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Beavercreek Mayor

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    Bob Stone

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In what ways did the Memorial Day tornado change the city of Beavercreek, for better or worse? What will you do to help recovery?

The tornado has exposed the negatives of a city being funded by property taxes. Would you support switching the city’s source of revenue to an income tax in the future?

An income tax would have to be supported by the voters. Do you think voters would support such a proposal?

What will be your priorities in spending over the next two years for maintaining streets and other capital projects when you wait for FEMA reimbursement?

Are you worried that having a medical marijuana dispensary will cause problems in the city?

What do you think the two biggest issues are facing the city and how would you deal with them?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience 7 yrs planning commission, 4 yrs Twp. Trustee, 4 yrs Councilman, 4 yrs Vice Mayor, and currently 4 yrs as Mayor. I grew up in Beavercreek so I have seen it grow from farm land to the exciting community it is today. I owned and operated a local business for 40 years and served on numerous boards and commissions to support various agencies serving our community.
Education Beavercreek High School class of 1967. Attended Wright State 67 & 68. US Army 1969 - 1972 with a variety of training schools. Served in Vietnam 69-71 with the USASA. Became Certified as a health/housing inspector while employed by the Montgomery Co. Health Dist.
As we all know Beavercreek was just one of many communities affected. The tornado did physical and emotional damage to those in it's path. In Beavercreek,the physical damage repair is well under way with most infrastructure damage being repaired and many homes and businesses already repaired or in the process of being re-built. Others will take longer as the owners struggle with insurance claims. The aftermath of the tornado has shown us all that Beavercreek is a vibrant and caring city that will always reach out to help each other. I have always been proud of our city, but I am now so very proud of our people. The first weeks after the tornado is where I was able to most help with the recovery. As Mayor, I was called upon to help organize and coordinate services to the affected areas and the residents. From here on, we must be actively involved with the Regional Planning relief efforts and our own Emergency Management Agency so we are prepared to address the long term recovery.
The tornado exposed the negatives being without and income tax but on the other hand the recession of 08 showed the value of a steady property tax revenue. There is no magic formula. Property tax is for specific use only while an income tax is more flexible, so in the case of the tornado, recovery funds had to be taken from the road department and general fund. Any surplus funds in other divisions of the city could not be used. It is increasing evident that many who work in Beavercreek and live elsewhere are benefiting form but not paying for our city services, so we are losing out on a revenue source. Ultimately, I will support and operate with whatever funding source the residents desire.
The voters have resoundingly said no several times over the last 30 years. It may be time to ask the voters opinion again. Voters will have to see a clear benefit by means of increased services that they may desire and the benefit of receiving taxes from employees not residing in the city.
We have been hit hard in the road department and general fund as the clean up efforts are in the range of three million dollars, most coming from the road department. We have a five year capital spending plan that will be impacted but not heavily. The new State gas tax revenue will offset a large portion of road department cuts, and we were sitting well with a designed 20% carry over that we are able to reach in to. There will be some projects placed on hold or reduced, but our vision of new projects that could be done with the added gas tax revenue will just have to wait a year or two.
I believe it was a mistake to have allowed the dispensary to locate in Beavercreek and I was certainly a part of the decision that I regret and have corrected so it can not happen again. That said, I do not feel a dispensary will cause any noticeable problems any greater than many other types of business. I regret letting it happen because of our proximity and dependency on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. With so many working on or for the Base, we should abide by the Federal position on the issue of marijuana.
Infrastructure and all that contains remains to be # 1,2,3,---. As a very rural community 40 years ago where roads and plats were constructed without and curbs and sidewalks, where roadways and plats were developed without any storm water drainage systems, where roadways were designed 50 plus years ago, they can not handle today's traffic. With current funding sources we deal with these issues in small bites. Wherever roadway improvements are underway, we add the necessary drainage, curbs and sidewalks but we are unable to address these issues on a large scale without additional funding. We will continue to make upgrades wherever possible on a project to project basis.
Beavercreek has been my home for 66 years, having located here at age four. I left to serve in the Army for 3 years where I saw many areas of our country but returned home to Beavercreek. My wife Margaret and I have been married for 46 years and have one son named Christopher. We have a very talented and knowledgeable staff that gets the hard work done while taking direction form Council on desired long term goals. As Mayor, I try to inform and encourage all of council to join me at functions outside of City Hall. We all work well together and I intend to continue my community outreach and welcome other council members to join me. We will have at least three brand new council members next year and I look forward to helping them along their journey in local government. Thanks for allowing me the honor to serve as your Mayor and I ask for your support for another term as our wonderful city moves forward. Thank You
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