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Name the three major issues facing the Municipality of Carlisle and how would these get resolved in the next four years?

How critical is it to work closer with the Carlisle Board of Education and what would you suggest to bring those ties closer?

About a year ago some residents fought the building of a Casey’s General Store across from Town Hall in which the Planning Commission decision was eventually overturned by the Warren County Common Pleas Court. What are your views about economic development and what are your parameters should another similar opportunity arise in the next four years?

Public Safety continues to be an issue in a small municipality. What is your position on the size of the police and fire departments and how would you (the village) pay those costs? What would you cut in the budget in order to have more cops on the streets?

Carlisle is a bedroom community with a number of amenities. What would you advocate in the next few years to continue to make the community more attractive to families in the next four years?

Experience Warren County Clerk of Courts 30 years, State of Ohio Auto Title committee,Warren County Central committee, State of Ohio Notary, Bank Representative
Education Graduate from Franklin High School Miami University-Business courses
1. Economic development

2. Continue to enhance the main entrance to our community

3. Make sure we are financially stable.
Good schools make good communities. Council should strive to have a member attend all school board meetings. The tax incentives the city can offer to attract businesses can certainly inhance the the school districts funding, but it’s important to have a strong relationship with the district and work together where possible to maximize benefits to both parties
We should strive to attract more businesses to our community. This would help provide jobs and additional tax revenue for our village and schools. We should be vigilant with respect to how property is zoned and which property uses may need to be “conditional use” to promote the amenities that residents find most desirable
Our village should continue to aggressively seek opportunities for grant money available for public safety service.
I would like to see a splash pad come into our community along with walking and bike trails. Casual dining and grocery, along with other small businesses such as a coffee shop and florist. I am excited for the Future of our community.
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Experience Though I’ve never been an elected official, I’ve followed politics on a National level closely since around 2004. Locally, I’ve been a member of the Carlisle Planning Commission since March of this year. Prior to that, I applied to the Council seat currently occupied by Mr. Lamb, and was a finalist for that.
Education Graduate of Carlisle High School, class of ‘95. Also a graduate of Miami Valley Career Technology Center’s Law Enforcement program, class of ‘95.
Economic development is a concern. I understand the challenges that Carlisle faces when it comes to economic development. Neighboring communities are more attractive to investors due to the traffic volume they provide. I think the first step is becoming more involved in local and regional organizations that can help us connect with investors and entrepreneurs.

Carlisle is also growing residentially at an alarming rate. We need to work closely with the Planning Commission to ensure we have a healthy balance in our community before we outgrow our new school! This is one of the reasons I began serving on the Planning Commission.

Lastly, if we’re going to have all these new families in our community, let’s provide opportunities to come together and foster a sense of community. Movies in the park or something similar that’s low cost would provide entertainment for our young families and opportunities for staff and elected officials to connect with residents in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is critical to ensure that we have a community filled with kids who will someday turn into productive adults that can lead this community. I speak from experience as a CHS grad when I say that this is the kind of place you come back to to raise your family!

I would encourage regular meetings between the Board of Education and the Council, as well as between the Superintendent and the Village Manager. You never know how the two organizations may be able to work together to provide services and save tax dollars to our residents if they don’t have regular dialogue.
Regardless of my opinion on Casey’s, the folks on the Planning Commission had a job to do. Bottom line, if Casey’s General Store met the specified requirements of the stage at which they were, then they should have been approved. Rules are rules. If members of the Planning Commission didn’t like the parameters set forth in the zoning code, then they should have worked to change them, PRIOR to having an issue. They don’t have to like it, but the public deserves to trust that members of boards of which the Village Council approves will do the right thing.
I wholeheartedly support our first responders and greatly admire and appreciate them for what they do. While I want to ensure that they have the best equipment to keep not only themselves, but they community they serve safe, I don’t know that we necessarily need to cut anything from the budget. I would encourage further exploration of shared resources with other local governments such as the collaborative efforts that Carlisle recently took with the City of Franklin and Franklin Township to get all of our firefighters new SCBA tanks for pennies on the dollar. I question why this doesn’t happen more. Why don’t we partner with neighboring entities that have their own police departments to do this same type of thing more often?

