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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

What can you do if elected to help grow the local economy and add jobs? What ideas do you have for attracting new jobs and investment?

What would you do if elected to make life better for residents?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience As a biologist I've worked with USGS, USFWS, Miami University, Tyndall Airforce Base, Save the Redwoods League, and Three Valley Conservation Trust. As an educator I've taught for Miami University, Earlham College, Oregon Caves National Monument (NPS), and Penn Wood Middle School. I'm an advisor with the Evans Scholars Foundation which provides full tuition and housing to students with high academic achievement and financial need. Volunteer for Little Mudders, MapAthon, HikeAthon, Earthfest.
Education Ph.D. (candidate) Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology, Miami University - - - M.En. Environmental Science, Miami University - - - M.A. Geoscience, West Chester University - - - B.A. Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University - - - Certifications in Applied Statistics and Geographic Information Science - - - Teacher certifications in Biology, Earth & Space Science, and Physics
I believe our priorities should be organized foremost by concern for our most vulnerable community members. I think that starts with helping those locally who are food and housing insecure and trying to address associated issues such as addiction, healthcare, and housing costs. These causes are deserving in and of themselves, but can also have widespread benefits in terms of education, safety, business, and overall community health.

I think this could be addressed by starting a Housing First initiative while working with philanthropic groups and devoting resources toward addiction treatment.

I would also like to prioritize reducing our contribution to climate change. We can not ask of others what we will not ask of ourselves. We need to do our part and there is no shortage of ways in which to move forward. We should consider solar power, replacing our fleet with electric vehicles as feasible, addressing food waste, refrigerant management, and promoting ideas like Meatless Mondays.
I think my background in philosophy and science makes me particularly good at weighing empirical evidence and making logical decisions. I come prepared to address the traps of bias and common logical fallacies, which starts with an awareness of our human fallibility and requires a concerted effort to view matters of evidence as impartially as possible and with the nuance necessary to accurately interpret a complex world. This means creatively considering all the possibilities, applying probabilistic rather than binary outcomes, and considering the harm and benefit of those potential outcomes. Decisions trees, opportunity costs, cost benefit analysis, expected value of new information, these are all concepts that should be embraced if we want to make the best decisions for our community.

To do good, you have to have the right values, but you also have to be able to understand the world such that you can impart the kinds of change that are most likely to see those values become reality.
I would like to increase participation in the local economy and create conditions for a sustainable local workforce. Many businesses have trouble retaining long-term help because of college town dynamics, but also because of a lack of affordable housing to draw and keep good workers. Addressing housing should help alleviate some of our issues. To help buffer swings in business associated with student attendance, we should continue to promote events outside (as well as inside) the typical school year.

One particular draw we should reconsider is developing a Tesla supercharging station. While we have budgeted for EV charging, I think it’s important for Oxford to show up on Tesla’s trip planner map. Tesla vehicles are half the market share, so more travelers would be likely to stop here to get lunch or dinner while recharging. And these stations are able to charge other EV brands. This can improve business, expand on a public service, and work towards climate and sustainability goals.
One of my focuses will be affordable housing. I would like to address this by using resources to proactively seek out housing that fits our needs, rather than being reactive to the options that come before us. I think this is the most efficient way to build agreement among competing interests in our community, while addressing some very real needs.

Other policies I’m interested in include reducing trash from outdoor drinking gatherings. I think we should consider requesting funds or public service cleanup hours from offending organizations, or increasing monitoring efforts and punitive measures for littering.

