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What steps should the school district take – both in the short-term and long-term – to best serve those students and families who were affected by the tornado?

In what ways do you think the newly constructed K-12 campus school will help students – academically? Safety-wise? Convenience? Other?

Are there any areas where you believe the school district currently underspends, or overspends?

What’s one thing the school district has done a very good job of the past few years?

What’s one thing the school district has not done well enough the past few years?

Are there any subjects or topics not currently being taught (or not taught broadly enough) that you would like to see expanded?

What other changes could be made that you think would improve students’ academic performance?

Is the school district doing enough to ensure student safety? If not, what else should they be doing?

Do you think the school district should put a tax levy on the ballot in the next two years to try to raise additional funds?

If you had to choose between increasing the number of regular teachers, to lower class size, or increasing the number of counselors/social workers/mental-health therapists/school resource officers to deal with non-academic issues, which would you choose?

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Experience Northridge Schools Board of Education member 7.5yrs, Ohio School Board Association Southwest District Executive Committee 5yrs Ohio High School Athletic Association Board Liason 4yrs former Music Booster 13 years, former Secretary for the Northridge Pee Wee Football 5yrs Northridge Youth Wrestling Head Table worker 10 years, Former Local Girl Scout Leader 15 year Current Co-Chair for the Community Egg Hunt 5 yrs, member of the After Prom Committee and Community Parade Volunteer
Education 1988 Graduate of Northridge High School Obtained Doula Certification in 1998
Immediately from the time the Tornado hit our school District had staff out making contact with our families providing them water, food, rides to shelters and coordinating clean up crews in the Hardest hit areas. We formed partnerships with local churches and community groups to both help our community and advocate to obtain additional helps. The district ran a disaster relief shelter for more than two months after the Tornado and continues to work with families through ongoing needs assessments to ensure the needs are being met. The task has been monumental however we continue to strive to help in all ways, no child is required to bring school supplies to school this year in an effort to help take the burden off of our families. In addition we have obtained funds and actually helped to relocate families, helped to connect the families with the resources they are sharing they are still in needWe are currently attempting to ensure our little league will have a place to play next season.
The new facility will benefit our students in several ways. First we are waiting to the 21st century form of education which stresses collaboration and small group projects in all grades and the building is designed specifically to accommodate that which will better prepare our students for the work place, the upgraded infrastructure for technology was a must and we have 3 STEM labs in the building one for each group. As far as safety when building this facility that was front and center for us, you must be buzzed into the building where you will be required to register in our new Lobby Guard system which actually runs a quick background check, if something comes up our Bluepoint system will be activated &notify the administration, also the pull systems and staff fobs will allow staff to activate the system which will place the entire building on lockdown and immediately call police giving them access to all of our cameras in the building. In addition we have special windows in place
I feel like the district is doing a good job of managing their resources we just finished a 55 Million dollar building and came in under budget on that. The truth is we could always use more funds to be able to spend on more specialized educational resources for our gifted students as well as for our students with Special needs. Often times these Special needs students need some very specialized care and equipment not to mention the many students that need one on one aids of which we have continually added staff to accommodate the need however that can cause the necessity to cut back on other resources. So it is a double edged sword on one side we provide a lot of things other districts do not like ABSOLUTELY NO FEES of any type, free lunch and breakfast for every student, free summer school for students that need it, two STEM camps and Freedom School for our students over the summer all for free including transportation I would never say any of that is overspending it is a necessity
We have done a very good job at managing our money while providing a vast array of service to students & their families at no cost. In 2011 the district asked for an operating levy and promised that levy would last 5 years we are now at 2019 & we have not asked for that levy yet that is 8 years when we promised at least 5 and we are not going for a levy this year either. In addition to that we have been slowly and systematically rolling out providing one to one Cromebooks to our students at no cost to them, we have begun to implement more STEM based learning opportunities, our district has a Manufacturing program in place to help prepare our students for a future in a trade if that is their desire and be continue to push forward to add additional trade type learning the next up is in line with a Medical Assistant Program. In addition we have approved the formation of Robotics teams and are looking to advance that vision for the benefit of our children all without an additional levy
