to support the Duramax facility. Our team of City Staff members are ready with all of the pertinent information needed when these site seekers contact us about sites that are available throughout the City. We also utilize any grants or no interest loans to help entice businesses to come here.
I have lived in Brookville nearly all of my life, with the last 12 years being a City Council Member. It has been a pleasure serving the city and I look forward to being your Mayor the next 4 years.
Experience lChiropractic practice- 55 years: Clayton City Council - 4 years:: Volunteer and Reserve Montgomery County Deputy: 15 years
Education Graduated from Brookville High School - 1960, National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, Illinois (D.C. Degree) Ohio Police Officer's Training Academy -London, Ohio peace officer's certification
#1: FINANCIAL: Work with other members of the City Council and the current Business Manager Sonya Keaton to develop long and short term plans to lower citizen's taxes by implementing financial growth opportunities with increased businesses creating more tax income and more jobs for the City.

#2: WATER AND SEWAGE: review all supplier contracts for performance violations, costs and environmental contamination.

#3. WAGES: Encourage all Brookville employers to offer merit wage increases for better job performance resulting in better income for the business, more people being served,happier customers, etc. then offer a Blue Ribbon Honor Plaque to hang in their place of business.
..From Hour-One the response to the tornado(s) by the city of Brookville was overwhelming. Police, Fire Department personnel, First Responders,and Neighbors should go in the record books. Then add what churches and business owners did. They organized relief projects including food and water distribution, temporary shelter, debris pick-up, transportation assistance etc. Much restoration is already accomplished but many people are without enough aid or insurance to meet their needs. The City needs to monitor all organizations offering relief (FEMA, State Funding, Insurance Companies, Welfare Departments and Charities)
We should point out all the business opportunities available in Brookville including sites available, possible tax abatements, good highway access,quality home-sites and schools, first class hospitals nearby,
My favorite quote that I've always strived to live by is: "What I am is God's gift to me. What I do with my life is my gift to God."