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Springfield Twp. Fiscal Officer

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  • Barbara Fletcher

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    Mark Smith

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What steps can you take to stretch tax dollars to ensure the most efficient spending for services?

What are the biggest challenges facing the township and how would you deal with them?

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Experience 35+ years in Banking and Investments 4 years as Office Manager for a Manufacturing Company 4 years as part time Office Manager for Springfield Township
Education Associate Degree -Sinclair Community College. Numerous classes and training on Management, Lending, Investments, and Audit procedures
To adhere to the budgets provided by Department Managers, and approved by the Trustees, for their expenses and purchases. Provide the Department Managers and the Trustees with timely and regular reports on the Township's income and expenses in the public forum. Review all previous audits to verify all recommendations from the State Auditor are being followed.
Townships are experiencing reduced income from the State and Local entities, so it is essential that Fiscal Officer maintain communication with the Department Heads and the Trustees. Procedures and expenditures must continually be updated, reviewed, and approved to stay within budget parameters with information provided by the Fiscal Officer.
Many years of Banking experience to include, but not limited to, lending,branch operations,employee management, investments, performing and receiving audits. Knowledge of Springfield Township Administration.
Lived in Springfield Township for 16 years. Married to David Noble, a retired U.S. Air Force Medical Supervisor. Enjoys the benefits and satisfaction of working with a German Shepard Rescue. Has a wonderful extended family that provides enjoyment and many fond memories
Experience Former business owner and operator with early education and training in accounting.
Education Associates Degree in accounting from Clark State Community College and attended WSU for Accounting and Business.
As a former business owner of a medical service company with 30 years experience in business development and operations, I will rely on my personal experiences that I feel made us a successful organization. I believe that my early education and training in accounting afforded me the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial spirit that required me to develop the most effective and efficient business practices to not only compete in the business community but to thrive as well. As we enjoyed the growth opportunities in our business and the services industry, we learned early on the importance of operating effectively and profitably through spending efficiencies. As a nearly, lifelong resident and taxpayer of the Springfield Township, I will proudly accept the responsibility to be a steward of your and my tax dollars!
There are numerous challenges facing our township that are currently being developed by our township trustees and their department leaders in providing the best in Fire, EMS and Road services to our residents. My objective is to bridge all these departments with the necessary financial information to include budget planning and reporting that is needed for our leadership to make worthwhile long lasting decisions in order to insure we make the most of the services we provide with the financial resources we receive.
I feel that my early education and training in accounting along with my 30 years of business ownership is a worthwhile qualification that establishes my ability to learn and develop skills necessary to be a qualified Fiscal Officer and fulfill those duties and responsibilities as required by the State of Ohio and my constituents.
That I have been a taxpaying resident of the Springfield Township most all of my adult life and that my wife and I have raised four children who have grown up here and attended the Clark-Shawnee school district. After having sold a successful service business with my business partner back in 2013, I was in search of another opportunity of which I could use some of my past years' experience in business when I learned that Mike Hively, who was the current Fiscal Officer of the township had passed away in April of this year. Given the circumstances, I was afforded the opportunity to apply and interview for the open position with the township trustees in May, whereby I was appointed the position of Fiscal Officer. As a result of accepting this opportunity, I am aware my appointment is only temporary in fulfilling the remaining Fiscal Officer's term requiring that I must run for election in order to keep my position.