Our constant battle is issues with bullying and helping students who have need of some extra care due to different traumas they have experienced during their lives. We have been really concentrating on social and emotional awareness training this summer as well as training additional staff in the methods of Love and Logic as well as the Pax method of helping students to understand the consequences of certain actions. In addition to this we have a lot of visibility built into the neighborhoods of the new building which will help staff to more quickly see when a problem is starting so they can more quickly address them. I have personally teamed up in the last couple of months with Superintendent Jackson to help bring a Civility Summit to our district which will also include other districts in an effort to help form better plans to combat bullying and being more Civil Behavior back to all of our Schools in the area, this is so important we must strive to change the current culture
Absolutely shop for one was pulled from many school districts, however that is why we chose to place STEM Labs in our building so that we have spaces for things like the Manufacturing program and so many more things. Second one Home Economics this is why the new building was designed with a new Life Skills lab in it, in order to facilitate getting back to some of the practical day to day skills being able to be taught in out district.
Plain and simple we need to concentrate on providing a learning environment that allows students to feel safe and that will happen through strict enforcement of the rules by the staff and their being consequences for students who choose to disrupt and distract other students. We have added staff over the summer to help ensure the rules we have are more closely followed by all. In addition to ensuring the proper environment exists in our building we must make sure that we are meeting the real and Legitimate needs of our students if they can not see we must get them an eye exam and glasses no matter if they have the means to do so or not and our school Nurse is a ROCKSTAR at helping us find the resources. We must be vigilant and have meaningful relationships with each other to make sure we are spotting needs early so can meet them before they hold our students back. Our students need to be treated like our own children.
With the opening of our new building we have placed a high value on ensuring that we have a high level of security features in our building. We have been blessed to be able to place systems in our building like Blue Point alarms which will allow many things including first Responders to tap into our cameras during any active situations, Lobby Guard which each visitor to the building will be required to register in before being allowed to enter it will run an quick background check and alert us if a person is on the sexual predator list along with tying into our district records to help us ensure that students are not released to person other than those listed by the family, Armour Guard windows, security doors locking down the whole building with the push of one button. So much thought and Education has went into the security plan for our building that being said all security experts will advise that you can build a fortress but you can never guarantee that nothing will happen
No we can not ask people who many have lost everything in the last six months to give us more money! We must make use of our resources wisely while helping to lift our community members up!
This is a difficult question made a tiny bit easier by a few things first we just added a lot of safety aspects to our buildings and we have had discussions of SRO the amount of funds required for that is not a reality for our district without forming partnerships and obtaining Grant's without going for a levy so we continue to explore options because safety Is always a HIGH priority. As for classroom sizes due to our enrollment we already have smaller classroom sizes than many other districts and during the building project that was a real sticking point with the OFCC manual because we have smaller class sizes than their formula so they tell us we are classroom heavy while we respectfully disagreed & built more rooms than were recommended their goal is 25 students our goal is 20. So I would choose to add Counselors & Psychological resources for our children especially after so many suffering the devastating Tornadoes this summer. If our students are hurting it is difficult to learn
Experience My education and background as a paralegal have given me the tools to advocate on behalf of the students, families and educators in our community. I can ask the questions, research viable solutions and negotiate agreeable outcomes.
Education I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Paralegal Studies from Sullivan University in Lexington, Kentucky.
Short term the district should make sure all of our children that were affected have safe housing and transportation to and from school. In the days immediately following the tornado, our family received calls from our children’s teachers checking on us as a family. They asked about our safety and if any of us needed anything. This was a great gesture from our administration and teachers and was greatly appreciated. Long term the district would benefit from receiving and distributing a list of agencies available to help the victims and their families. The district should also use extra caution and sensitivity during tornado drills.
