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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

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Madison Twp. Trustee

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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

What can you do if elected to help grow the local economy and add jobs? What ideas do you have for attracting new jobs and investment?

What would you do if elected to make life better for residents?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience I have 28 years of experience being Madison Township Trustee.
Education Graduated from Madison Highschool, 4 year welding apprenticeship.
Financing EMT and fire department, I propose looking at ways to cut cost but to continue same type of service.
I have 25 years experience as a volunteer fireman, 14 years Madison School Board, 10 years Butler Tech, over twenty years on Butler County Variance board, 28 years township trustee in Madison Township.
We do not have sewers in Madison Township and I don't think the people in Madison Township want them. With that being said until sewers are put in which I am opposed too their will not be industrial based or commercial based in our township.
Being a resident of Madison for 73 years, our road crew and fire department have done an excellent job and will continue to do so.
I have been a part of hiring all the present employees in the township. With that being said I think the service speaks for itself.
Experience Owned and operated several businesses throughout the years. Full awareness of customer service.
Education K-12 Madison Graduate 1974.
As far as a trustee position I would like to see more public/residence awareness of the monthly meeting discussions, trustee website updated and current reporting of complete issues discussed in meetings and being more responsive to the residents. Concerns with the budget and how the money comes in and how the money goes out in the township. Making sure the Fire Dept., Life Squad, and police is adequate and compliance to the needs for the township. Keeping our roads and infrastructure maintenance well and to future expectations. I would also be concerned with the growth of the township and looking into the trustee administration taking more control over zoning issues within the residential and commercial development. I would lime to keep the integrity of the township!
Being in business for your self prepares you for what issues and priorities are necessary to be successful. Making yourself approachable to the residents can give them the feeling the township trustees care and will protect the township. Living in this township all my life seeing how things work within our township helps as well. Customer service, budgeting, and marketing are three areas as to what we strived for to help our businesses.
As a trustee position I would look at how to properly develope a suitable industrial park-developed away from residential ...hoping to bring in tax dollars to the township. I would like to look at offering more adminities within the township to attract homebuyers.
Work hard to keep our township safe, appealing place to live, raise children, and retire at. Keeping the township cleaned up and provide adequate recycle areas. Listen to the residents/businesses as to what they see is needed in the future.
I have lived in Madison Township all my life. My children live in the township and are Madison graduates. Both have children as well going to Madison School. We, as a family and in business have supported the township and schools donating and giving time to help in various ways. My husband, for many years, played Santa for North Fire Dept. And now my son has taken the role. We have enjoyed living here and plan to remain living in Madison Township so my time, my heart and trust would be given if elected to the trustee position.
Experience Operating and maintaining over $200M of electrical equipment. Creating plans to preserve equipment and expand the system to meet the future needs. Supervising maintenance crews working on the facilities roads, buildings and equipment.
Education Bacholars Of Science in Electrical Engineering Tennessee Technological University 92'
The biggest problem facing our township is the lack of planning. This is shown in the issues that are facing our Fire Department and Park. The Fire department has many operational problems. These range from lack of operating equipment to facilities that do not meet their needs. Any solution should set the safety of our firefighters and paramedics first and maintaining or reducing call response times second. With these priorities set, an engineering study should be completed to layout the solution for the facilities needs. Likewise, a complete equipment cycle plan should be created to ensure continuity of service for the community. The park is another example of the problem. Our youth sport organizations are trying to chart a path forward but do not know what the township plans or support will be given. All of the organizations involved should have a seat at the table to set the priorities and requirements then move forward to research grants to execute the plan.
In my role as Senior Engineering Facilities Manager at GE Aviation, I operate, maintain and plan for the facility to meet the needs of several groups with different priorities and assure the smooth continuous operation of the plant. This includes the basic necessities of water, sewer and roads but also complicated air, pump and steam systems. Part of my role is evaluating current and new equipment for system improvement. This requires me to review the negative and positives of any changes for the betterment of plant.
Most of our residents are not looking for development of the township. They moved here for the freedoms and beauties of our small rural community. Any development should be directed along areas that already have zoning and infrastructure required for businesses to operate.
In addition to planning for our future, there are sections of our township that do not have access to dependable Internet. This is becoming a necessity of everyday life with activities including contacting doctors and medical records, applying for jobs and paying bills. The township should use the provider agreements and grants to expand this service to everyone.

Detailed information about the townships operations is very difficult to obtain. This is all public information that should the available at the meetings and on-line. By having this available to the township residents, everyone would be able to understand the strengths and weakness that we are facing.
I have a desire to help our community. Last year, I helped organize the Hope over Heroin event. Heroin has been devastating on Ohio. The statics say that either you or someone you know has felt this affect. This group directs people toward rehabilitation and family support. If someone needs assistance, this group is a good place to start. I am also a 4H advisor. My daughters rode horses in 4H and while they have aged out, it is a great organization and caring for horses definitely taught my daughters many life lessons. My wife and I felt the need to give back to the organization so we became advisors to assist the group that helped our family.