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Springfield Mayor

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What is your top priority if elected?

What do you believe is the biggest problems Springfield faces?

What is one thing you believe the city is doing well?

What is one thing you believe the city could be doing better?

What are your plans for downtown development?

How do you plan to work with the city and county commission to get things accomplished?

How you do plan on communicating with residents?

Experience I have served on the Springfield City Commission since 1988.
Education BA MacMurray College 1965 BD Christian Theological Seminary 1968 AM/Ph.D University of Chicago 1976
We have added a number of new jobs that pay well to our local economy in recent years. My top priority is continuing that progress which is essential to our community and makes possible so many other good things. For instance, we have seen significant progress in our downtown which the City has strongly supported. That should continue. This has also allowed us to take a serious look at our housing including support of efforts to build some new housing and efforts to improve the old housing or in some cases tear it down. I believe I have played a key role in supporting these efforts and plan to continue that in the future if I am reelected
1. We need to add and retain jobs that pay enough to support our families. 2. We need to prepare our people better for those jobs. 3. We need to either fix up or tear down old housing that needs repair. 4. We need to recruit and retain capable people in our public safety forces. 5. We need to continue and strengthen our efforts to treat our people who are drug dependent. 6. We need to support our schools at every age level.
We provide basic services such as utilities and safety forces well and have added good jobs.
I believe we could support our older neighborhoods better, especially in terms of adequate and affordable housing.
We are in the midst of building a parking garage and facilitated some new housing. We have a thriving brewery and a number of small shops and new restaurants. I hope these will grow with adequate parking.
I think we are working well together as a City Commission, and I believe that my leadership helps make that happen. We are not in significant conflict with the County Government. Recently we have been working together on housing issues particularly. Our agreement with Springfield Township continues to make possible good job creation.
We have a full page of City news in the News-Sun each week as well as a presence on social media. Our meetings are televised, and I respond directly to citizen comments, questions or complaints.
Experience Lieutenant U S Navy, Naval Aviator Vietnam Era, Squadron duties included Public Affairs Officer, Survival Officer, Personnel Officer, Nuclear Weapons Officer, First Lieutenant. 1971 to 1976 active duty, Honorable Discharge January 1992. IBM Client Representative and Consultant to Fortune 500 companies traveling throughout the USA. President and Owner of Springfield Soup Kitchen 2009 to Present.
Education Christian Brothers Academy High School, King's College B.S., Naval Aviation OCS, Pepperdine University MA, MIT course studies
Change Springfield's status as second most Dangerous City in Ohio to the Safest City. Crime prevails and Springfield is on a way to be the next Baltimore. Springfield has been ranked as the 5th in most burglaries in the Nation. A strategic and creative plan must be formulated and implemented to initiate crime prevention. My military experience and interface with people from many countries and most cities in the USA have gifted me with abilities to form creative and successful problem solving solutions. Working at the Springfield Soup Kitchen for over eleven years has provided contact with the grassroots of problems existing in Springfield.
Lack of Leadership and Determination to tackle the tough issues of Crime, Drugs and Hunger. When one cannot feed their family committing crime is trivial. Springfield has been ranked most 'Food Insecure' City in Ohio and in the top five in the country. Reasons for this must be brought to light. Opioid Overdoses are out of control. Drugs are one of the primary reasons for high level of crime and new ways to combat this plague have to be initiated. Running for Mayor in the past and raising these issues nothing was done. Numbers have doubled if not tripled and the situation has only got worse. When there were 52 overdoses in 48 hour period the hospital emergency room ran out of the antidote Narcan. It was the Springfield Soup Kitchen that rushed their Narcan kits over to help in the crisis.
Thanks to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce new businesses have come to Springfield creating jobs. Numbers of those in need of immediate food assistance have come down at the Soup Kitchen but are still at all time highs.
Addressing all sides of town and not only their constituents and the squeaky wheel analogy. Leadership needs to improve peripheral vision in fighting crime.
Downtown development is doing fine and I will back current projects. I do have some new and creative ideas that will be presented once elected.
Have already good communications and interface with city and county commissions and will continue the good rapport. My ideas will be presented one on one and in group sessions. Will welcome and evaluate all good ideas.
With 100% more visibility then the current Mayor. From walking the streets to Social media I have over 52,000 viewers and at the Soup Kitchen the grassroots of Springfield. Visiting schools and churches and athletic events and clubs and different organizations and businesses talking to all. Currently many I talk to do not know who is the current Mayor.