This doesn’t just hold true for first responders, but could potentially help Carlisle see savings in other departments, as well.
As I mentioned earlier, Carlisle doesn’t have a whole lot of community events outside of Railroad Days and National Night Out. Low-cost entertainment like movies in the park is something other communities already do. This brings people together so they can meet and mingle a bit with elected officials and other Village of Carlisle employees.
Experience 24 years Administration and Accounting experience with The Black Clawson Company, Middletown, Ohio 14 Years Medical Assisting experience with Middletown Hospital, TriHealth Bethesda Butler Hospital and Varicose to Perfect Springboro, Ohio, Dr. Sukir Sinnathamby, Cardiovascular MD, Buckeye Heart and Vascular Institute. Tax Preparation with Liberty Tax experience.
Education Graduated from Carlisle High School 1975, Miami University Middletown and Warren County Career Center
Carlisle is a wonderful community to live and raise a family, I was raised here and raised my children in Carlisle because of my love for our community. I believe Carlisle Council is tasked to looking ahead toward improvements in bringing reputable business to Carlisle, while striving to protect the quaintness and small town feel that so many residents live here to enjoy. This is a task because not every business fits that description - yet, Carlisle needs business to support Police and Fire protection base as well as growth of our community. Carlisle is blessed to be a safe, resident focused community. I personally want that to continue and keep Carlisle a great place to live and raise a family. Carlisle has seen enormous growth over the past 10-15 years - new homes and a new school in the works. As a Carlisle Council member, I work for the residents! Anything that a resident would like to be brought before council, attend a meeting or contact me anytime to speak for you.
Working with the Carlisle Board of Education is something that I feel should always be an open and easy flow of communication. Council and the Board of Education have many of the same tasks and desires for this community before them. We should all be working for the residents of Carlisle to make the school and the town work together in sync. Residents are always welcome at both meetings to bring any concerns or suggestions that they may have to us. Council and School Board are appointed to resolve any issues as a team if it concerns Village and School combined.
Carlisle must have economic development. I had very mixed feelings about the Casey's General Store. While it would have been a great addition to our community, the site was the issue. Many residents that live nearby had valid concerns and as a Council member I had to put myself in their place. How would I feel to have that built directly across the street from my lifelong home? What would the amount of noise be? These residents were the ones who would have their homes changed forever. Only AFTER the building of the store would the true level of those issues be determined. At that point, it is too late for those living next door. There are other areas of land in this community available for something like that, but the business only wanted that piece of property. I am on Council for the residents and will do what I feel is fair at all times. Residents should always have a voice in their community. And, I, as a council member will always listen to that voice, pro or con.
Carlisle has a great Police force, though on a tight budget. Saying that, Carlisle residents desperately need to always support their Police and Fire if at all possible. Without Police and Fire, Carlisle could very easily lose the safe community feel that we so greatly enjoy. As a council member I did not hesitate to increase pay for Police to attract and retain our force. I strongly urge residents to support these two pieces of our community. If we had to cut budget to support these services, I would definitely try to make cuts that have the least impact on the community, but I will always support keeping this community safe. We have one of the lowest paid Police departments in this area. We struggle to attract and retain talented Officers, yet Carlisle deserves the security and peace of mind that it's residents are always safe and protected. Police and Fire put their lives in danger with every call they answer and deserve to be paid for that protection to us.
Continue to listen to the residents about what they would like, while at the same time making tough decisions, if necessary, to bring in reputable businesses that will not alter this community in a negative way to the residents. As stated earlier, residents need to feel safe that they and their property are protected at all times. Many residents were upset when the Marijuana issue was on the table. Please let me assure those residents that Council looked at every angle of safeness and made certain that this business would not have been a detriment to the residents. Council will always look behind the scenes of any business wanting to locate here. We urge residents to attend meetings or watch online to see what we really do to assure safe and reputable additions to our community.