Our new building is wonderful! It gives students new options in learning with an open floor plan and state of the art technology. We are the safest school in the Miami Valley, possibly the nation with the Blue Point Technology. The PreK-12 campus gives parents with multiple children many conveniences. The campus design makes it easier to attend simultaneous events, pickup and drop off our children and attend board meetings.
I do not have specific knowledge of any underspending or overspending at this time. However, as we just moved into the new campus the district should see a savings with the lower cost of maintenance and energy expenses. I am aware that our district is above the state average for spending per pupil. At a spring board meeting, a proposal was made to offer buyouts to all eligible employees to address the need to reduce the workforce in the district because of the new campus. Our collective bargaining agreement for our teachers is wonderful and when compared to other districts in an apple to apples fashion our teachers are some of the best-paid teachers in the county, possibly the state. I hope the funding continues to allow the district to do that when the contract is renegotiated next year. I recognize with the combined building that sadly some additional jobs may need to be eliminated and consolidated. I hope that the district can achieve this through attrition.
I struggled with this answer for days and after much pondering the honest answer is, I really do not know. Our district has a D on the state report card this year with an F on the Achievement section. Two of our schools are qualified for the EdChoice Scholarship Program. This program provides students from underperforming public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. This did not happen overnight or in the last year. My oldest son is above state and district averages on his testing. This tells me students are being educated on the material. With my youngest son, even though he is passing, we have had to obtain additional tutoring for him. He is still struggling. He has made it through second grade without getting the help he really needed. We do have a wonderful new building! However, it was a community effort. Thanks to the citizens of Northridge for recognizing the need and making it happen.
Identifying children that need additional academic assistance. Many Northridge students are struggling without an answer as to why. Parents need to know how to help them succeed. The best ones to guide us on that road to success are the teachers and administrators.
I would love to see life skills, finance, home economic and shop classes offered.
We could improve academic performance by identifying children that have disabilities as early as possible. A child with dyslexia for example cannot learn to read the same way as a child that is not dyslexic. That child will struggle from day one and fall further and further behind. My hope would be to identify those children as early as possible. It would change the way they all learn. Other districts in the state have implemented similar procedures with great success. I would love to see Northridge do the same. I hope to be elected so I can ensure that all of the students have access to the world-class education they so rightfully deserve.
As stated earlier we are the safest school in the Miami Valley, possibly the nation with the Blue Point Technology. The Security Resource Officer did a wonderful job in all of our buildings prior to the opening of the new campus. However, with the ever changing world of technology I am sure in the years to come the district will be able to update and upgrade the current system to continue to ensure that students are even safer.
I want to become totally familiar with the current financial status of our district prior to making this decision. I do know anytime you are asking the community for additional funding you have to bring your “A” game in order to get buy in from the citizens. They have to believe that what you are proposing is necessary for the success of the children in the community. Sadly, after current state testing results were released and the recent devastation to the area asking for additional funds may not be in the best interest of the district.
Studies show us that the smaller the class the better the learning environment. Dr. John Medina, Developmental Molecular Biologist author of "Brain Rules" has said “Severe and chronic trauma, such as living with an alcoholic parent or watching in terror as your mom gets beat up, causes toxic stress in kids. Toxic stress damages kid’s brains. When trauma launches kids into flight, fight or fright mode, they cannot learn. It is physiologically impossible.” That statement had a profound effect on me. We can all agree that many children in Northridge have sadly been living with severe and chronic trauma. Opioid addiction and unemployment rates have added toxic stress to those most vulnerable. To this we can add the trauma of the tornado which was devastating to so many in our area. I cannot imagine how all of our children are reacting to all of this. Therefore, I think any counseling and guidance they could receive would far outweigh having smaller class sizes.
Short Term- For the school to expand the open enrollment, and busing to allow our children that were displaced to continue their education, in the environment they are familiar with.

