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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

What can you do if elected to help grow the local economy and add jobs? What ideas do you have for attracting new jobs and investment?

What would you do if elected to make life better for residents?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience For the passed two decades I have owned various different business and managed many employees. 1996 I opened and owned my first Restaurant & Bar and currently I am a real estate developer and President of a Multi Million dollar company based in Sharonville Ohio. Ramada Plaza Cincinnati, a 230 Room hotel with 25 K sq ft of banquet space 2016 to present as AGM & Director Of Operations. Elements Event Center - CEO 2008 to 2016 - Performed all aspects of a small business management.
Education Hughes High School, Graduated in 1992. University of Cincinnati 1993 -94
Community problems vary in scope, and collateral impact must be considered when solving them. Mason is facing two major challenges at this time: tremendous growth and battling the addiction crisis.

The first is growth. New businesses, families, and investments are flowing into our community, and we need leadership that can adapt and grow to make sure that we optimize expansion and help facilitate intelligent growth in all levels of our community: public services, education, infrastructure, and community engagement.

The second challenge is illicit drug use, particularly opiates/opioids like heroin and fentanyl. There is no quick and easy solution, but we need to empower our police and fire departments to do their jobs. We should bolster this with effective treatment options and sober housing. I would also implement a recovery-to-employment program to support our businesses and help folks who are in stable recovery reacclimate in our community.
In addition to my contributions to the Mason Parks Advisory Board Member and Arts Association Board of Trustees, I have been a small business owner for over 25 years. I am a strong decision maker and I know what it is like to have to make payroll. I also know how to recruit, interview, hire, and train outstanding team members.

I have a unique ability to see dilapidated real estate or failing businesses and build a vision for redemption and success. I am willing to take calculated risks when I have a plan to create a large payoff to create positive economic impact. I have a history of rolling up my own sleeves and getting to work ever since I moved to our region from India 30 years ago. My life experience and business acumen are strong indicators of my passion for economic growth and proven track record of good decision making.
The best person to grow an economic ecosystem is one who has hired employees, structured multi-partner business deals, understands real estate valuations, and one who knows how to evaluate risk and payoff. I will apply the same principles I’ve learned over the past 25+ years of successful entrepreneurship to help our community attract even more growth and expansion.

We are seeing great growth and investment along the I-71 corridor, and I intend to continue to support and encourage the new businesses and jobs related thereto. My specific idea, and where I can bring a tremendous amount of value, is to revitalize some of the dilapidated commercial real estate along 42, 741, and other thoroughfares. I believe Mason is in a strong position to incentivize business owners and property investors to come to our community, and I have many ideas we have seen successfully leveraged in nearby communities (particularly West Chester and Sharonville) that we can mirror.
I believe that the best thing government can do for residents is to remove barriers to enjoying life. Local government functions best when tax rates are optimized, public services are efficient, education is effective, and infrastructure is in working order. I will do my best to make sure that local government supports the wonderful families and neighbors that comprise our community.
I want people to know my story because I think it would help them understand my passions. I was born in India and moved to Cincinnati in 1988 at the age of 14. This is truly the land of opportunity, so with only a few dollars in my pocket I began to pursue the American dream. Three decades later, I have started, bought, and sold businesses. I have built partnerships, hired employees, and hustled to make payroll. I understand the value of hard work. Further, I am intimately familiar with how regulations, taxation, incentives, and the local economic environment impact business owners and growth. This understanding is absolutely imperative for our local leadership.

