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Experience I am a three term member of Lebanon City Council over the last 16 years and have a very good understanding of how municipal management works.
Education BS Business Management
Growth occurring in Turtlecreek Township that will move toward the current city limits, especially from the west along SR 63. Also, the proposed Cincinnati By-pass that would currently come right along our western city limit and dramatically impact the access to the city.
I have served three successful terms and have significant leadership and management experience.
We are always looking for world class businesses to locate or relocate within our city. We also recognize that we are an attractive tourist destination and always seek to build on our unique and historical character.
We always strive for fiscal stability, enhanced quality of services and life for our residents at the lowest possible cost.
I do not serve with a personal agenda and I am not beholden to any special interest groups. My sole focus as a resident leader is to make the best and most effective decisions for our community.
Experience City Council Member 2014 - 2017 Business Owner in Lebanon for 22 Years
Education K - 12 Lebanon Public Schools. Bachelors Degree University of Cincinnati.
The biggest problems are growth and income. Lebanon has a limited footprint, and Real Estate to expand. The City has very good utilities and city services in Electric, Sewer and Water, along with a fine Police, Fire Department and 911 dispatch. City services could easily handle future growth. Additional growth in the industrial park would be beneficial. The City is going in the right direction by promoting the historic downtown, The Golden Lamb and the Little Miami Scenic Railroad, unique boutiques, and quality restaurants are a good foundation. I propose expanding these nice attractions with more entertainment venues. Lebanon is on it's way to becoming more of a destination spot, attracting visitors and their disposable dollars. We need to support and encourage it.
I am a longtime Lebanon resident who went through Lebanon City Schools from kindergarten through high school. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in accounting. Twenty-two years ago I opened my accounting practice in downtown Lebanon. As a certified public accountant and a chartered global management accountant, I have gained a good understanding of sound business practices. Lebanon is a great community and I would like an opportunity to help make it even better. I am an honest, ethical, constitutional conservative and I hope you will support me for Lebanon City Council on November 5th.
Investigate ways to utilize the Lebanon owned train line (or a part of it) for freight. Grants are available for freight lines (not recreational passenger). The Line could connect with the Lebanon Industrial Park. We also need to keep the look and historic structure of the downtown, and have less restrictions on signage and commerce in the outlying areas of the city that are not of a Historic nature. Maybe some more box stores inside the city. If our footprint was bigger, maybe stores like Wal-Mart wouldn't locate just outside the city limit.

