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What are the biggest challenges facing the city?

What, if anything, do you think city council should do to encourage downtown redevelopment? Are there any policies around downtown redevelopment that you would like to see in place?

Do you think holding events downtown is something the city should focus on? Are there enough/too many events held downtown? Any suggestions for future events to be held downtown?

What would you do to make Fairborn a more military-friendly community?

As Fairborn grows, what would you do as a city council member to encourage responsible development? Ex. As the Waterford Landing subdivision expands, some residents complain about water rushing through their backyards. What would do/like to see done to address those concerns?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience President, Fairborn Lions Club; Board of Trustees- American Veterans Heritage Center, Dayton VA Med Ctr; Board Member -- Operation Fairborn Cares; Graduate, Fairborn Leadership Academy; Member -- Fairborn Board of Zoning Appeals; Member -- Fairborn Sweetcorn Festival Committee; Past President – Fairborn Girls Softball Association; Member -- Fairborn 9-11 Monument Committee; Past Board of Directors - Fairborn Chamber of Commerce; President -- Gospel Service Advisory Council, WPAFB Prairies Chapel
Education BA Organizational Management, Ashford University; AA Security Administration, CC of the Air Force; AA Human Resource Management, CC of the Air Force;
Continue improving the economic position of the city and the overall quality of life for our residents. In light of this, as we grow, we must also have an understanding of the secondary and tertiary effects of growth. This sight picture will help us best meet the needs of our citizens, keep our community safe, and environmentally friendly.
Downtown redevelopment is important and should be a key interest item for the city council as part of a bigger strategic plan for Fairborn. The downtown redevelopment must be a collaborative effort of the city, chamber of commerce, business owners and citizens. I’m a firm believer in teaming. Great ideas and results come from working together. It will take planning, meeting, managing risk, and hard work. It will benefit us all to continue to make our downtown a wonderful place for our family, friends and those who are just passing through.
Many of our downtown Fairborn events are well received and I know from personal experience they take a lot of planning. Our city has to be involved in the planning because of the potential investment of resources such as fire, police, and parks to name a few. It’s equally important that other stakeholders like the chamber of commerce, business owners, and citizens who will be directly impacted by any event held downtown are involved in the planning and execution. Again, it is critical that we work together to have a successful event and all entities are focused on the event held downtown.
We are a community who fully supports our military. As a veteran myself, I have experienced first-hand the tremendous respect given to our active duty, reservist, and other veterans who live in or visit our city. Regular meetings with the base leadership, officers and enlisted members, and other base private organizations will ensure our lines of communication are open and we can meet their quality of life needs as they focus on our country’s military priorities.
Our city engineers and planners must do the necessary work to ensure any development proposal is properly analyzed and in compliance with state and federal guidelines to the letter before the first pole erected or shovel of dirt moved. It is incumbent upon the city council to understand everything about any future development and potential impacts to the environment or residents. Responsible development is understanding everything from land use to infrastructure to finances…my job as a city councilman requires this for the betterment of Fairborn.
As a proven leader and distinguished team member my commitment is to work for the betterment of Fairborn and represent the people of this great community.
Experience I have been Fairborn City Councilman for almost four years. Before retiring last year, I worked at WPAFB for over 35 years (first as an airman, then civil servant and finally as a contractor.)
Education I graduated from Rossville High School, Rossville Illinois, class of 1969. I then enlisted in the Air Force and received education through the Air Force for my career field which was mainly Aircraft Pneudraulics. Also received general education in my jobs as contractor in different career fields.
I find the biggest challenge is trying to bring new business to Fairborn to help build our economic base. I would, also, like to not only bring new housing to Fairborn, but also improve existing housing that is aging and in need of attention.
I think the program Fairborn is just beginning, to help improve the appearance of store fronts in downtown Fairborn will help make the downtown more appealing and, therefore, help bring people from other cities, as well as Fairborn residents, to visit our downtown.
In the past few years we have added many events to downtown Fairborn to help residents celebrate holidays, the USAF Marathon, and many other seasonal and musical events.
I think we need a closer relationship with WPAFB (base housing) so that in coming personnel as well as people living in Fairborn and surrounding communities are aware of Fairborn and all the things we have to offer.
I think all new developments should be held to code and all builders should be held accountable for all new buildings that they build in Fairborn. I believe if you are having a new expensive home built you should not have problems with builder issues after you take possession of your new home.
I am honest, friendly, have integrity and I am here to listen to any and all concerns any Fairborn Citizen may have. I have lived in Fairborn since 1972. I moved to Fairborn as a young GI and married the love of my life and plan to spend the rest of my life here. I would recommend Fairborn as an excellent place to put down roots and raise a family.
Experience 39 years experience in computer systems support Member of the Executive Council American Legion Fairborn Post 526 Fairborn Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
Education Associates degree in Computer Information Systems Support
1. Economic development 2. Quality jobs 3. Affordable housing and quality rentals with a “Good Landlord” program 4. Family recreation with youth activities and quality parks for recreation 5. Homeless 6. Providing citizens improved services with the best possible cost efficient strategy.
The city hired a consulting firm that developed a “Master Housing Assessment Strategy” that included the downtown area. The city's next step should be to search for investors. This will keep the plan moving forward. The city should strive to keep Fairborn’s small-town charm and still include amenities such as shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues.
We had a good variety this year starting with St Patrick’s Day and will continue until the Christmas tree lighting and parade. I am not sure I can name them all, that included cars, bands, movies, motorcycles and let’s not forget Halloween.

