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What is your top priority if elected?

What do you believe is the biggest problem the district faces?

What is one thing you believe the district is doing well?

What is your solution for Springfield’s failing state report card grade?

How do you plan to work with parents, staff and the superintendent?

Experience Springfield City School Board Member – 12 yrs. Springfield-Clark CTC Board Member – 10 yrs. Springfield-Clark CTC Board President – 5 yrs. Small Business Development Center Board Member – 10 yrs. Financial Executive – 40 yrs.
Education BA - Accounting Xavier University MBA Finance - Wright State University
My top priority, if elected, is to continue providing the administration and staff with the necessary resources to maintain and expand the curriculum and programs to provide students with the best opportunity to meet their individual educational needs. This includes finding ways to support the innovative programs that provide learning opportunities for students outside the mainstream curriculum such as YouMedia and Maker Space at The Dome.
My perspective is that we should be discussing the challenges that students face in acquiring the knowledge necessary for them to lead successful and happy lives. Those challenges include poverty, homelessness, drugs, gun violence, social media pressures, and personal disabilities. One significant challenge at Springfield is the number of students that enter Pre-K or kindergarten at academic development levels substantially behind their classmates. Research and historical data tells us that these students struggle for years to catch up and many, never do. Students that aren’t learning at grade level by the 3rd grade will most likely struggle significantly throughout their educational experience.
Springfield does a myriad of things well including providing the broadest curriculum in Clark County, IB and AP courses, College Credit Plus, music and fine arts courses, STEM, technology classes, online programs, and free athletic and band participation. In addition to teaching students, we provide free meals, transportation, translators, health screenings, counseling, and speech, behavioral and physical therapy to a diverse student community with different individual needs. Finally, the district’s financial status is outstanding as evidenced by the many awards the Treasurer’s department has received for financial reporting.
Dr. Hill and district personnel have spent the last few years constructing, training, and implementing a system that enables staff to educate students to meet the state guidelines that the legislature continues to change and I will support that system and their efforts in whatever way is necessary to make students successful. SCSD fell to the F Grade due to a .8% decrease in the overall performance index and we have determined that 150 students failed to take the state tests. Just ensuring their participation would have increased our results to a D Grade.
The SCSD Board and administration has been transparent with all stakeholders the 12 years I have served as a Board member and I am committed to maintaining that open communication to work effectively with everyone to provide students and their parents with an outstanding individual educational experience.
Experience For more than 15 years I have worked with non-profit organizations in Springfield, including making grants and awarding scholarships to graduating high school seniors. I have been involved in leadership with many local groups and lead the planning for events such as the annual Health Expo. I am the Scholarship Chair and Past President of the Springfield Branch of AAUW (American Association of University Women) and Board member of the South Fountain Neighborhood Assoc.
Education I am a graduate of Springfield North High School and earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Elementary Education from Wittenberg University.
If elected, I would work to be sure every child receives the support they need to be successful. Children are this community’s greatest natural resource and the Springfield City Schools have a responsibility to develop the talents and skills they need to earn a decent wage and live a fulfilling life as adults.
The biggest problem for the Springfield City School District is related to the high poverty rate in Springfield. Poverty impacts the ability of students to learn and succeed. Children are suffering and it isn’t because of any choices they have made. Homelessness, lack of food and clothing, and little access to out-of-school programming can expose children to traumatic events. People who experience trauma have a hard time believing in hope for a better future. Teachers and staff at our schools see these children on a daily basis. Children and families need support and resources outside of the classroom so they can perform their best academically.
The Springfield City School District is doing a great job of researching and implementing programs that support a positive and safe school environment. Proven programs like the PAX Good Behavior Game, Botvin Life Skills, Project-Based curriculum and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) are based on research of successful programs in districts similar to Springfield. The district is working hard to provide resources that help the very diverse student population achieve their very best.
The failing state report card grade is a reflection of the high poverty rate in Springfield, Ohio. One in three children live in households below the poverty line. When children are surrounded by caring adults at school and in out-of-school programs they can learn the skills needed for academic success. In my experience, I have seen the lives of children turned around by a caring adult or organization. Children in every income level benefit from a community that values them and programs that help them succeed in school and life.
I work with groups in a collaborative style. The best way to work with parents, staff and the superintendent is to listen to their concerns and work together to find a solution. I want to understand everybody’s point of view and will do all I can to be sure everyone is heard and treated respectfully.
Experience I've been involved in multiple community driven organizations over the years, as well as community discussion groups. One of those serving as a PTA President for several years. I've worked within payroll, performed internal audits, and currently work as a Regional Maintenance Planner/ Scheduler. This requires great attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. All attributes that I believe are needed when serving as a board member.
Education Associate's in Paralegal Studies Springfield City School Alum
Twitter @ReidTackett
My priority is to continue to seek resources and input from all stakeholders within the Springfield community to assist us with addressing the outside obstacles that interfere with the learning environment at our schools. Our staff is often faced with many more jobs when in the classroom than just teaching our students. We need to be able to equip our staff with the necessary tools to efficiently perform their jobs and part of that is making sure they can dedicate the entirety of their class time going over a lesson plan.
For years, our biggest obstacle has been the complexity of diverse issues that we face in the Springfield community. We do not have just one or even two issues that impede the learning and growth process of our students. We face issues of poverty, hunger, student homelessness, drug addiction, absent parents, crowded schools, and so many more. The fact is that there is not one single solution and we are not equipped to handle these issues as a school district or community at this time.
The school district has taken a genuine initiative to address mental health and physical health issues that our students face day to day. This has been seen through collaborations with the Rocking Horse Center and organizations like ITSTEME2!
Consistency in the delivery of our curriculum, staff buy in through inclusion and appreciation, and assurance that the staff has the tools necessary to perform their jobs. We need to make sure we are not switching up the curriculum from year to year and that the curriculum is geared toward the grade levels and subjects that it is being delivered to. I think that if we have a long term strategic plan, but are changing the curriculum from year to year then we are going to face some issues. Additionally, if we don’t have buy in from our faculty and administrators, the people tasked with delivering our strategic plan, then it is not going to succeed. Finally, the staff can’t carry out the strategic plan without having the support, tools, and resources that they need. And we need to make sure that we are getting to the bottom of this by having those tough conversations and finding ways to deliver on those topics.
The first thing I can do that would apply to parents, staff, and the superintendent is to listen. I would be new to the board and I would be doing a huge disservice if I were to come in there telling everyone how it is. And listening at the end of the day doesn’t mean anything if you are not validating the messages being conveyed to you. Validation occurs through action and consistency in what it is that you stand for as a human being.
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