Keep Lebanon moving forward on roads, parking lots, and infrastructure, paying attention to the residential area. Continue with the entertainment and festivals downtown, which bring business, and visitors to the city, and help fund the various organizations which sponsor those events.
Involved in many community activities including: - Member of Lebanon City Council (2015-2017) - Past Master of Lebanon Masonic Lodge - Shriner - Lebanon Rotary - Former Deacon Lebanon Presbyterian Church - Treasurer Lebanon Conservancy Foundation - Former SAY Soccer Coach - Past President Lebanon Schools “Choir Parents Organization” - Non Attorney member of Warren County Bar Association’s Grievance Committee - Received Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer work with Operation: Thank You! - Volunteer with Ohio “Operation CPA” which provides free assistance to Active Military - Member of West Chester Symphony Orchestra - Graduate of Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Urban Forestry, “Tree Commission Academy” - Member Lebanon Fraternal Order of Eagles
Experience Adam Mathews was a civilian engineer for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program before starting his practice as a patent attorney with Dinsmore. He is now in a small firm in Lebanon. Adam is the Warren County Republican Party Treasurer, the Chair of a pro-life women's center group, Vice President for Lebanon Kiwanis, Vice Chair for Main Street Lebanon, and on the Lebanon Parks & Rec Board.
Education Juris Doctor, Notre Dame Law School Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Notre Dame St. Xavier High School
Lebanon is a wonderful city but one of our biggest challenges is how to handle growth while maintaining our charm. Our roads need to match the needs of our community as it grows. I live on a street that has never been completed with sewer grates extending in the middle of the road. People drive in the middle of the road to avoid bouncing down the road, and there have been multiple accidents there. Other roads are similar and need attention. I would continue to work with the people who live and work here, as I have in taking leadership roles at Main Street Lebanon, on the Parks Board, on our Church Council, and within Kiwanis. We will repair the roads by focusing our expenses there first. I want to limit the role of government. Our churches, social groups, and communities can do great work with the proper mix of city support and lack of bureaucracy.
As a former civilian engineer for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and as a current patent attorney, I have counseled others on high-risk decisions with great deals of complexity. I received the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year and the Warren County Foundation's Emerging Leader awards, in part for my work organizing a charity turkey fry, annually giving away over 150 turkey meals to Lebanon families in need. For years, I have volunteered in charitable groups and government organizations. I helped design Lebanon's new bike park and renovate the bike path connecting downtown to our YMCA. I am Vice Chair of Main Street Lebanon, where we designed the new Mulberry Street community plaza. I am the Board Chairman for Elizabeth's New Life Center, by budget the largest network of pro-life women’s centers, as well as serving on the board for Cincinnati's Federalist Society.
Our businesses are the lifeblood of our downtown and our city corridors. We need to make it easier for our businesses to reach their customers, while building community to keep people engaged. I would make it easier for businesses to make updates to their stores. Repairing our roads would allow Lebanon to continue to capitalize on its wonderful location, and bringing back the tax credit would make it more cost effective for people to live, eat, and shop locally. The more bustle we have and the more connections we make, the stronger our economy and community will be.
As a conservative Republican concerned with good governance, I want to repair the roads and bring back our full income tax reciprocity. The vast majority of our residents work outside Lebanon, and double taxation costs the average affected resident $380 a year. We should not be punishing Lebanon residents for choosing to live within the city limits rather than a township. I plan to ensure the roads are fixed first, especially the roads which have never been finished and those with major issues. Local government exists for certain defined tasks, and the maintenance of local roads fall firmly within that category.
I live with my lovely wife Amanda and 3 wonderful kids, ages 6, 4, and 10 months. We love spending time making memories with our children, for instance, walking with our kids in a wagon down to the library for craft time and to check out books, then a stop for ice cream at Whit's. I am endorsed by the Conservative Republican Leadership Committee and Warren County Right to Life, as well as many of current and former elected officials and leaders. I hope to give back to this city which has provided us our dream place to live, work, and raise a family. I have once had four meetings in one day at the Golden Lamb between Main Street Lebanon, the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, and a client meeting. The rolls were good every time.
Experience - Local Business Owner - Lebanon Christian School Board Member - Local Emergency Planning Commission Appointee - 8 years serving as a Lebanon City Council Member - 6 years as Vice Mayor of Lebanon
Education B.Sc. and Professional Certifications
We are in a very good place. Sound financial decisions, incredible hires, proper planning, and a city council that works together for the betterment of the community, has brought us to a new and exciting time in Lebanon. We are projected to have just a 5% shortfall in our road’s projects. Compare that to 50-70% in years past, so you can see why that is exciting. We have a backlog caused from underfunded projects in the past so we need to continue doing what we are doing; Bring in industrial partners that will strengthen the tax base, work with developers that will provide an opportunity for a more vibrant downtown, continue to reduce burdensome red tape in the code, incentivize small business, provide excellent emergency services and utilities, maintain a focus on grant writing, and promote a strong community where people want to live. We have the greatest city in America and people are starting to recognize it.
A continuation of the question above. ^^ We also need to employ proper strategy and planning as new development and roads projects bring people in mass to our district. We have begun this process of planning and zoning, as well as working with property owners along ST Route 63. This part of town is at the beginning stages of massive growth over the next decade.

