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Why did you decide to run for council?

What would be your top priorities as a council member?

A lot has been made recently about the council not being able to work together. What are your thoughts and how important is it to have a council that works together?

Is the city going in the right direction, in your opinion?

Experience Publisher of the New Carlisle News 2008-2018 Sales 1990-2008 Radio 1973-1990
Education Graduated Beavercreek High School, 1966 Attended Capital University 1966-1970
I have attended most of the City Council meetings for 10 years. I have been shocked by some of the actions our council has made and at the behavior of many of our council members.

Our City Council does not appear to have any direction. I believe I have the ability to help move our city forward.

I have no loftier political ambitions, and no agenda, other than what is best for the city and its residents.
Demolition of the Madison Street School

Enticing businesses to locate in New Carlisle

Devise a plan for the future of our city

Work with other council members to move our city forward

Listen to members of the community and keep their wishes in mind before making any decisions
If the council cannot work together, nothing will get done. Case in point - Council's numerous attempts to replace a council member who resigned. The attempt to appoint a new member resulted in a 3-3 tie. The Mayor could not even get a quorum to hold a meeting to appoint a new member. Apparently he did not check with other council members' availability before scheduling the meeting.

We have had too many council members who believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. No one is willing to compromise.

I have been a successful salesman for over 20 years and a successful business owner for over 10 years. You cannot be successful in those fields without the ability to listen to the other party and work to come up with a deal acceptable to both.
The city does not appear to have any direction. I have not seen where any planning has been done for the future of our city. Council usually just reacts to events.
Experience Worked in Computing and Telecommunications at Wright State University. Also worked as a realtor in New Carlisle and surrounding areas.
Education Graduated from Tecumseh High School. Attended Sinclair Community College and Wright State University. Clerical Bookkeeping Certificate Certified Help Desk Analyst Licensed Real Estate Sales Person
I have lived in New Carlisle for over 40 years and I would like to give back to the community. I have attended community activities such as Heritage of Flight Festival, New Carlisle Pool, the Tree Lighting Festival and other community activities. By being on the City Council I have learned that the City has made a lot of progress and I would like to see it continue. I think the City is headed in the right direction with the roads getting fixed, we now have a balanced budget with a surplus and we have projects in the works that will save the City money. I want to continue this path.
As a council member I am working to see the roads continue to get repaired, the City budget to continue to be responsibly balanced, and save money for the citizens by spending wisely.
There are many things that have been accomplished the last few years and some people dwell on personality issues. Since I have been on counci, I have focused on the important issues that benefit the citizens like fixing roads, keeping emergency services running smoothly instead of spending time and resources on personality conflicts that doesn't benefit anyone. I want to be a voice of the people and work together with council as a whole.
Yes, the city is going in the right direction and I would like to see it continue that way by being a good steward of the public's money. This year we are remodeling a city building and I want to make sure that the money we are spending is the best way to use taxpayer dollars. We have had a lot of waste in the past and I want to be a protector of tax dollars by not adding debt.
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Experience I have lived in New Carlisle all my life and have been involved in many different aspects of the city. In 2009 I was appointed to New Carlisle's Human Rights Board, also at this time I was attending most City Council meetings to gain knowledge of how the city operated. I am also the President and have been a member of the Heritage of Flight Festival committee for the past 14 years. I have also played a key role in working close with the New Carlisle Pool staff to help return it to profitability.
Education Graduated from Tecumseh High School in 1997 and attended Southern State Community Collage.
I have decided to run for re-election on New Carlisle City Council to continue to support the efforts by the citizens,council and the city administration to move New Carlisle in the right direction. New Carlisle has made many improvements over the past few years and I want to continue to help keep that momentum going. Though I feel New Carlisle is on the right track, we always have work to do and I feel that with the hard work, drive and dedication I have shown the City of New Carlisle I am the best candidate for the job. Our duties as council members don't conclude at the end of council meetings; it takes some good old fashion hard work and I have proven that I give 110% to this community that I love. We as a city do not have time for political games, we do not serve on council for our own personal gains but to serve the people and the community as a whole. New Carlisle needs responsible leadership and I feel I can continue to represent our city in a positive way.
