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What are the 3 biggest challenges facing the school district? How would you deal with them?

What makes you qualified to be on the school board and gives you an advantage over other candidates?

What is your position on state testing and graduation requirements?

What would you do to close the skills gap that employers say is hindering their ability to find workers?

Are there any areas where you believe the school district currently underspends, or overspends?

Is the school district doing enough to ensure student safety? If not, what else should they be doing?

Are there any subjects or topics not currently being taught (or not taught broadly enough) that you would like to see expanded?

What other changes could be made that you think would improve students’ academic performance?

If you had to choose between increasing the number of regular teachers, to lower class size, or increasing the number of counselors/social workers/mental-health therapists/school resource officers to deal with non-academic issues, which would you choose?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience I am in my 10th year as a Carlisle Local Schools Board Member with one year as President of the Board. I have proudly served this community in several areas over the last 29 years of living in Carlisle. Prior to being elected to the School Board in 2009 I volunteered on the Chamberlain Middle School PTO for 8 years (7 years as the President). For the school years of 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 I was an Assistant Band Director in charge of percussion with the Carlisle High School Band.
Education Northridge High School 1978. Montgomery County Joint Vocational School 1978 (Printing). Sinclair Community College (Information Technology)
1) We need to make sure our building project is finished on time, on/under budget, and everyone transitioned to the new building from their former location. [How: As a board, our job is to make sure that the Superintendent and Treasurer are making sure our goal is reached] 2) We need to continue to stay on top of all the constant changes being made by our state and federal legislators as well as the state department of education. These requirements seem to change each year. [How: Look for ways that our Superintendent, as well as some of our teaching staff, can be more engaged with the education demands] 3) With the new Pre-K thru 12th grade school campus, our community has entrusted to us, the campus MUST be maintained better than our current buildings. [How: As a Board, we need to put together a long term plan for maintaining the School Building for the next century. A plan cannot be developed until everything is complete. A full analysis will be performed after completion]
My experience being on the School Board, for almost 10 years now, is an advantage. I have been employed by Cox Media Group for the past 32 years, the last twelve in our IT department and the first 20 as a platemaker. In my current role there is a great deal of troubleshooting, planning, prioritizing, and working with a very diverse group of people. This is not limited to our Dayton office, but all throughout Cox Media Group. We are in constant communication and collaboration with our offices in Atlanta, New York, and many other states with Radio and TV stations owned by Cox Media Group.
Testing to make sure students are learning what is being taught has been a part of education as long as I can remember. Standardized testing is not always equal and unfortunately is always changing. It is like trying to hit a pinata blindfolded when the pinata is swinging all over the place. I believe the state needs to spend some time and research on the goals they want the students to obtain and stay with that plan for at least 5 years to make sure it is working (making some slight adjustments along the way if needed). Changing the goal every year or two does not give an accurate account of education gains or losses. Graduation requirements have been around since I can remember in the way of minimum “Class Credits” in order to graduate. Again, the problem I see is the state will change the requirements once or twice per year, and sometimes do not decide on what is needed until halfway through the school year.
I would like to see Carlisle add some life skills classes. For example; change a car tire, add/change oil on a car, some basic tool skills such as using a hammer, screw driver, wrench, etc. There are many other things that could be added to the list. For young adults who may not have an option to go to college, or if college is just not something they desire, I strongly encourage trade schools like Miami Valley Career Technology Center. Our country is suffering right now with a lack of skilled labor.
I was elected in 2009 and the previous Board members had already started to cut expenses. When we hired our current Superintendent and Treasurer, we took a hard look at where we could cut and what made sense. We were listed as “Fiscal Watch” by the State of Ohio in 2009. By November of 2013 we had been removed from Fiscal Watch, more right-sized as a district, and are now having excellent ratings by the state for our finances.
Given our current buildings we are doing the best we can at this time by making sure doors are locked and visitors need to be buzzed into the buildings. Once the new building is complete there will be more advanced safety features and precautions in place which will provide added security.
The life skills class I spoke to in a previous question is one. I would also like to see some of the concepts of the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace program taught starting in our middle school through high school grades. This would help the students understand how dangerous credit cards can be if not used wisely, how to plan for their financial future, and plan for retirement since most companies are abandoning Pension Plans and going to 401K plans. This would also teach them how to properly utilize student loans.
I believe if you are struggling in a subject and are involved in an extra-curricular activity, part of practice time should be spent working on improving your academic grade. Academics come first, but if we take away an activity completely because of a low grade, the problem is not solved, and the academics become a punishment rather than an achievement. I am a strong believer in discovering what interests the student has in the way of activities beyond the classroom. The Arts, Sports, Community Involvement, Volunteer work, or another activity that will get them involved with the world around them. The more involved they are, the more the students will see how valuable an education can be.
