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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

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Mad River Trustee

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    Kathy Estep

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    Todd Pettit

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Why did you decide to run for Trustee?

Fire and EMS Department personnel issues have been in the news. What are your thoughts on the department now and do you trust fire leadership?

Enon Sand and Gravel and its desire to mine is another major issue facing the township.

What other priorities would you focus on as a trustee?

Experience Township Trustee since January 2000; Former member of Enon Village Council; Retired American Government & Social Studies Teacher, Greenon High School; Charter member of Keep Clark County Beautiful; Vice Chairperson Clark County Transportation Coordinating Committee; Former Adjunct Instructor Wittenberg University
Education B.S. from Wright State University; M.S. from University of Dayton; Graduate of Ohio Township Association Leadership Academy
I am running for Trustee because I am committed to preserving the safe and family friendly small town atmosphere that we enjoy in Mad River Township. Since my retirement from teaching at Greenon, I have devoted myself to township issues full time. Like every community, we face ever changing challenges. I remain deeply committed to and enthusiastic about working to meet those challenges in our township. I am grateful for the support I have received and I would be honored to continue serving the residents of Mad River Township.
I have the utmost confidence in our Enon Fire and EMS Department as well as the Hustead Department. Our current Chiefs, Officers and other Members are providing excellent service to our community. Our part-time and volunteer departments are fully staffed with enthusiastic and very highly qualified individuals. The Enon Department alone takes more calls than many full-time departments. We give 24/7 coverage to our community with outstanding response times. One program that is special to me is the Safe and Sound Program that we have recently expanded to include the Hustead area. This program includes our dispatchers providing a daily check-in with elderly and disabled residents with the goal of keeping them safe in their homes. I am extremely proud of our Fire and EMS Departments and the work they do protecting and serving our township.
I am strongly opposed to the limestone quarry. Our quality of life, along with property values, water supply, ecology and township roads are all threatened by the proposed limestone quarry which is adjacent to residential areas of our township. If Jurgensen Aggregates (the parent company of Enon Sand and Gravel) is allowed to do so, they will transform approximately four hundred acres of beautiful farmland into a quarry with blasting, deeper mining, dewatering of the aquifer, loss of wildlife habitat, potential destruction of two existing fens, heavy truck traffic and discharge of large quantities of water into Mud Run Creek. We already have flooding issues with Mud Run Creek during heavy rains. Discharge from the quarry will increase those problems. I have been and will continue to actively work with the Citizens Against Mining to stop the expansion of the existing small gravel pit into a large limestone quarry.
I have several additional priorities. Among those are farmland preservation, which I support through my involvement with the Tecumseh Land Trust and BW Greenway. Also, I believe community policing by an officer who knows our area is important. We will continue to contract for a full-time deputy to patrol our township and do neighborhood policing. I will work to maintain and improve our township roads as costs increase while state funding decreases. Additional truck traffic the quarry may bring will cause the roads to need even more maintenance. I have been successful in obtaining over two million dollars in grant money that has helped us stretch our local dollars and will continue to search and apply for all grants possible, including current opportunities to help limit flooding problems in Green Meadows and West Enon. I will continue to support local businesses, preserve and improve the infrastructure needed for businesses and residents while keeping the tax burden as low as possible.
Experience Project Management, Heavy Equipment Operation, Construction Management,
Education Some College Graduate of Greenon High School
I am passionate about my hometown and want to serve the citizens by offering my expertise and experience. I have been interested in politics and government processes since junior high. I have been less than satisfied with the performance of the current trustees and believe it is time for a change. The combination of my knowledge of the community, work experience and passion to see our township thrive makes me qualified to run for trustee and hopefully be elected.
I do not believe that the handling of the recent Fire and EMS Department issues have been addressed appropriately by current trustees. In my opinion, because of the mass, abrupt exit of tenured and qualified personnel our citizens have not had time to build the trust and confidence in the department that once existed. Thousands of township tax dollars were spent on investigating the most recent issue. It came to light in a public meeting that not all of the trustees actually read the final report. Fire and EMS Department leadership begins with the trustees. If elected, a top priority of mine will be to work with the current EMS and Fire Department to regain the trust and confidence needed.
All though we are ultimately at the mercy of the State of Ohio and Clark County in relation to this issue, as a concerned citizen of Mad River township, I firmly believe that the desired mining location will have a negative impact on the roads, property values, streams and tributaries. While I am not opposed to mining in general, the risk to our community at the proposed location far out weighs the benefits. I have been asked and accepted an invitation to serve as a fact witness at the Reclamation Commission hearing. If elected, I will continue to support the needs of all of our township citizens and I do not support Enon Sand and Gravel with this part of their mining plans.
Maintenance on roads and our storm drains would be something that would need addressed quickly. The flooding issues in our township have effected the homes and property of many of our citizens. I would also focus on using our tax payer dollars wisely and stop wasteful spending. Something I often think about as these new businesses move in to out township is the importance of keeping and maintaining green spaces for our citizens to enjoy with their family and friends. My dream is to further the appeal of our community to new businesses and residents, all the while maintaining the feel of a small, close knit community.