For the past 8 years as I have served on New Carlisle City Council I have kept a watchful eye on many of New Carlisle's problem areas. For me our overall finances and roads have been top priority. We have seen great improvement over the past five to ten years in both areas. I want to work hard with council and the administration and continue to cut unnecessary spending and find new creative ways to cut costs and save money. As for our streets, New Carlisle has seen more streets repaved in the past five years than it had in the ten years prior to that. I want to continue focusing on our streets and with the continued hard work from our administrators we should see another large chunk of our " problem " streets get repaved in the next year or two. I also want to focus more on the number of Deputies we have on patrol in our city and see how we can work together to clean up some of the problem areas of drugs. I believe in our Deputies and we can make a difference by working together.
For the past few years we have had many problems on city council, people focusing on personal agendas and not the city as a whole, as they should. Luckily we have seen some changes recently that are starting to slowly move the needle in the right direction again. It is vital for all of our council members to get along and work together to the best of our ability for the good of the city. We as elected officials are the face of the city and the cities reputation can easily be built up or torn down by the actions of its council. Council does not always see eye to eye on every situation or problem it may face but at the end of the day we need to conduct city business in a professional manor even when we disagree. We need to be role models for our citizens and the children in our community that hopefully will one day step up and be future leaders of our community, just as we have had in the past.
In my opinion New Carlisle is moving in the right direction and that is due to the hard work of its citizens, local groups and organizations, local businesses, city officials and employees. No job, big or small is done by one single individual. It takes a team of dedicated individuals that are willing to dig deep for the goal of making a situation better and that's what we have here. A community that won't give up or quit, working together to make New Carlisle the best that it can be with the tools we have available to us. We have seen new businesses move in and current businesses expand. We have seen the number of empty houses drop and more streets being repaved. Our city pool has gone from loosing $40,000 a year to turning a $20,000 profit. Our city finances are in a much better place than they were 10 years ago, so yes we are moving in the right direction. It's a task that never ends and I hope I can continue to be a part of the team that helps make this progress possible.
Experience My PhD Thesis (A US Awakening to Community Business: Business as if People and Place Matter). This studied businesses that were able to thrive by treating their communities as if they mattered and nurturing community. Since I returned to this community 6 years ago I devote my life here to nurturing community. I teach English as a second language and Citizenship for Warder Literacy Center, I helped start three community gardens in this community, and work to model community in THIS community.
Education BS Chemistry, Wright State University 1970 MS Chemistry/Education, University of Wisconsin/Madison 1975 PhD Integral Development Studies, Ubon Ratchathani University, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand 2012
I have been attending council meetings for several years. I have also been trying to build community in a number of ways. In order to have a stellar city, you need a strong council made of people who understand their jobs and and work together. But that is not enough. You need a community that is willing to contribute to the work that building a stellar community requires. We really haven't had either of those in recent years. I have read our Charter and most of the ordinances. Both have been neglected. So much of Council's energy over the last few years has been wasted over bickering, and posturing with little concern for the concerns of the community. By the same token, the community has neglected their responsibility to properly communicate with the the Council, i.e. NOT on Facebook. I want to work to change that and get us on the right track towards building a thriving community again. Building a desirable city requires everyone's participation.
Working to build a stronger community by helping everyone understand what defines a functional community. Building a desirable community is complex. It requires a diverse housing base - housing that is affordable to many classes of people, different physical needs, different economic groups. It needs to have good schools. It needs local business, retail, service, manufacturing. It requires livability. It requires a strong economic base to provide services, jobs, and a tax base. Building up the community by honestly listening to community members and attempting to address the issues in the community that are important to them. Building a desirable city requires everyone's participation. Working to build a more functional council that can consider a vision of the future and come up with a city plan (with the help of the community). We need to do some economic development planning. We need to set some measurable goals. Then we need to follow up and evaluate how we progressed.
It is imperative that the Council understand what their job is and understand that a Council working together setting goals and accomplishing them sets a model for the rest of the community. Many of the problems in our community are more about building a caring, functioning community than having a dysfunctional Council. Things get done in a community when people are willing to stand up and commit to work not when a Council tries to do it all and lands up doing little to nothing.
I believe that it is making steps in the right direction. I believe we need to work to develop a better working relationship with the existing organizations in the city particularly the businesses, civic organizations, and faith communities. This election will be an important opportunity for the citizens to decide if they want to elect people who maintain the status quo or if they want to get a fresh start and start building a more desirable community.