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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

NOTE: Not all communities have issues or candidates on the ballot. Guide does not include uncontested races.

Franklin twp. Trustee

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Why are you running for this office and what skills, knowledge and experience will you be bringing if elected?

Name three issues facing the township and what would you propose to resolve them?

The funding for the fire department has been an issue in past years? How would you work with your fellow trustees to ensure there is adequate funding and staffing?

What proposals do you have to increase the township tax base through economic development?

Experience One term as Franklin Township trustee. President of the board of trustees two years. First Township representative from Warren County on the executive board of the Miami valley regional planning commission. Two years on the JEMS Board. Board director for Carlisle Railroad Days. I developed a team of volunteers and have continued to grow this festival for the community after the groups running it decided to stop.
Education Graduate of Carlisle high school Bachelors degree from Wright State University
Four years ago I ran for this office because there seems to be a war between the trustees and common resident. I I am a firm believer in Fiscal transparency and I have proven that by writing and adopting a policy that ensures taxpayer dollars that are given to any organization have to be reported as to how they were spent.

I come with a very open mind and look at all sides of an issue before making my final decision. I am not afraid to vote against popular opinion when the information I have obtained proves that it is the right decision for the township.

Above all I have proven over the years my true interest and passion is with what the people of the township need and want. As an elected official you’re to represent the township not a personal agenda.
Forward planning - Township is growing at all sides and it is important that leadership can ensure that the type of growth is logical and done in the right manner. There are many groups such as the Warren County planning commission and the Miami Valley regional planning commission that can not only assist in development of our township but they Also provide services and state and federal grant opportunities that help to save tax dollars while growing or accomplishing the projects that we face.

Continued responsiveness from leadership - It is very valuable to not only be able to contact the townships leadership but you also see tangible results. I pride myself on doing this as many accomplishments have come directly from requested help.

Support the basic needs of the township. - I am a firm believer that as a leader if you absolutely must support the local emergency response organizations, our schools, and those in need such as the disabled and the elderly.
As a son of a former volunteer fireman, this issue has remained very important to me. The opinions on this vastly differ and it is a very complicated issue to deal with. I am completely against a large Increase that would hinder the taxpayers on a day today basis. I do however support a renewal of the existing Levy that would allow the fire department to operate without financially hurting the general fund which it has currently relied on rather consistently for years.

Our new fire chief has taken great strides to increase education, training, and get our current equipment up-to-date. While he has done a great job, the steps that he could have taken already to increase the safety of our community are held back by the fact that funding simply is not there right now.

The Franklin Township volunteer fire department is one of the strongest brotherhoods I have seen in my adult life. These men not only protect each other and our people but they do it with great pride and respect
This is a very exciting subject as we have aligned ourselves to not only be protected but to also grow through joint economic development plans. This keeps large portions of Franklin Township from being annexed but allows us to tap into resources needed from our neighboring cities. We have realized it is better to work with our neighbors as a partner then try to compete with each other when we have the same end goal.

We have also recently taken a huge step toward growth with the recent purchase of acreage that faces I 75. While this is in its infancy stages, it will allow Franklin Township to bring in a solid commercial business region which will not only bring jobs but also bring additional funding into the township that can pay for future projects.

Above all a solid partnership with Warren County planning and the Miami Valley regional planning commission are vital to continued growth. I have worked with each of these groups very closely for the last few years.
Experience I was a member of the Student Advisory Council at Miami University- Middletown. I was a high school teacher and coach for 35 years. I was nominated and served as a District IX Director of SECO (Science Education Council of Ohio.) I was nominated, elected, and served as the High School Representative of the Carlisle Teacher's Association. I have lived in Franklin Township for 40 years.
Education I graduated from Edgewood High School in 1974. I graduated from Miami University in 1979 with a bachelor of Science Degree in Education. I graduated from Miami University with a Master of Education degree in 1986 and a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree in 1993.
As a property owner and taxpayer in the township, I am concerned about how the tax dollars are spent. I live in the unincorporated portion of the township. Currently, two of three board members live in the incorporated portion of the township. I believe the board should have members who live in the unincorporated portion since this is the only governing board that the 12,000 plus unincorporated residents have to represent them.The incorporated areas have a city council to represent their interests. As a teacher and a coach, I worked not only within the school district, but also within the township, the cities, the county, and the state. I have an interest in seeing my township grow and prosper because it has an effect on the property values of township residents. I have leadership skills that I have demonstrated in every facet of my life. Although I am a retired teacher, I still have the energy and desire to serve the public.
Emergency services, maintenance of infrastructure and working with the other communities within our township to utilize the county park land that lies within the township are three issues facing the township. Many people do not realize that the township has only one deputy sheriff on patrol at any given time for its 33 square miles and 12,000 plus residents.This is a safety concern that needs to be addressed. Searching and applying for grants and collaborating with other entities to generate revenue to maintain roads, bridges, equipment, and the cemetery are critical. I would enlist the help of schools, clubs, and donations from businesses to help insure that we have a first class park system within the township.
This is a very complicated issue since there are currently three separate fire departments within the township's boundaries belonging to the cities of Middletown, Franklin, and Carlisle leaving the township with the opportunity to create fire districts. Most people in the township are not aware that the fire protection they receive is not equal across the board. I believe that we should have a focus group made up of residents from all parts of the township to decide on what they want from their fire departments.
I would propose extending Briel Boulevard from Middletown into Carlisle to encourage economic growth and cooperation between the two cities. I would propose improving infrastructure throughout the township to encourage businesses to locate in the township. I would work with the cities of Franklin and Carlisle to encourage the development of a Riverscape along the Miami River in Franklin to bring people and businesses to the downtown area of Franklin. I would try to get traffic lights along State Routes 122 and 123 to prevent traffic problems in the Hunter area. I would propose the formation of a Township Planning Commission to plan for future growth and development in Franklin Township. I would also propose the development of economic development zones within the township.
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