I love this community. My wife and I chose to raise our family here in Mason. We chose this community for many reasons. It is a wonderful place to start a business, raise a family, build a life, and find friends. We love our neighbors here, and I cannot wait to serve all of you as a member of the Mason City Council.
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Experience Former council member City of Mason 2003-2011 and City of Springdale 1981-1989, 1991-1995. Former chair person for committee finance, safety, and many others.
Education Master of Education 1976 University o Cincinnati, Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice 1973 University of Cincinnati, Associate Degree Police Science 1971 University of Cincinnati.
As Mason continues to grow the city has been able to recruit many top flight companies. This has allowed sufficient resources to maintain current and new programs. As time goes on more and more resources will have to be allocated to infrastructure repairs. In order to maintain the good quality of life expenses or programs that do not provide funding sources will need to be analyzed before committing public funds. Being a good steward of the public money is most important! Part of being a good steward of the tax payers money is an open government and public input. Do not rush projects which involve large amounts of money.
My prior elected time allows me to understand many issues than those who have no elected municipal experience. Of the 5 candidates running for office only one has prior experience. I have always based my actions on what is good for all of Mason and not just a select few.
Council needs to work with all parties as to the impact of large future development. If a tax abatement is to be considered how will the schools be affected? Can the schools be made whole as they are most impacted by tax abatements. TIF and other issues of bonds need to be thoroughly reviewed. The playing field needs to be level for all. The Mason economic department should bring options to council to consider.
Continue the high level of service and where possible provide additional services within current revenue such as garbage collection. This is a benefit many municipal provide, why not Mason?
I have no interest in any property or business in Mason. The only property I own is my residence! There will be no channel 9 I-Team report of conflict of interest involving my actions as reported last year which involved the purchase and then voiding the purchase of property. Elected officials should not stonewall when asked a question.
Experience CEO Perry Street Real Estate, LLC 2014-2019: Lead Agent for Design, Development and Sale of Residential Properties; Mason City Council 2015-2019; Sycamore Community Schools 1995-2000: 5th Grade Teacher, Drama Club Director at E.H. Greene School; Kings Island 1988-1995: Live Shows Performer, Stage Manager; Kings Productions Department of Defense Tour 1990-1991 and Touring Shows (Early 1990s); Independent Contractor for Various Production Companies 1988-Present; Mom 1998-Present :)
Education Bachelor of Education, Northern Kentucky University
Preparing for the future with fiscal accountability: Mason has a robust economy, healthy finances and more projected growth. (1) Positioning Mason to meet the needs of our vibrant, growing community while maintaining our Aaa bond rating will always be our biggest challenge. (2) We consistently set aside funds for ongoing and future projects, equipment costs and service expenses. Preparing for rainy days and the inevitable downturns in the business cycle helps maintain cash positions needed to take advantage of market savings when prices are low and to cover costs when budgets are lean. (3) Council must be circumspect about entering projects that do not produce revenue for the city or that do not have a legitimate, clear public purpose. Council has a great deal of power over public policy and funds. We must be vigilant to exercise that power with care. Fidelity to open government provides oversight and public engagement to help ensure council will act in the public interest.
(1) I am committed to conservative guiding principles. I pledged to bring more government openness, public engagement, collegiality and professionalism to address all matters facing Mason Council. My public record demonstrates that I have kept my promises. (2) I facilitated collaboration on many difficult issues with my colleagues and community members, generating thoughtful dialogue and careful analysis on matters addressed by council. (3) I began the process of creating a more modern style of government openness and community engagement. (4) I have fulfilled my promises to invest in our green spaces, maintain and enhance our parks, promote connectedness with our bike path system and support well-designed infrastructure. (5) I also promised to look after our safety needs. I have done all of the above and will continue to work in the same way, but now with the added experience and wisdom gained during my first term serving on Mason City Council.
Support & maintain our conservative, capitalist ecosystem to make Mason compete and continue our success: (1) Mason has the highest Aaa Bond Rating, with annual growth over the past two years averaging 13%. Earnings tax revenue rose from $29.4M in 2015 to $37.5M in 2018, primarily due to new and expanding businesses bringing hundreds of new jobs to Mason. (2) Use of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVES with a PUBLIC purpose attracts diverse, high paying, stable job growth. Mason’s returns on investments in our businesses far outweigh the expense of attracting and retaining them. (3) Preparation for growth with excellent infrastructure promotes business location, growth and retention. (4) Excellent schools, services and amenities also attract great businesses and families to Mason. (5) LOW TAXATION, controlled spending, aggressive debt reduction and saving for future market downturns maintains our Aaa Rating.