I think the city should focus on these events. It brings us together as a community and attracts visitors. Hopefully they will take note of all downtown has to offer and return to enjoy the dining and shopping.

I think we had a good number of events with a good variety of subjects. Participation is also a good way to evaluate how well the city is doing in terms of event types and frequency.

I don't have any suggestions but am willing to listen and encourage input. One suggestion I heard was to hold a country music concert.
I think we are pro-military, feel a part of the military and support the base. There are many retirees that reside here and are an active part of our community . We encourage the US Air Force Marathon to run the course through our downtown area where community members cheer the runners on. We could market ourselves better by informing them of all our available recreation and leisure activities. Since the question is asked, the city should consider doing an assessment of the views of the base residents. Such an assessment could provide opportunities for a strong relationship with Wright-Patt. There are a number of community groups that would love to have base input, such as the Parks Board.
Developers should be properly vetted, and their past work should be reviewed for quality and satisfaction. Engineering standards should be created to provide the best protections and environmental standards for the community. Guidelines should be in place for developers to use quality builders that provide warranties to cover design flaws, damaged materials and poor workmanship. Homeowner’s associations should work for the residents by mediating concerns and grievances.
My resume may not resemble one is typically thought of as a candidate for public office. That is because I believe that pot holes, water, sewage, and other public works issues are neither Democrat or Republican. I am just a working class citizen that is dedicated to making Fairborn a wonderful place to live. I served in the US Air Force for 6 years and was Honorably Discharged as a Staff Sergeant. I have been a Fairborn resident since 1990 and am always looking for ways to serve my community. I am active in my church and have served on the church board. I enjoy serving the youth of our community in the Boy Scouts of America. I have served at both the troop and district levels with leadership positions. Currently I am the District Chair for Chillicothe District serving Greene County with over 1300 scouts. I am currently serving on the Fairborn Parks and Recreation Advisory board for the 5th year. I participated in the Fairborn Leadership Academy and the city 5 year budget review
Experience US Air Force, 26 years, Retired Senior Master Sergeant. 2019 Vice Chair Fairborn Planning Board 2018 Member Fairborn Planning Board 2018 Citizen Police Academy Graduate 2017 Fairborn Leadership Institute graduate 2013-2017 Fairborn Neighborhood Betterment Committee
Education Associates of Applied Science in Pharmaceutical Technology Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management Professional Manager Certificate Community College Air Force Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Facilitator Department of Veteran Affairs Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician from Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
Challenges are also opportunities awaiting action. One challenge council must begin to work on is the relationship between the City and Wright State University, which is located within the City of Fairborn. In 2016 a survey over 600+ students revealed the vast majority didn’t even know the University was actually in Fairborn. Another challenge continues to be our downtown. Availability of store fronts, downtown living, and activities.
Absolutely. Design standards. As part of the Broad Street project, the Development Services Division established guidelines for new construction along this corridor to enhance the look and appeal to attract new business. These standards can be seen with the newly opened Burger King and Tudor’s Biscuit World. Council needs to work with Development Services folks to bring those same type of design standards to Downtown. Council need not forget though the rich history of our Downtown and current businesses calling our City home. We should make programs available to assist current business who would need to bring their store fronts up to a higher level of design standards. The idea is to make the storefronts appealing to the customers without breaking the bank for these small business owners.
A unique opportunity exists within Fairborn in that we have a true downtown Main street with a City Center and this is something we must celebrate. The City has done a great job with holding events in our Downtown. Such as July 4 block party and parade, Bluegrass & Brew, Flyzone supporting the Air Force Marathon, Hometown Holiday Festival and Parade, and Halloween Festival just to name a few. There is a good balance of events held throughout the year, however, there is always room for more! New in 2019 we successfully hosted St PatRocks Day Party and Freedom Festival. Something new we should consider possible Octoberfest.
We have plenty of boards filled with volunteers representing various aspects within our community such as Parks & Recs, Mayors Beautifications, Police Advisory, etc. Fairborn does not have a military friendly committee such as a Veteran/Military Affairs. Creation of such as committee will benefit our City in assisting to strengthen relationships with our neighbor Wright-Patt Air Force Base.
Excellent question and I’m not convinced there is any one right answer. Council members primary responsibility is to serve as the City legislative body which specifically sets policy, enacts ordinances and resolutions and upholds the City’s Charter and Codified Ordinances. Council members therefore must ensure the policies and charter and codified ordinances are set to ensure responsible development. One example is the changes made to these policies setting specific requirements when building new construction on Broad Street. Another example is the update to Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code Updates, and Codified Ordinance updates. When concerns such as those with Waterford Landing are brought forward, Council must work very closely with the City Manager to ensure his staff are taking adequate steps to address these issues.
