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Trotwood Mayor

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    Mary Ann McDonald

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    Yvette Page

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The Memorial Day tornadoes have changed Trotwood forever. How do you think city leaders did responding to the tragedy?

What needs to be done in the coming months, years to help tornado victims?

Trotwood residents came together to help each other after the tornadoes. What will you do to keep that community spirit going as the recovery continues?

What will you do to keep residents in Trotwood from moving out?

What will you do to bring businesses to Trotwood?

What are your thoughts on using social media to hear concerns from residents? Has the city done enough to keep debate in the city open to all?

What do you think city leaders can do to work with the school board to improve schools?

How has the closure of Good Samaritan Hospital near Trotwood impacted the city. What would you do to deal with the situation if elected?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience I have served the Trotwood City Council since being elected 2005. I’ve served as mayor for the past 31/2 years. During these past 31/2 years under my leadership the city has repositioned itself as not only a regional leader but also a regional partner with our neighboring municipalities. My efforts to connect our city with state and federal leaders have built relationships that have not only given our city a sense of place but a added voice in Columbus and in Washington DC as well.
Education I am a graduate of Dayton Public Schools. where I majored in the field of cosmetology. I have continued my education in that field and in the field of business for over 35 years. I have additionally worked in the field of cosmetics with such national and international company’s as Revlon, Fashion Fair and Flori Roberts to name a few. I have been the proud owner of the True Style Hair Salon for the past 18 years.
As mayor, I believe the we responded very well given the city preparedness. From our Administration, City Council and First Responders we were all hands on. Our staff was responsive and met every challenge in a skillful and timely manner. Just two months prior to the Memorial DayTornadoes our city underwent our 2019 Disaster Plan Update. As a result we were prepared and performed seamlessly with our disaster plan thus providing the best service to our citizens and our businesses possible. Our community was fortunate to have had well over 3000 volunteers, radio and tv support join us in the days to follow as we worked to restore and remove the debris that ravished our community. We managed the volunteer effort by employing a volunteer coordinator to facilitate focused, planned clean up efforts. The faith community, citizens and various colleges joined in to provide food and necessities daily that were sorely needed as we lost electricity for many days and gas service to many homes.
In the months to come the attention is on helping our citizens connect to the many services that are available for them. Many that did not get approved for FEMA still have the opportunity to apply for additional relief made available by other local and state resources. We are actively working daily to connect our people to those services. This process will take time but is necessary to the rebuilding of lives and our community. Alongside these efforts are the support to our business community as they work to rebound from the challenges. Many sustained minor damage however the lack of electricity and gas caused a loss of revenue needed by not being open, in an already challenged financial market. We will continue to offer support and resources to aid them in their ability to bounce back as well.
In an effort to keep the community spirit going I’ve committed myself to be as visible as I can in the community and outside the community if it relates to helping Trotwood move forward. I frequently make visits to the areas hardest hit and all over the city to talk with the citizen to let them know about resources available and to convey my concern and my support if them and their needs. Many of them have tough decisions to make. Stay or go. Rebuild or not to rebuild. And as a leader I feel it is of the utmost importance that as mayor I’m seen walking step by step with my citizens and there to give them all the moral support I can. By doing this, as leader, my hope is the spirit that has evolved over these past few weeks challenges will continue to grow and bring us closer together.
I have already begun this by engaging the property owners to let them know that the city of Trotwood as forgone the fees to all building permits in an effort to encourage the rebuilding of the community. The next major concern was for our rental community. I’ve worked closely with staff to engage the rental property owners as to their plan. One of the larger apartment owners was not going to be able to rebuild however I reached out to Congressman Turners and Senator Portman and both partnered with me to help by encouraging federal dollars to help them secure needed financing. I am proud to say Westbrook Village Apartments and the former Castlebrooke all have now agreed to rebuild. That’s exciting news for our city.
I will continue, as always to be an advocate for the city of Trotwood . Many outside our immediate areas have little to no knowledge of the opportunities available in the city of Trotwood. This gives me a fine opportunity especially thru our Economic Development Department, of which I serve as co-chair, to reach out to potential prospects and provide them data and an open invitation to meet with myself and staff. I am also committed to direct our staff to be vigilant in their approach in development by attending all groups, local and national, set in place to encourage development.