I would also like to see us consider mandating the availability of free tampons/pads in government buildings and public schools. I don’t see a reason that these products shouldn’t be considered standard articles of hygiene. This is an easy way to provide a basic need to our community while preventing disruption or embarrassment to our students when they’re trying to learn.
That I care. That I have the best intentions at heart. That even if we don’t agree on policy, that my goals are still based in concern for those I would directly represent in office, as well as concern for those outside our city limits.
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Experience 38 years living in Oxford.
Education Talawanda 1999, Miami University 2003, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
I believe that Oxford is currently in a very good place, and I don’t think there are major issues that need an immediate, full scale, response. Creating an environment that draws young families to move to Oxford should be our main goal while running City operations at a balanced or surplus budget. Two issues that need some attention are the continued loss of family aged residents and the lack of housing stock in the Oxford market. Oxford must continue to support and promote growth in the housing sector so those that get job in Oxford are more likely to live in Oxford instead of the townships of eastern Butler County. If we get younger families we may be able to attract more businesses and entertainment to come to Oxford, which will attract more residents. We must work to get that snowball rolling.
I have lived and/or worked in Oxford for all of my life. I have several family members and close friends that have participated in different aspects of Oxford's government. I run a successful business in Oxford and have a very strong reputation of honesty, fairness, and strong interpersonal skills. I don't rush to any judgement and am always interested to see all sides of an issue if possible. I don't have a proverbial bone to pick or an axe to grind. I just want what is best for Oxford and its residents.
The biggest thing we can do to add jobs to Oxford is to grow Oxford's full-time population. We need more houses. We have wonderful schools, a great City staff, excellent recreational facilities and the amazing cultural and entertainment opportunities that Miami University provides. The issue is a bit of a 'chicken and the egg' conundrum as people want the restaurants, movies, and entertainment of more developed areas, but those businesses will not come until Oxford grows in population. We must continue to provide available housing stock to make Oxford an option for new residents.
Growth in the full-time population will attract new business into town that will help diversify the eating and entertainment opportunities for Oxfordians. We also need to assess several places where sidewalk connectivity is not being maintained to allow for better use by those on their feet, skates or bicycles. Truthfully, Oxford is in a good place right now, we just need to continue to keep our eyes and ears open to new thoughts and ideas to keep it that way.
I was born here. I was raised here. I was educated here. I am running a business here. I am starting my family here. I will stay here. I will retire here. I am Oxford's past present and future. I will do my best.
Experience Currently serving as Co-Chair of the City of Oxford Historic & Architectural Preservation Commission (appointed in 2017). Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity on Oxford based projects. 20+ Years Shrewsbury (PA) Borough Council. At various times Chairperson of the Street & Road, Building Land and Finance, and employee Pension committees. 30+ years in the Commercial Insurance industry in both staff and management positions. 5 years as Secretary of the Youghiogheny Homeowners Association.
Education Master of Business Administration, Long Island University, Greenvale, New York 1985. Bachelor of Business Administration,Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York 1979 J.L Kellogg Graduate School of Management Executive Education Program, Northwestern University, Chicago Illinois 1997 CIC and CRM Professional Designations, The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, Austin Texas.
The ongoing challenge of balancing the needs of Oxford’s residents with that of the Miami student population to work towards meeting the needs of both groups are met and providing both with a good experience within the community. To meet this challenge I would encourage the following: 1) More engagement between the City and Miami when either is considering a major project. I would propose a standing City Council agenda item where Miami can share what they have going on. 2) Continue efforts to expand student involvement through their participation on commissions and committees.

The benefits include: • Oxford gains in terms of student input, time, and talent. • Students learn from this real life experience that can be applied post graduation. • Miami gains as this would further strengthen their relationship with Oxford.
My Wife and I moved to Oxford in 2016, having spent the previous 26 years living in Shrewsbury PA. It was there that I served on the Borough Council for 20+ years. While on Council, I served as chair of an array of committees including Street & Road, Building Land & Finance and Employee Pension. It is the experience I gained from serving on the Borough Council along with my 30 years working in Commercial Insurance in both staff and management positions that I look to leverage as a City Council person to make good and informed decisions. Additionally, I have served on the Oxford Historic and Architectural Preservation Committee for the past two years. While on the Commission I contributed to the rewrite of the ordinance that addresses historic and architectural preservation in Oxford, helped in the finalization of the Uptown Historic District Inventory and am heading up efforts to identify other structures that may have contributed or are significant to the history of Oxford.
I would seek opportunities to bring more manufacturing to the area complimenting Wildberry (which expanded their operations this year) and Schneider Electric. I would encourage those in high school that are trying to decide a career path to consider pursuing one in the trades be it electrical, plumbing or carpentry as we are facing a decline in people with those skills. Over the past few years, we have seen expansion of services at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. I would like to see this continue to meet the needs of our community and lessening the need to travel to facilities in Cincinnati and/or West Chester. With that expansion would come more jobs in the medical field.