I'm lucky I guess; I can make informed decisions because I have served for 8 years now as a Lebanon City Councilman. I also have a background in management, product development, and entrepreneurship. I lean on those life experiences heavily. I maintain a strong desire to serve my community, and to serve it well.
The government doesn't grow the economy, and it doesn't create jobs. The free market does, private industry, innovation, individual grit, and determination, create jobs. We are servants of the people and their city. We will continue use every tool available to bring in industrial partners that will strengthen the tax base, work with developers that will provide an opportunity for a more vibrant downtown, continue to reduce burdensome red tape in the code, keep taxes low, incentivize small business, provide excellent emergency services and utilities, maintain a focus on grant writing, and promote a strong community where people want to live.
We are always searching out strong business and industrial partners for our community. Stay engaged with our citizens as we plan and grow. A great example of this is our downtown master plan that we are now working from. The main driver of the plan was the input of citizen focus groups. Continue our policies of financial stability. Maintain a low tax rate. Support and maintain excellent emergency services and utilities. Finally, working well with our regional partners. A stable government that works well together and with others; without in fighting and backbiting. This is something that people can take for granted. I am blessed to be able to serve with the best of the best. They have the community’s interest and long-term success at heart when making decisions. This is rare these days.
I serve with a passion for my community and my country. I am a commonsense conservative with small town America values. My God, my family, my community, and my country are the most important things to me. My focus is to make wise decisions for the long-term prosperity of our community. I have been honored by your support these last 8 years and humbly ask for your vote this November 5th.
Experience 16 years City Council...37 years Lebanon City Schools...35 years Solutions Counseling...25 years Warren County Historical Society...5 years Main Street Lebanon...5 years Lebanon Alumni Association
Education Masters Degree...Xavier University
To retain Lebanon’s charm..the feeling you get standing in front of the Golden Lamb..the Planning Commission and City Council are tasked to oversee the City’s development. I wish to join the collaborative effort. This situation will be complicated by increasing development of Turtlecreek Township.
Living in Lebanon for over 60 years and being a teacher and Coach for 37 in the schools, has contributed to my insights and perspective. With my civic involvement I am constantly meeting people and hearing what they are most pleased with and otherwise. I am afforded opportunities then to add to dialogue between groups and enhance the scope of decision making.
As a Councilman I have consistently supported the marketing of Lebanon. The credit goes to the staff’s talent and insight which has encouraged our utility and infrastructure evolvement making Lebanon an attractive place to start a business and provide quality jobs. One significant area of development in enhancing the Central Business District is the City’s collaboration with Lebanon Citizen’s National Bank. Our efforts maintained the Bank’s presence in downtown and tastefully developed a location that badly needed addressing. Lebanon City Government has an excellent reputation for working to attract new business opportunities and I will continue to offer support.
I was a part of helping to initiate the conversation on expanding the downtown northward. This includes adding to the opportunities within Colonial Park. I continue to support the evolvement of Mulberry Street as an entertainment district. Balancing the interests of citizens in these and other matters is the work of the City Council. We are policy setters and we uniquely impact decision making as we consider the views of citizens and Lebanon’s future.
Developing an understanding of the fabric of the Community is something I enjoy doing and contributes to my ability to make wise decisions. Decisions in Council sessions come after long deliberations. Once consensus has been reached I believe it is the duty of the members to offer a united front. In this election candidates running on questioning key past decisions because that is popular to some, and offering no plan to rectify a situation, will most certainly not receive my support. These appeals to the voters discount the long hours spent in arriving at a consensus that benefitted the majority purely for political gain.
Experience Business owner, 13 years. Father of six children.
Education Business Management- Cincinnati State, University of Cincinnati. Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society
The answer is simple. The challenges are how to effectively manage the revenue and expenses of the City. What Lebanon citizens want is well maintained roadways, nice parks and recreational areas, quality utilities, and more dining options other than fast-food. Each family certainly has their own list of ideas to improve quality of life here in Lebanon, but most of us citizens are overall content with the community. Lebanon is a wonderful little city with a rich history, charming downtown, awesome festivals, the Countryside YMCA, great schools and churches, our Library, and is just full of good people.

My goal as Councilman, is to be a good steward and smart spender of tax dollars. I feel that each citizen of Lebanon is important and will cast my votes with their well being in mind.
There’s an old saying that comes to mind whenever I hear the question of qualification, that is certainly a valid point. “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” Am I more qualified than the next man for this councilman position? I’m not sure. Will I give it 100%? Absolutely. I take great pride in the city that raised me and would be honored to represent its people. My family lives “Dave Ramsey style”, low to no debt, and as frugal as possible as we raise our 6 children. I believe my experience with money management at home and in my business will be an asset to the City. I’ve been in business in Lebanon for 13 years. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to run efficiently to ensure I’m providing quality and affordable service. I know and care about a lot of people in Lebanon and I enjoy serving in the community. Many people have urged me to run for City Council, because they know I genuinely care about people and their well-being, and will work hard on their behalf.
The people of Lebanon are specifically asking for new restaurants and specified parks ie. skate park and a splash pad, as well as good clean entertainment for adults. Some restaurant chains are not attracted to this area because of the ratio of rental properties. Although I believe their concerns are legitimate, our city is still worth promoting to those seeking to invest here. Other complaints I’ve heard is that we have too many large vacant buildings in town where businesses have moved out.