One resource not mentioned is the classroom aide. We need more classroom aides in the lower grades to control situations that can distract children from learning. Our class sizes are lower or equal to other districts. As you move higher through the grades the needs are slightly different. If we want to offer a life skills class, or a financial planning class, we would need more teachers as we get into the middle/high school ages. Counselors are also essential throughout our district, and we would benefit as a district if we could employ a couple more. There was an article recently published in the Dayton Daily News [] showing a trend in schools all around the state where the kids are coming to school with a great deal of trauma in their lives. Trauma can take on many forms. A counselor would help children cope with their own situation.
I believe in a well-rounded education where students can learn, grow, have fun, and respect the gifts and talents of all classmates. I have been married to my wife Donna for 35 years. We raised both of our daughters in Carlisle, and they are both Carlisle graduates. We also have 1 grandchild. I value my faith, my family and my integrity.
Experience In my profession I negotiate many things during a transaction and I must find my way around obstacles and in some cases do some research in order to make decisions or help my clients make decisions in one of the biggest investments in their lives. As a Mother of 4, I know our kids are an investment also. What we as Parents , Grand parents and Community put in our kids, insures a better tomorrow. I am a Carlisle Graduate, I raised my boys here and I currently live and work in the village,
Education Carlisle High School 1981 Fortis College Hondros College
The obvious answer is, we need to be sure that we handle our good fortune with the new schools very carefully, making sure we utilize every dollar and opportunity to ensure the future of this school district. Without actually being on the board and knowing the inside workings of it all, it would be hard for me to answer this question entirely and with certainty. But, I am anxious to see what challenges arise and together with the board, make sure we are doing what is best for the kids and the community.
In my current job as a real estate Agent and my past job as a dispatcher. I have experience in negotiating and trouble shooting. I am very good at thinking outside the box and looking for ways to achieve goals or solve problems before me. My Grand Father, My Dad were on school boards, and my Brother is currently on board in Arcanum. My Dad was a teacher and a coach, education and kids have always been important in our family.
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I would encourage kids to try a trade. HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, carpenters and general contractors are becoming almost extinct and there is a high demand for these fields. If someone doesn't start education themselves in these fields we could have a real problem in the future, when you find you need these services.
Again, without seeing a current budget and knowing more, I can not adequately answer this question.
I am excited to see what the safety plans are for the new building. But, as I've visited the schools or picked children up, I have always found the doors locked and I've had to be let in. I feel like the administration is doing all they can to protect our children.
I feel like there needs to be more education on finances, how to handle checking account, budgets, credit cards and student loan debt and credit scores. These things would prepare kids for real life instead of sending them out blindly to stumble around on their own. we need to strongly consider bringing back shop and home economics classes, I feel like its needed now more than ever. When they taught drivers Education at the school, we were even shown how to change a tire.
I think we should have more recognition and rewards for the academic students. Everyone puts so much emphasis on sports, and as much as I love sports myself, sports alone, in most cases, will not help you in your adult life. If the school would showcase some Kids speaking foreign languages, or solving difficult math problems on a board or building something or welding a project. It might encourage some of the klds that don't like a sport to try something new and learn new things. Schools are for teaching academics and life skills it would be nice to put more focus on the kids with those interests.
I would Increase Teachers
I am a Mother and Grandmother and my greatest blessing is my family. I love kids and many kids in the village call me Mimi, which is what my Grand kids call me. I am excited to see the new school building going up and I am excited for my Grand kids and the other Village children to get to experience education in a great building. It is my hope that I can make a difference in the next 4 years as a school board member. I live and work in the village and am proud to be a Carlisle Graduate and thankful to a community where I was able to raise my boys. I bring honesty, integrity and a open mind, ready to learn and research the issues that arise.
Education I am a registered nurse and have been for 27 years
1. Finishing the school in an appropriate timeframe. Would help figure out how to effectively complete on time. 2.Finishing the school on budget. Would make sure construction cost are being managed to the best ability. 3.planning on the future of the new school. Ensure we have a complete plan to ensure the new school transition is completed.
I am dedicated to Carlisle I am an alumni of Carlisle class of 1989, I am dedicated to the school and our students. I have volunteered over 10 years with the Carlisle Athletic Boosters. I have always put our student and the future of our school as my top priority.
I believe that state testing is a good way to ensure students retain a good base of knowledge.
I would make sure students are offered more real live skills, so they feel more comfortable doing a multitude of different task that might be needed in a work force.
I’m not sure I believe the school district has been very efficient with the funds available to the district.
Yes I think they are doing enough for the students safety
No not really
I think getting more parent support and involvement would help
I would chose to keep class sizes down, we have a great group of teachers that listen to our students and support them in all aspects
I have been married for 30 years and have 2 children.
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