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Fairfield Twp. Fiscal Officer

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    Shelly Schultz

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    JoBeth Yambrich

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What steps can you take to stretch tax dollars to ensure the most efficient spending for services?

What are the biggest challenges facing the township and how would you deal with them?

What qualifies you for this position?

What do you want voters to know about you?

Experience 20+ years accounting experience 2 years current Fiscal Officer
Education Bachelor Degree in Accounting Certified Public Accountant
When preparing the budget annually, I sit with each department head and review the major purchases on their list to discuss other possible alternatives that could save money. Before each purchase is brought to the board, I work with the administrator and listen to her ideas on ways that we can work together to bring costs down for each purchase. We also evaluate the timing of each purchase to make sure it is in fact needed at that time.
I think the biggest challenges facing our community is the growth we are experiencing causing the constant need for more police and fire on the streets yet the funds are not always available to make this happen. Police and Fire are so important to our community and the expense to keep these departments running keeps rising. We always have to keep these two departments at the top of our priority list and find ways to fund them.
I believe I am very qualified for this position due to my many years of accounting experience as well as accounting education. I also have held several volunteer positions in the community including PTC president, PTC treasurer, HOA treasurer, campaign party treasurer to name just a few. I am very involved in the community and in my kids schools.
I want voters to know that I have successfully done this job for the past 2 years after the unfortunate passing of our prior Fiscal Officer and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the process as well as getting to know my peers and the residents of Fairfield Township. I have worked extremely hard to come into this position without a predecessor to be there to train me and believe my peers would say I have done a great job taking over and working hard to keep things moving on track. I spent hours educating myself in government accounting so that I could be knowledgeable about this position when I was appointed and I have learned an enormous amount of information over the last 2 years. I have so much more to learn and so much more I would like to accomplish in the next 4 years. I feel honored to have served our community and would love a chance to continue to be able to in the future.
Experience Eighteen years of bank management. Fourteen years city government experience. Twenty nine years owner and operator of
Education BFA Otterbein University
As Fairfield Township Fiscal Officer I will ensure that the tax payer’s dollars are maintained, accounted for, and protected. I will use spending discipline and all accounting procedures set forth by fiscal policy. I will put the time, effort, and energies into effective and efficient fiscal practices by spending the time needed in this position to maintain the high quality standards of our township funds and maintaining flawless records.
As the Township continues to grow, change, and prosper, the financial responsibility needs to be continually raised to the highest of standards for our community. The knowledge, effort, and time of the Fiscal Officer will aid the Trustees in dealing with future challenges of the Township. Most importantly the Fiscal Officer will be a good steward of the tax payer’s dollars. The Fiscal Officer will learn the job and do the job.
I have 18 years of Bank Management experience. This experience includes all day to day operations and accounting practices within the branch environment as Manager. I spent 14 years working in local city government. My position allotted me vast knowledge of government policy and procedures, forecasting, and budgeting. Most importantly I have been a local business owner and operator for the past 29 years. As a business owner I have maintained all accounting records and spenditure. I take a very conservative approach to all things and will spend whatever time it takes to excel at my position.
I have been a resident of Fairfield Township for the past 27 years. In this time I have witnessed tremendous growth and prosperity in our community. I love being out in our Township talking and meeting the public. I grew up in Fairfield and graduated from Fairfield schools. I grew up in a family dedicated to business and community service. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve the community of Fairfield Township as your Fiscal Officer.