Long Term- I would love to see the school, bring in additional mental health counselors to help cope with a devastating tragedy.
There are a lot of wonderful things happening, in the new campus. I would like to see peer to peer tutoring and mentor program. We have the state of the art 21st century security system. Very convenient for parents/guardians for student drop-off and pick up, sense we are all located at one central location.
We need to reassess the funds being spent on special education and, determine if we need to allocate additional funds to those students.
The district has a APTT " Academic Parent-Teacher Teams" meetings to encourage parent-involvement, for the education of our students.
Holding Students, Staff, and Administrators accountable for the duties, that should be performed under their title.
Kindergarten through Sixth grade Social Studies and Science Basic Living Skills Home Economics Cursive
Trying to find a way to change classroom settings, to educate students to their ability.
Yes, we have a state of the art 21st century building, with the most secured security.
With the devastation, that happen in the community, income from property tax, could dramatically decrease. Would have to come back and re access.
Would love to see both, by limiting open enrollment and using the additional funds for mental health resources.
Experience 15 years serving on the school board
Education high school diploma
We must ensure that all families effected by the tornado have all of the supplies and transportation needed for the school year.
The new campus school allows for students and teachers to learn alongside each other in their new learning pods. Our newly installed Blue Points security system is state-of-the-art and will allow police, firemen and other first responders rapid response times. Our campus is the first school in the state of Ohio to provide this system. Our new campus provides convenience for students and families with all students being located at the same building. This also provides convenience in transportation services.
No, our treasurer is careful with our school finances.
We've ensured that our students have supplies and transportation for a quality education.
We have not adequately met the requirements needed to improve on our state grade card results.
We need to expand our STEM program to offer more opportunities for learning in this area. Our new campus is providing STEM labs.
We must show all students that they are welcome and that they are in a safe environment to learn every day.
Yes, we have installed our new Blue Point security system as a means to provide safety and rapid response times to our students.
A new tax levy should only be put on the ballot if absolutely necessary. We have been careful with our finances, yet have provided quality education and a brand new campus for all students.
At this point, I would choose to increase the number of counselors/social workers/mental-health therapists/school resource officers to help meet the individualized needs of each and every student.
Experience Northridge BOE 12 yrs, Presidential Lifetime Volunteer Service Award 2009, Northridge Parade Chair 15 yrs, Master Board Member Achievement Award OSBA 2018, Board Legislative Liaison OSBA 11 yrs, Committees: Parent Advisory, Discipline, Graduation, Bear & Music Boosters
Education Northridge BOE 12 years Sinclair English Courses
Northridge Staff members and community members went door to door in the hardest hit areas to compile lists of those who were in immediate need for food,water and help with damaged homes. Our staff provided bottled water, food, gift certificates, needs for the communities pets too, they cut down damaged trees.The lists made included a need for transportation, health needs, insurance for those with heavy damage to dwellings.who did not have insurance.They were directed to help centers for aide. We partnered with our local churches also,they helped provide clothing and accommodations in some cases, even cars.The teaching staff,our Superintendent, Principals, and Board Members were actively seeking help for weeks after this disaster hit and destroyed one of our elementary schools, just 3 days short of ending school. We are all still helping our community as much as we are able to. Everyone worked as a team.We are addressing the well being of all our staff through counseling.
The newly constructed K-12 campus has the most up to date one of a kind Blue Point Security system installed to protect students and staff and to create the safest environment possible for learning. This state of the art system connects directly to local police and fire departments for immediate response in any emergency. We have also provided cameras inside and outside the build for full coverage and 24 hour surveillance to be monitored internally. This building is air conditioned for comfort. It is two stories with exits provided on the second floor through a window, in each room, for escape utilizing a folding ladder to drop out of the building to the ground. First floors have the same escape system. Two elevators, the latest in furniture for comfort at each grade level are part of the design. There are STEM labs in each neighborhood for all grades. Chrome books are supplied for students. This year back packs with school supplies were donated for each strident attending.
I do not believe we over spend on our staffs educational needs for each students. Would we like to be able to purchase extras, if there are requests for items that the board and treasurer we able to provide, they indeed would be considered. Each room is supplied with smart boards that use touch technology. All the required tools are available from early learning to graduation. We try to address the needs of each child and those requiring special needs as well. We are very careful with our expenses and our treasurer's reports are actuate and up to date, so the data given us is how we base our decisions.