I am very open to the use of social media. I believe it is important. Citizens gather information in many ways and the use of social media is a very popular option. The city of Trotwood has been very open to being transparent in its delivery of information and has a well used open door policy that welcomes all citizens and guest to enter in.
As mayor, my staff and I have collaborated on many community concerns and needs with our schools. Our Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation TCIC is the Economic Development arm to our city. The Superintendent if schools holds a board seat by charter on this board. We collectively make development decisions that mutually support the city endeavors. We recently worked with the schools as they underwent their School Strategic Plan. They in turned partnered with us as we worked on our City Comprehensive Plan. There countless other areas where when ever asked we make ourselves available to support our school system.
The closing of Good Samaritan Hospital was sad for the region. It’s longstanding in the community represented stability to the area and was a anchor in a community that had already been devastated by disinvestment and blight. Unfortunately, as mayor I know, not having Good Sam in our area has lengthened medic response time. That is a concern as we look at our ability to serve our citizens in a timely manner. The hospital made a decision to close based upon its rights to do, understood. Yes there was protest and while I’ll have feelings around the closing, I’ve decided to put my focus on Miami Valley North in Englewood and to become a part of the new direction of the Premier Hospital plan. What matters most to me as a leader is working on the things one can control. I can not control the decision of the closure as much as I might like but, I can get to know and partner with the direction of the future of health care options presented that will help my community thrive.
I believe as a mayor, in the importance of understanding the community and the people you serve. The honor it is to be given the opportunity to serve as leader of your community. I’ve kept my word to create a community where citizens concerns are paramount, I’ve worked to create the atmosphere that brings living wage jobs, repurposed relatively all the vacant retail space in the Trotwood community, paved roads for the first time in 25 years ,also strategically worked to have a negative Moody Bond Rating removed and prevented Trotwood from bankruptcy as was thought impending due to prior leadership decisions. All done by the prudent care of legislative directives from my office. The idea that the office of mayor is still just ceremonial in our city is no longer credible. The mayor must have knowledge, temperament, the ability to work across party isles, be honest in their dealings and a person who values the needs over their self interest. People more than the needs of ones self.
Experience Supervisor for Elder Beerman Department Store. Sales Representative for a large Corporation for 37 and retired in March 2019. Presently, I am serving my first term on the Trowood City Council Ward 2. I am currently a member of the National League of Cities, The First Tier Suburb Consortium, Trotwood Planning and Zoning Committee,
Education Graduated from Fisk University with Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Economics
Twitter @Yvettepage2019
The city leaders did what they could, but what made a difference in my neighborhood was neighbor helping neighbor. My neighbors and volunteers were responsible for responding to our immediate needs when there was no help.
In the coming months and years we need to keep the momentum going in getting volunteers to come back to the City of Trowood. These volunteers will be utilized in helping those still displaced. We also need to implement a Trotwood Toronado Hotline for tornado victims. This will help us in tracking citizen progress and needs.
I would like to propose"Help a neighbor Saturday". We could reach out in our neighborhood watch meetings to see who needs help and collaborate with Public Works and Code Enforment for additional leads. We could also expand decoration contest on special occasions throughout the year. This would encourage city pride. I would also like to have the month of May designated as Trotwood Survival Month with a city wide picnic.
Attempt to get more amenities and a tax abatement.
I will bring businesses to Trotwood by using my skill sets as a former representative of a major corporation. This will entail reaching out to existing owners and businesses and getting them to move and or expand to the City of Trotwood.
I think Social media would be a good source in hearing concerns from residents. No, the city has not done enough to keep debate open to all.
City leaders and school board should work together jointly with open and honest communications. When discussing improving your school's keep focused on all higher learning institutions that surround us. We know that a strong school system will make a strong city and that will bring families.
The initial closing of Good Samaritan Hospital would have impacted the City of Trotwood, but we now have Miami Valley North with it's new certification and this has met the needs of the citizens of Trotwood. It is also closer.
Trotwood has been my home for 41 years, raised my three children , brought my first house. I have a vested interest and have no plans of leaving. I am a survivor not a victim of the Tornado. My platform is simple Transparency, Communication, and Integrity. Many would run from this city and what we will have to endure in the next 3 to 5 years, but I won't. I have seen this city prosperous and I have seen it struggle. But, what I saw on Memorial Day and everyone that came into this community saw, was a loving and caring city helping each other. TENATIOUS Trotwood is what I call you. We are The Only Trotwood google it. On November 5th 2019 Turn To Page For Mayor of Trotwood