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    Dale Toadvine

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What are the 3 biggest challenges facing the school district? How would you deal with them?

What makes you qualified to be on the school board and gives you an advantage over other candidates?

What is your position on state testing and graduation requirements?

What would you do to close the skills gap that employers say is hindering their ability to find workers?

Are there any areas where you believe the school district currently underspends, or overspends?

Is the school district doing enough to ensure student safety? If not, what else should they be doing?

Are there any subjects or topics not currently being taught (or not taught broadly enough) that you would like to see expanded?

What other changes could be made that you think would improve students’ academic performance?

If you had to choose between increasing the number of regular teachers, to lower class size, or increasing the number of counselors/social workers/mental-health therapists/school resource officers to deal with non-academic issues, which would you choose?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience 25 years in education; teacher, central office administration, building administration, special education experience, professional development provider, school improvement consultant. Started my education career at Kinder and Medlar View in Miamisburg
Education Associates- Ocean County College Bachelors Communications- Muhlenberg College K-8 Teacher Certification- University of Cincinnati Masters Educational Leadership- University of Dayton Principal License- Miami University Superintendent License- Ohio State University
Student Achievement is always a challenge. While we may be performing well, we still need to look at trend data when it comes to literacy and math performance and determine effectiveness of programs and practices we have in place. Supporting teachers and administrators in their learning about best practices is necessary to improve student outcomes. Ensuring student social-emotional wellness. We need to provide supports for students and families at the earliest grade levels to keep them engaged in school. Providing opportunities for families to learn together with their students, develop collaborations between home and school and leverage community resources are keys to social-emotional health for our students. Finally, school funding always plagues school districts. We should always be evaluating our programs, practices and policies to make sure our money is being well spent and be transparent about results of expenditures.
I have 25 years educational experience at all levels of the system including classroom teacher, central office and building administrator, special education experience, professional development provider, school improvement consultant and now director of one of 16 Ohio Department of Education State Support Teams. I lead a team of 18 implementation consultants who work with districts to help them with improvement planning, implementation and monitoring. I hold a BA in Communications, MA in Educational leadership, and have K-8, Principal and Superintendent licenses. Prior to entering education I was in the field of sales and marketing. I started my teacher career in Miamisburg and moved into the district so my son could attend K-12 school here. He just graduated in 2019 which gives me a current perspective on district programs.
Since I started in education, there have always been measures of accountability. I don’t have an issue with accountability but we need to have a common sense approach. Standards provide a blueprint for what students should know and be able to do. If we are addressing these throughout the year, using in-class activities that promote a high level of problem solving and critical thinking and use assessments that require students to develop higher level thinking, we should not have to triage for state assessments. I also do not have any issues with graduation requirements. I think we should have standardized requirements across the state so a diploma means the same thing regardless of the high school you graduate from. My concern is constantly changing the graduation requirements. For example this newest round of changes has put districts in a bind because they were released the same year they were to go into effect for freshman and gave districts no time for planning.
My first proposal would be to begin or expand job-shadowing and internship programs. Students are not getting enough opportunities to experience regional workforce jobs before making choices about post-high school. We need to involve regional employers that are willing to support students in finding out about current careers especially in the trades. Not all students want or need to attend college but they will need post-high school training. Second is to work on the “soft skills” of communication, inquiry, collaboration, persistence and creativity in our classroom environments. These are skills that can be integrated into any curriculum and developed in any classroom at any time.
I believe we have always been fiscally responsible in terms of spending. Our current treasurer is transparent with revenue sources, cost analysis and overall investment. School finance is not an easy topic since school dollars come from many different funding sources, so one of my initial bullet list items is to learn more form the treasurer and spend some time with our current budget and five year forecast.
Miamisburg has been proactive and currently has many safeguards in place to protect students. Buildings have security doors and intercom systems. Each building is required to have and practice emergency drills. Our staff has been Alice trained. We have a one call system to alert families of any issues. As we move forward in this new environment, we need to be aware of changes that might need to take place and adjust policy to make sure we are providing the best student safety precautions we can.
We have a number of opportunities available when it comes to varied curriculum. To increase student engagement, giving student’s voice in making choices for what we offer in terms of course work through surveys and focus groups may be helpful. I would like to see more access for all students to engage in core and advanced courses. A student’s path should not be dictated by a test score, but by interest and engagement.
I believe it’s more important to look at the district’s strategic plan and monitor the implementation of the strategies that were selected to see the impact on student achievement. The current strategic plan focuses on implementing research based classroom strategies; being fiscally responsible through transparency; maintaining facilities; increasing instructional technology use and engaging families as partners. As a board we should know where we are in our implementation of our strategies and review appropriate data to determine whether the strategies chosen are making a difference or whether they should be revised.
Currently in Miamisburg,we have a student-teacher ratio below state average. So at this point in time, with the Student Wellness and Success dollars available from the state and the social emotional needs of students on the rise, I would choose the latter.
I have been involved with Miamisburg for over 20 years as a teacher and parent and have had a great experience teaching and living here. With my son graduating, I feel it is time for me to give back to the school community by serving on the school board. Miamisburg schools are special and I would love to be involved in in keeping it that way for current and future students.
Experience As I lifelong resident of Miamisburg, I have contributed to the community in many capacities as both a teacher and a coach. I have served on many academic and athletic advisory panels and believe I have built a reputation of hard work and integrity. I would like to continue serving the community as a Miamisburg School Board member.
Education Graduate of Miamisburg High School Bachelor of Science in Education and Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton
Twitter @PopLewis25
I believe the biggest challenge facing our school district is money. With state funding decreasing and state mandates increasing, it leaves public school districts with less money to do more. It's important, as a school board, to continually monitor and look into the way our district's money is spent. We are also facing an increase in free/reduced lunches within our district. We are close to 40% of our student body receiving free/reduced lunches. With this, students are carrying more trauma into the classroom. As a school board, we need to make sure our school personnel are provided the appropriate professional development and resources to identify and support the social/emotional skills students need to succeed.
First of all, I respect our current school board. I believe Dale Toadvine, current school board president, needs to be reelected. I am running because there is an open seat on our board. I feel that I have proven myself to the people of Miamisburg as a person that is here to serve our schools and community. I taught and coached in the Miamisburg City School District for 30 years. I have taken part in the education process at all levels. I am one of a very few people that have taught at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. The students, parents, teachers, and administrators in our district that know me, know they can talk to me and I will listen. I understand how our district operates and feel that I have the knowledge and experience to help our district grow.
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The Miamisburg City School District works extremely hard at making sure our students are safe. Our experienced Student Resource Officers, Ryan Copsey and Crystal Rankins and Director of Business, Scott Gilbert, have worked diligently to make sure our staff is properly A.L.I.C.E. trained and have the knowledge and practice experience to be ready for any threat. I feel very confident in our school district's preparation and practice to ensure our students' safety.
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I am a Miamisburg person! I have been here all of my life and will continue to live in Miamisburg. My wife, Becky, and I graduated from MHS as have our four children. I have devoted my adult life to the service of others through teaching and coaching, 30 of those years in Miamisburg. I want to further my service to our community as a board of education member of Miamisburg City Schools. There are questions in this questionnaire that I have chosen not to answer. I do not want to comment on anything that I have not had the opportunity to thoroughly research. Without knowing both sides of an issue, it is not fair to make judgments and/or recommendations. I will work hard to understand the issues and listen to the concerns of staff, administrators, parents, and community members.
Experience 1977-2007 Biology and Chemistry Teacher at Miamisburg City Schools Science Department Head for 12 Years Miamisburg School Board Member for the past 12 Years 1977-1991 Coached Baseball and Basketball for MHS 15 Years- Coached American Legion 19 and Under Select Baseball 1989-Present --Realtor at Irongate Realtors 2002-Present-- Christmas Tree Farmer 1998-Present- Proud Grandpa
Education 1972- Graduate Miamisburg High School 1976 Wright State University Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry Education University of Dayton Masters Degree in Curriculum/Administration 1989- Graduate of Hondros Real Estate College Real Estate Continuing Education Ongoing Over the Past 30 Years
1. Social Media 2. Discipline 3. Finances

