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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

NOTE: Not all communities have issues or candidates on the ballot. Guide does not include uncontested races.

Clearcreek Twp. Trustee

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    Jason Gabbard

  • DeAnn Hurtado

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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

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What would you do if elected to make life better for residents?

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Experience Two Term Trustee serving as Vice President of the Board since 2015
Education Springboro High School 1991 University of Cincinnati Wright State University Marketing Major
Twitter @jtlcgab
We continue to face rapid growth in the township. This has a ripple affect with our schools and community. I will continue to help manage this growth and work with the township team to make sure our citizens have the best possible support and amenities.
My experience in this community goes back generations so I have seen the growth managed in different ways. I have a unique perspective as I also see the needs of the newer community that has evolved as I am raising my children here and I am active in the other groups in the schools and athletics. I believe my business acumen helps as well. I have also served for 8 years as a trustee and have seen how decisions affect the community and how they have helped us grow and learn.
We have explored many options and will continue to in order to attract business to the township. Our business zones are limited in size but I want to work with the Port Authority and utilize any and all resources to help the 48/73 area as well as the Red Lion area with their business opportunities. We are in a great location between Dayton and Cincinnati to attract business and investment.
I will continue to make sure we are the best equipped organization to service our roads, parks, safety, and support services. I will also continue to make informed fiscal decisions to manage within our means.
My wife and I chose to return to this area to raise our daughters and be closer to our families. It also afforded us the opportunity to live in the area we grew up in. While it has changed a great deal it is still a great place to live. I will continue to work hard to make sure that is the case for years to come.
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