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In what ways is the district benefiting under the new leadership? In what ways can the district benefit more under the new leadership?

What are the 3 biggest challenges facing the school district? How would you deal with them?

What makes you qualified to be on the school board and gives you an advantage over other candidates?

Are there any areas where you believe the school district currently underspends, or overspends?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience I am finishing up a one year term for which I was appointed in January 2019 after my father’s passing in December 2018. I have 24 years of teaching experience. I am a Master Teacher, I have a Reading Endorsement, I am a Resa Mentor and I am a Literacy Coach for my building. I am on my building’s BLT (Building Leadership Team) and I have had an inclusion classroom for over 15 years in which I have had the pleasure of teaching students with varying disabilities.
Education I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education Grades 1-8 with a Concentration in English. I also have a Reading Endorsement.
Dr. Lofton has made many significant improvements in the school district during his tenure with the Xenia Community Schools. One of the biggest things he has done is The Visioning Committee. The Visioning Committee is a group of community members, business owners and staff members that have put together a plan for new secondary buildings. Our secondary buildings are outdated and are not conducive for the learning of today’s educational demands. With Dr. Lofton’s guidance, the committee has narrowed down the options and will come to a final decision to take to the voters in the near future. In addition to the Visioning Committee Dr. Lofton has also made changes within the district that have helped make improvements on the district’s report card. The report card that was just released was the best report card the district has received yet. With Dr. Lofton's continued dedication to the district, things will continue to improve in the Xenia Community Schools.
The board needs to ensure the district continues to improve on their state report card by guaranteeing the classrooms/teachers are equipped with the things necessary to improve and are supported in getting the job done. The expectations and demands by the state are a constantly moving target. Secondly, the board needs to continue to be fiscally responsible and make sound financial decisions that support the work that goes on in the classrooms. Decisions need to be made with the district’s financial future in mind. Money needs to be allocated in ways that directly impact kids and the learning that takes place within the classroom. Lastly, the condition of our secondary buildings is a big concern. They are outdated and are not conducive to today's learning. They are not equipped with the needed technology for today's learning, there is no air conditioning in our middle school which makes learning extremely uncomfortable and the physical structures of both buildings are poor.
I have 24 years of teaching experience in a district very much like Xenia. These 24 years of experience have afforded me experiences that may be unique to the experiences of others seeking a position on the school board. My experiences parallel the important decisions that a school board member is required to make. I have passed levies and I have failed levies. I have closed buildings during my teaching career and am looking forward to opening a new building next June. I have worked on levy committees, passed out levy literature, made levy phone calls, adopted curriculum, written curriculum, served on IAT, BLT, taught inclusion, mentored new teachers, coached new teachers and so much more. My experiences couldn’t have prepared me any better for making educational decisions for the children of the Xenia Community School District.
Since Dr. Lofton was hired as the Xenia superintendent, the spending practices in the school district have improved. There have been questionable spending practices in the past but in my opinion, the spending within the district is much better. Dr. Lofton has worked hard to put into place accountable financial practices that have kept the district in good financial standing.
I have a strong and lengthy family history in education starting with my grandfather who was an assistant in the carpentry class at the Greene County Career Center for longer than I can remember. My father followed in his footsteps and retired from teaching after over 45 years teaching in the Fairborn City Schools. During his teaching career he was member of the Xenia Community Schools' Board of Education for 25 years, winning numerous awards through OSBA. He was also on the Greene County Career Center Board of Education. I am proud to be able to continue my family's legacy in education.
Experience Current Xenia Board Member, current Greene County Career Center Board Member, and current Xenia Community Schools Foundation Board Member.
Education 2019 - Doctor of Education from Capella University. 2012 - Master of Science in Education from the University of Dayton. 2008 - Bachelor of Science in Health Professions from Kettering College of Medical Arts. 2004 - Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology from Sinclair Community College.
While we do have a newer superintendent, he did not replace a superintendent that had been in our district for "decades". However, the district has benefited under his new leadership. Our communication within the district has been improved through the overhaul of our website and the hiring of a communications coordinator. A visioning committee was created by Dr. Lofton in an effort to assess the needs and wants of our community with respect to our facilities. The systematic and intentional inclusion of the committee members will lead to a stronger plan that can hopefully be supported by the larger community as a whole. The district will continue to benefit through the experience, enthusiasm and practicality exhibited by our superintendent.
1. Improving our academic performance. While Xenia Schools has made progress, there is room for improvement. We struggle to provide the best education to all students while working within our current financial means. We have excellent teachers in our district who are doing great work towards moving the needle of success.

2. Providing warm, safe and dry learning environments. Maintaining a cooperative relationship among parents, teachers and community members is the key to this issue. When those relationships are supportive, we can make decisions which will be conducive to maintaining and upgrading our learning environments in a cost effective way.

3. Attracting and retaining qualified teachers and staff. In the era of decreased state and federal funding and increasing expenses, we have to still make sure we are taking care of those who educate our children. Providing professional development opportunities and remaining competitive has to continue to be a priority.
I am passionate about education and work in as an educator at the largest community college in Ohio. I am keenly aware of the importance of student success in the K-12 system and how it directly affects their success in post-secondary education. My experience as an educator, health care provider, parent ,and longtime Xenia resident provides me with a wide knowledge base that is appropriate for a position on the board. I have a firm understanding of the city and the demographics that make up our district. My advantage is that I have the most experience on the school board. I have been on the board for four years and during this time I have learned a great deal about the roles and responsibilities that come with that position.
I do not believe that our school district overspends or underspends. We have had clean audits and our district works very hard to keep expenses in check with the current revenue streams. Decreased state funding continues to have a negative effect on our revenue which unfortunately does require increased funding from the taxpayers. We are conscious of the taxpayer burden and avoid additional levies unless absolutely necessary. However, if we had additional funding available, I would like to see our music programs boosted and increased programming (class options) for our students in middle school and high school.
My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and we have two successful adult children. All of us are graduates of Xenia. I am proud to be from Xenia and feel I can continued to do some great things for the children in our district.
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