I would like to see improvements in public transportation that would provide services to all of Oxford. We could begin by expanding bus service along the feeder roads such as Chestnut Street/Brookville Road, Fairfield Road, Contreras Road, and Morning Sun Road as well look to expand service on College Corner Pike. That would bring residents into the shopping areas and Uptown districts and provide transportation to jobs. It would also lessen personal car usage and enable more access to our parks and uptown venues.

To further this from an environmental perspective, I would encourage BCRTA to switch over the buses that service Oxford to be electric or hybrid buses. Perhaps erecting charging stations at the parking lot (former Talawanda High School) that could also be used by visitors to Oxford who use electric vehicles.

I see this as a win from an accessibility standpoint, an environmental standpoint and positions Oxford for the future.
After 26 years of living hours away from family, I have no regrets about our decision to return to Southwest Ohio and discovering all that Oxford has to offer.

I am person who tries to be practical, realistic, responsive, and looks to make decisions after an opportunity to digest the facts of the situation and input from others.

I believe in public service and want to be involved in what goes on in our community. That is the reason I applied for and was appointed to the Historic & Architectural Preservation Commission. Serving on City Council is an opportunity to further serve the community.

Oxford is a great city and am proud to call Oxford home!

Experience Oxford City Council 1987-1995; 1997-2001;Mayor 1993-1995;1997-2001. Currently Chair, Oxford Planning Commission. I served as a member of Oxford Board of Zoning Appeals, Historic & Architectural Commission & others. I'm proud of the accomplishments of the city during my various tenures in office. With a history of engagement over 30 years in this city, I understand why some of the ordinances & zoning came into being in the first place. This historical perspective is needed on Council.
Education Ph.D University of Nebraska M.A. West Virginia University B.S. Illinois State University
Affordable Housing - I support efforts to develop affordable housing in ways that enable working families & university employees to live in Oxford while ensuring developers do not promise it while actually intending to develop more student housing instead. I support our Neighborhood Overlay legislation.

Sensible planning - I strive to be open to development while respecting the interests of current neighbors and a clear understanding of the zoning code and the Comprehensive Plan.

Transportation - I support the complete streets policy, OATS trail, & BCRTS availability for all citizens

Climate Action. The recommendations from the Climate Action Steering Committee to Council (of which I was a member) are important and I will fight to ensure their implementation.

Fiscal Responsibility. We need to continue to find ways to meet our many civic needs within our current revenue stream. I do not support increasing taxes for the city’s residents.
I am an active citizen of our community. I have years of experience on the council, as mayor, and as a volunteer on various boards and commission. I have a solid record. I bring leadership, ethics, and perspective to this position. People who have been in Oxford for some time know me. I am a stable and known quantity. My educational background and experience in leadership and communication serve me well. I listen. I do my homework and visit subject properties before acting on them. These are all qualities that will aid the city of Oxford as we confront the future.
Our economy is strongly tied to Miami University, our largest employer. We need to work with the university, while keeping and promoting the interests of the community first. I support maintaining our industrial and commercial zones, which have been chipped away over time. I support the work of our Economic Development department to attract and maintain local business.
I am proud of what we accomplished during my time on Council. We solved the recurring water shortage problem by establishing new wells & transmission lines, built a real water treatment plant that still serves us well to this day, and we increased uptown parking. We built the beautiful uptown parks, established the Community Park, and built a skateboard park. We started a tradition of saving for big projects like a new city building instead of raising taxes. The new Municipal Building and Police Department facilities have been needed for decades, but saving for them first made fiscal sense. These are all examples of what I have done to make life better for Oxford residents and I will work on similar projects in the future, including environmental actions that save money, affordable housing, transportation, more parking options uptown, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.
I love Oxford. My wife Kay and I moved here in 1977 - my first home after graduate school. Our children were born here, attended the local public schools, and both graduated from Miami. My motivation is to serve my community. Although my job took me away from Oxford for a few years, we immediately moved back home when I retired. I have the time, the experience, the dedication, and love for our community to do the job. I hope my fellow citizens will afford me the opportunity.