Our downtown area seems to be coming back to life with a few new niche restaurants, such as Greenhouse Cafe, a cheese shop, a Thai restaurant. We first need to consider supporting what we already have in town, then get together through local private polling of what else we want so that our economic development team knows what to go after. It is also important to me that as we grow, we maintain the charm, and honor the historical elements of our town.
Anyone elected to any office should have a general awareness of the will of the people and vote with conviction. No agendas to benefit only a few. The agenda I will bring to City Council is the agenda of the people. During my campaign, I’ve passed out survey cards that have been filled out and returned asking two questions: what do you love about Lebanon, and what would you like to see changed? Many of the cards had similar answers. All I can do is work to protect what we love, or work to change what we don’t love.

I’m just a small town guy who loves his hometown of Lebanon. I’m a born again believer, a proud husband and father, conservative, and a business owner. A Warrior for life. I appreciate the people of this town who made Lebanon a great place for my parents to raise me. I feel an obligation to give back by serving on council to help guide us into a promising tomorrow.

My wife worked for our County Government for over 10 years. Her and I met at church and were married in 2010. We are raising our 6 children here in Lebanon. My wife is in the process of launching a new business in Lebanon. My Lebanon based lawn and landscape business serves many of your friends, neighbors, or favorite businesses. I’m active in a golf league, church softball league, and other community service activities.

I am humbled by the support and excitement from my community on my Lebanon City Council campaign. I’m not a polished politician by any stretch. Just one of you, wanting to do right. Vote for Joe!
Experience I was trained as engineer, and I have worked as a scientist and consultant for several years. I am currently a project manager at P&G. With my wife, I own and operate a local business in downtown Lebanon. I regularly attend City Council and Work Session meetings, and I engage with city staff to stay informed and active.
Education BS Chemical Engineering. PhD Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
How do we keep our small town character while maintaining positive growth? I support balanced economic development. City development resources typically go to larger organizations as 'big bet' investments. I will get more of that investment to the small businesses; family owned and operated businesses that give us community; and unique shops that give us character. Its about spending differently, not spending more. I have argued these points at many council meetings.

Our roads were on decline for decades. We have finally started a road rebuilding program. I will push this program forward and ensure proper road maintenance so that we never return to such a major problem.

We need to continue to support our critical city services. I supported the fire levy and worked to help get it passed. I promise to do my due diligence to figure out exactly what our city services need and to resource them responsibly.
My educational background has given me experience in solving complex problems. As your representative, I will be ensure the most efficient solutions to our issues. As a project manager at P&G, I have experience in running large budgets as well as working within a complex corporate system. You would be surprised about what it takes to work through the bureaucracy of a major company or governmental city body. To balance my corporate experience, I own and operate a small business in downtown. I can make decisions under pressure and on a 'shoe string budget'. Most importantly, I regularly attend city meetings and engage with city staff.
Government's role in private business is limited, but there are things we can do. Part of economic development is knowing where to invest city resources. At P&G, I have had the responsibility to vet small startups. I can tell BS when I hear it. I will work to create programs that make small bets to get resources where they make the most impact, diversify our portfolio and keep our small town character.

I talk to lots of businesses, and one limitation is finding employees. By making Lebanon an even more attractive place to live, we can grow our workforce and attract new business.
Above all, I believe that residents want a proper working city. I support critical city services like fire and police. I will make roads a priority investment, and I will improve our cities code enforcement.

I will make sure we keep Lebanon's small town character through balanced economic development, and I will prioritize single family homes. I will also put more focus on identifying family friendly resources.

I will be fiscally responsible and work with city staff to find creative and effective funding solutions.
My wife and I chose Lebanon because we love the character of the city and quality of the people. We may be new, but we are committed. We bought our first home here and created our own business here. I am frequently the only resident that attends city meetings in person, because I care about this community.

Being relatively new has its advantages and I will bring a different perspective to the Council. I am not influenced by a set group of friends, and I don't have any old baggage.