I was born and raised in Fairborn Ohio. I left at 19 years of age to serve in the U.S. Air Force for 26 years. Upon retirement, I returned to settle in my hometown of Fairborn, Ohio. I'm a proud father of 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I am committed to devoting time and attention to the City of Fairborn, continuing the momentum of A City in Motion. It would be an absolute honor if the citizens of Fairborn would give me their vote of confidence and elect me to serve what I consider the best City in the great state of Ohio.
Experience Tana spent the first twenty years of her career working in engineering and management roles for manufacturing and logistics companies. Through these roles, she gained experience in project management, team leadership, process design/measurement, and data-driven decision-making. Having initiated the requirements for many automated systems, she was drawn to the field of software development. She took night/online courses, and now develops automotive part quality and traceability software systems.
Education Tana holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University and a degree in Software Development from Sinclair Community College.
One of the biggest challenges facing the city is that there are areas with either no storm water sewers or with storm sewers that are under capacity. Both situations result in flooding and the safety issues and property damage that flooding can cause. While many people agree that something must be done, the problem is finding a way to fund a storm water utility that seems fair to residents and businesses. I would like to help facilitate community conversations where we evaluate specific, measurable goals and funding options and build consensus for the best option to meet our goals. From conversations with residents and responses to the survey on my website, I know that many are concerned about how we prioritize street maintenance -- many people are in favor of keeping our busiest streets in better shape than we do now, even if it means taking longer to get to residential streets. Attracting diverse types of businesses to fill our empty buildings is another very important issue.
I would like Fairborn to have a reputation for being a city who develops excellent relationships with new and existing businesses. I know from personal experience in vendor selection that when all other things are equal, I select the vendor who is easiest and most helpful to work with. I am impressed by the city's new initiative to provide architectural design advice to downtown businesses that may both attract new customers to existing stores and make downtown more attractive to potential new businesses. If we want to attract young people to live, work, and play in our downtown, then we should also evaluate things like electric vehicle charging stations, energy efficient design, roof-mounted solar panels, and solar water heating. We should definitely strive to reinvigorate our downtown, but we should also remember that we have many other small business contributing to our local economy that don't happen to be on Main Street, and we must not neglect them.
Our downtown events are a great way to connect future customers with our downtown businesses and to build a sense of community for residents. Before adding any more loud evening events, I would definitely want to hear from people who live nearby. Here are some ideas for additional events: 1) A Celebration of Fairborn's Diversity -- possibly combined with "The Longest Table" event featuring food from our diverse restaurants. 2) A Kids and Dogs dog show where we fence in an area on Main Street, and kids lead their dogs through the course for prizes while the rest of us watch, cheer, eat, and drink. 3.) A young woman posted this idea in the Fairborn Communicates group on Facebook and I love it -- a Zombie 5K! We could also develop smaller events that don't require the cost of shutting down Main Street, but still create a festive atmosphere for our residents and visitors when they are downtown.
This is not a topic that I have received much feedback on during my campaign or during the 20 years that I’ve lived in Fairborn, so I would want to hear from many more military families before promoting any initiatives specific to them. But one of my initiatives that applies to some military families is improving the situation for renters. I would like to see Fairborn create a voluntary registry of rental properties that meet certain desirable criteria including energy efficiency and maintenance targets that can be used by potential renters when choosing where to live. The goal would be to reward the most responsible rental property owners, while creating a business incentive for the less responsible property owners to improve.
I had the opportunity to participate in this year's capital budget review process and ask many questions related to this important issue of protecting people's property when making decisions about new development. I followed up to learn more by meeting with our Public Works Director to discuss the known flooding issues and to get a digital copy of the most recent needs assessment document. I have talked to residents who live along Hebble Creek who confirmed that the flooding in their back yard has gotten worse over time, and they attribute it to development. I have talked to people who live near the biodigester and have valid concerns that the smell from it decreases their property values and quality of life. To help the city make optimal decisions for responsible development, I plan to find an independent expert to mentor me in understanding the current regulations/best practices and how we are/are not meeting them. We must also plan for more extreme weather as we make decisions.
I would like to see Fairborn transition to renewable energy for our city's electricity consumption. I have researched how this can be done in ways that do not increase taxes or utility costs. I would also like to see future construction of municipal buildings utilize energy efficiency and passive building designs that greatly reduce the cost of energy required for heating and cooling over the life of a building.

Finally, I would like voters to know that if I am elected, they can expect these things from me: respect, honesty, accessibility, my sincere interest in their ideas and concerns, follow-through, an open mind, and a smile.