PRESERVE, GROW AND ADVANCE MASON: I want to: (1) preserve our shared values; (2) maintain and expand our community services; (3) provide our city departments with the resources and guidance needed to provide the public with the best service possible; (4) grow our economy with strong, diverse companies and good jobs; (4) keep our taxes low; (5) improve and expand our parks and green spaces; (6) enhance our government by making it more transparent and accessible to the public with better reporting, more disclosures and judicious use of non-public executive sessions only when absolutely necessary; (7) promote professionalism on council where we are all treated as equals and with respect; and (8) improve council service with training on ethics, disclosure law, rules of decorum, and best government practices so that council can be more effective and collaborate with city staff and the public to more effectively advance Mason.
(1)I am a social & economic conservative Republican. (2)The well-being of my six children and all Mason families is paramount. My work on Council reflects my focus on public safety, conservative economics, planning for the future and making Mason the best place to work, play and raise a family. I have lived in Mason and Deerfield for 24 years. Mason and Deerfield should work together and collaborate whenever possible. (3) I lead the effort to enhance government openness, public engagement and oversight in Mason. Good government decisions and community engagement are rooted in openness and transparency. Fidelity to openness is the best way to engage the public and to build civility, trust and strong leadership that will preserve, grow and advance Mason. (4) Please support me with your vote and select the candidates who support increasing open government practices with me. (5) To learn more about my work, please visit
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Experience AdvicePeriod - Partner - 2017-Present LifePlan Financial Group - 2009-2017 Count Properties, LLC - Owner - 2006-Present Ohio Army National Guard - 2000-2009 Zoning Board of Appeals (Mason) - 2015-2017 Planning Commission (Mason) - 2017 - Present Young Professionals at Austin Landing(501(c)3) - Founder/President - 2012-2014 School Volunteer - Multiple years, Volunteer basketball coach (7years)
Education Bachelors of Science in Business Administration – Major: Financial Services - Wright State University Multiple advanced industry designations - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Designation and Certified Investment Management Analyst® Certification
Economic Development - Continued economic development in a sustainable way that benefits the families in Mason, the businesses, and the city. This can't be done by businesses alone nor government alone. It must be a collaborative process. It must also include neighboring townships with a regional collective vision. Downtown Mason - There have been positive improvements downtown but there is still a lot that needs to be done. We must make downtown an attractive area with incentives for small businesses to want to be there. This is done with a three-pronged approach - 1. Beautification projects 2. Small business incentives(i.e., reduction of government involvement) 3. Programming. Doing just one will't be enough and it must be done collaboratively with local businesses. Traffic - This seems to be a continual problem especially for the downtown area and it must be fixed. We have to look at all possible solutions. Nothing is off the table because we have to make progress here.
First and foremost, my military experience. I am the only veteran running. I have a history of service to my community. I served in the military for 9 years, started a non-profit to bring young professionals together and give back to the community. I volunteer at the schools and coach youth sports. I'm a husband, father, business owner, entrepreneur, and financial professional. I started my first business in college investing in real estate. I was awarded the 2013 Top 40 under 4o in Dayton. I have worked in the finance industry for over a decade. Most recently I partnered with a cutting edge financial planning firm to open an office right there in Mason.
(In no particular order)1. Promote Regional Collaboration 2. Make improvements to downtown Mason 3. lnfrastructure(Roads/traffic) improvements The city should take a primary role in economic development from a regional perspective. As a regional leader we should be at the forefront and paving the way for other communities. It is our job to bring these other communities together and lead the discussion on economic development. Second to taking care of the families living in Mason, the city's top priority must be economic development. Over 85% of tax revenue comes from local businesses. We must not lose sight of that and continue to make Mason an attractive place to do business.
Improving infrastructure and traffic taking a three-pronged approach: 1. Main Street in downtown Mason - There are excessive backups in this area at Mason-Montgomery Rd. This is a major issue not only for residents but for local businesses. It must be fixed if we are to look at improving the downtown area at all. 2. Downtown parking - I believe issue number 1 and downtown parking go hand-in-hand. This is too large of an issue for our local business and hampers our ability to attract more businesses downtown. Nothing is off the table when we look at traffic and parking downtown. 3. Moving Mason's infrastructure into the future. Ensuring our safety departments have up-to-date and state of the art equipment to best provide for the community.
I'm a business owner, real estate investor, entrepreneur, veteran and finance professional. I am uniquely qualified to be immediately productive. Being a veteran gives me a unique understanding of the needs of the safety departments. My finance experience gives me the necessary knowledge tor the economic development and the finance committees. I understand what it means to have a successful business and the unique risks and challenges associated with being a business owner. I understand and can relate to the small businesses in the area and the challenges associated with our downtown district. Above all else, and most importantly, I am a husband and a father.