These issues all need to be continually and transparently communicated to parents,teachers and students as well as administrators and board members. Collaboration by and with all stakeholders concerning these areas is paramount to the success of all students.
I have been in education as a student, a teacher, a coach or as a board member for the past 59 years. I am proud that my Mother and Father were both born in Miamisburg and I was raised in the same old farmhouse that my Father was born in and died in. I know how proud people are to say that they are from "The Burg!" I understand how important it is to move forward with the revitalization of the downtown area while keeping our historical architecture intact. I've lived my entire life in Miamisburg so I know most everybody and if I don't my wife Jeane does because she also has taught at the Miamisburg Middle School for years. I think that it's safe to say that someday I will draw my last breath in the town that I love....
I think that it is time to say good-bye to state testing and start using the huge amount of dollars spent on it toward educating preparing our students for their future. State graduation requirements are much lower than most local districts' requirements and are pretty much a mute point for our district.
Collaboration and routine communication with the employers is key to meeting the needs of the local job markets. This past year the Ohio School Boards Association began a program to recognize local businesses that have contributed to in some important way(s) to their local school district. Miamisburg School Board recognized over 60 local businesses and businesses people.
Student safety should be the number one priority of every school in today's social environment. This past year we hired an additional female police officer to serve in our middle school as a role model and as a boost to student safety. All of the buildings in the district now have safety vestibules at the buildings' main entrances and the ability to lockdown all outside doors. We continue to have the all the safety drills periodically, including tornado drills, crisis drills and fire drills. We will continue to do whatever we need to to keep our students and staff safe.
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This is a very tough question because each one of these positions is vitally important to the safety and success of all students and employees throughout the school district, including every grade level. It truly does "TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD!"
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