I believe that our districts goal of educating in the 21st century and meeting the needs of each and every child as an individual is being met by our staff of Guidance Counselors,Psychologist,Curriculum Implementation coaches,Grade Intervention Specialist,Reading/ELA Tutors,College & Career Readiness Specialists,Computer/Technology Teachers,Special Education Teachers,Intervention Tutors, ELL Tutors, Alternative School Program, Media Center personnel, Multi Arts, Art, Music,Elementary,Band Director/Music/Drama, School Nurse & Health Aide on site,Physical Education/Health, Language Arts,Spanish,French, Jags Program, Drivers Education, Athletic Director,Client support Technicians,Technology/Media Director,Technology/Intervention Specialist, Food Service Director,Transportation Supervisor, Buses & Bus Drivers, Maintenance Supervisor,Custodians & Janitors, Pre-School, Director of Support Services. We instruct all required subjects for providing graduation credits.Plus extra subject options.
I am responsible for the positive reinforcement of polices adopted by the board. The ever changing requirements enacted by legislation from State and Federal governments make it a challenge to be creative with educational instruction. I would like to see us address more activities with interaction between our communities parents, students and teachers to enhance an atmosphere of sharing and learning lessons together. We need to be successful in reaching out to include everyone to benefit our students. After school activities, STEM programs in the summer to avoid the summer slide, all of these methods are being instituted by our staff.and we hope these efforts are helping our parents and students gain the confidence they need to succeed together. We need to work on being aware of everyone's mental well being, After the Memorial Day tornado that hit our school district and destroyed one elementary school, we all experienced a shared loss of security for each other's circumstances.
I am serving on a committee with our College & Career Readiness Specialist, Tyler Long to give our students the opportunity to seek a path that does not include attending a college full time. It is a Parent & Community Engagement Working Group that has been formed with the intent to provide a career in the workforce. We are partnering with Montgomery County ESC Business Advisory Council (BAC). We feel our school should share with parents and the community what is already occurring to help prepare students for their futures. There is a diversity of industries that can lead to many successful careers. Industry's are being invited to collaborate with our school to create opportunities for a chance to see just how this industry could provide a career available locally to a student though apprenticeships, with training and additional educational opportunities. We have established a class for students to attend in the High school, they have toured several manufacturing plants already.
A report card that would let the students and parents, as well as the teachers, administrators and board members know that all the efforts they are making does not reflect what is reported by the ODE's report card. There will never be gains made and successes realized until the grade card is changed to reflect the hard work students and staff accomplish every day. Grades are not reflected in an honest interpretation on the report card. Items that should not be counted and included on the report card are recorded and reflect a negative grade.Most people do not know that when a freshman class begins it's journey to graduation, that if the same number of students do not graduate with that class, due to families moving out of the district, the district is marked down on attendance.They are punished by not being able to add any new students who graduate with that freshman class that started 4 years prior. This is an unfair and unnecessary item to be included in the report card.
The districts new build includes the most up-to-date safety and security system available. The Blue Point security system is directly connected to our Fire and Police departments for an instant response in any emergency. Our building can be entered by card identification only. There are cameras inside and outside for recording activities 24 hours. There is a fenced in play ground. I would like to see the recommendation of our Director of Support Services recommend to hire an additional Police Officer for inside our building be considered by the board.
I do not believe that our school district will recommend a tax levy this year. Our treasurer has reported the projections for a levy to be about 4 years to 5 years in the future. The board watches very carefully what it spends and makes as many correct decisions about future expenses as possible.
Our district has reduced the number of students-to-teacher ratio already. None of our classes are over crowded or pose any problems with prohibiting our students learning capabilities. Our goal is to be prepared for one-to-one teaching. We have hired and are continuing to hire the needed and necessary counselors, social workers, mental-health therapists, tutors and resource officers to deal with non-academic issues. We also partner with outside resources such as South Community, to address any other student needs. The Montgomery County ESC also provides support for our district.