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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

NOTE: Not all communities have issues or candidates on the ballot. Guide does not include uncontested races.

Wayne twp. Trustee

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    Pat Davidson

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    Josh Patrick

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Experience Wayne Township Trustee for 20 years Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department - 21 years Previous Warren County Park Commissioner Member of Miami Cemetery Board, and President - 22 years Sons of the American Legion (post 615) Member - 28 years Member of the Warren County Conservation Association Member on Masonic Lodge #163 Member of Warren County Shrine Club Waynesville Lions Club Citizen of the Year - 2015 Resident of Wayne Township for over 60 years Owner of Davidson Meat Processing
Wayne Township offers a unique charm that many younger people are attracted to. I believe that we should maintain a control over the growth, but take into consideration the population moving into our township. While moving toward five acre lots limits the growth, doing so can negatively impact the community. As a citizen who owns a plot of land that is about eight acres, I know the amount of work that goes into maintaining a property of that size, not to mention the cost. The majority of Americans can't afford large plots of land for a variety of reasons. We are already limited on the amount of space we are able to build upon because of the many farms that are in our community, and by requiring a five acre lot, we are negatively impacting the growth we need to survive as a township. This affects our schools and the well-being of our township. If we prevent growth in such a way, we take away from the heart of our community.
I have spent my entire life giving back to and fighting for what is right in our community. I was a Wayne Township trustee for 20 years, served on the Wayne Township Fire Department for over 20 years, and have volunteered my time in numerous ways. I’ve also been a business owner for over 60 years, taking over the family business at a young age. I want to continue advocating for our town and township, just as I’ve advocated for it in the past. When our township was moving towards buying land for our administration building, I was one of the trustees that encouraged saving our money. When the time came to purchase the land, we were able to buy it and pay for it on the same day that it was purchased from the cemetery. This was accomplished without having to put on a levy, which meant not asking for additional funds from the taxpayers. I prefer to look for the cheaper, yet reasonable options when it comes to spending the taxpayers money.
Our community needs people in order to grow our local economy, but by drastically limiting the opportunities for people to move here, we will greatly limit the potential for growth. There are many people who are interested in growing our community to meet its full potential but it’s important for us to attract those who are truly invested in making our township even better while keeping our values intact.

I believe in keeping the small town charm that Waynesville has always had, and will continue to fight for that charm to be maintained.
As a resident of Waynesville for over 60 years, I’ve watched our township grow and develop while maintaining its charm. For our residents, I want to continue moving Waynesville in the right direction without losing or taking away what the residents love about it. In my previous work as trustee, I voted to hire our first township administrator and full time zoning administrator. The safety of our citizens has always been important to me. When Waynesville Road was washed out from high waters being discharged from the dam. I voted to reopen the road to the benefit of the taxpayers who were cut off from their ability to easily travel. The road was detrimental to people who needed fire, ambulance, or police services in a timely fashion. I’ve always been concerned about the safety of our citizens and I work with whomever I need to in order to get the job done. In this situation it involved Warren County Engineering department, our state senate, and many local representatives.
I have always enjoyed volunteering and giving back to my community. When you can’t find me at work, you can spot me at the high school jazz band concert, Lions Club car show, Warren County Fair, Quaker Heights, Waynesville Historical Society, or Olive Branch Church, donating my time and food to feed our community. I also regularly donate to many local organizations and causes throughout the year, including the cemetery, SAL fireworks, and more. I also vote for and encourage giving back to our community, whether it’s maintaining parks, or supporting the local school bands, I am always helping to boost our community in a positive way.

It has always been important for me to give back to the community that helped to raise me, and I’ve never lost sight of where I come from.
Experience - Current President of the Wayne Township Board of Trustees - Warren Co. Republican Party Central Committee Member - Owner of Pat's Place in Waynesville - Managed Credit Counseling Company for 10+ Years - Lifelong Resident of Wayne Twp. - Waynesville Historical Society Member - National Rifle Association Member
Education I was proud to be a Spartan for my K-12 education and graduated from Waynesville High School. I attended Lee University in Cleveland, TN, first studying Biochemistry and later, Theology. I engage in continuing education activities and recently graduated from the Ohio Township Association Leadership Academy.
Twitter @TrusteeJosh
I believe that uncontrolled growth will continue to threaten the Waynesville area. Wayne Township maintains a rural charm that attracted many to the area as they sought to escape urban sprawl, high taxes, and poor planning.

Growth should be controlled and guided so as not to overwhelm our community's infrastructure or sacrifice our wealth of natural resources. I love our rural character and I recognize that many of us live in Wayne Township to escape the problems that plague many of the other communities in the region. I have urged our board to update our Future Land Use Map to better reflect the rural agricultural nature of our community. Ideally, I would like to see most of the unincorporated township zoned for 5 acre minimum lot sizes with 2 acre minimums surrounding the more densely-populated villages.
For over 10 years I managed a financial education and credit counseling agency. My wife and I currently own Pat's Place gas station in downtown Waynesville.

My experience with technology and business — including teaching people how to manage credit and directing multimillion dollar budgets with tight profit margins — has given me a unique skill set ideal to serve the township and continue taking us forward.

My record of fiscal conservatism and voting against tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary spending sets me apart from my peers on the board. I am not afraid to stand up for the taxpayer and will continue to do so.
We must cultivate the right environment to encourage new businesses and create new education opportunities for our residents. Expanding rural broadband must be central to this strategy so that our citizens can participate in the digital economy no matter where they are.

Our area's rich history, collection of eclectic vendors, and wealth of natural resources provides the ideal environment for tourism. We should continue to work and plan for our area to become a destination, and encourage industries that do not strain our infrastructure or strip our community of its unique character.
I will continue to vote against unnecessary spending and continue to work to increase the transparency and accessibility of our local government. I lobbied the board to participate in to ensure that our tax dollars are being wisely spent in full public view. I have made multiple calls to begin video recording and online posting of our public meetings in an effort to further increase transparency and accessibility for our taxpayers.

I will continue to be available and responsive to my constituents, and will continue to vote to protect the rural character of our community.
Over the past three and a half years I have been able to champion fiscal conservatism while expanding the quality of services delivered to the residents of Wayne Township. I have taken a stand and voted against tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary spending that affects our bottom line.

I am an independent thinker who works for the people of Wayne Township, not special interests. As your representative I promise to continue my principled stance on the issues that matter most to our community. Being a local business owner means that I'm easy to find and gives me a pulse on the values of our voters. I will never forget who my boss is: the taxpayer.