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Morgan twp. Trustee

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Experience Have served 4 years as Morgan Township Trustee.
The biggest problem that Morgan Township has is the number of properties that have junk vehicles and other trash accumulating on them. The Trustees have established a procedure under the guidance of legal council that must be followed to remediate the problem areas. Another problem has to do with our budget. This is a common problem with all Townships in that the amount of revenue that the Townships receive from the State of Ohio has been reduced each year, so it forces the Trustees to find ways to be able to provide all of the services with a smaller budget.
Being a business owner , I felt that I was more than qualified to be a Trustee four years ago, but I quickly found out that you can't be prepared for the issues that Trustees face running a Township. I was humbled very quickly and realized that I had a lot to learn. After four years, I am still learning and if reelected I will continue on my learning journey. I feel that I have made improvements in the Township during my past 4 year term. One that I am most proud of is making all the business conducted by the Trustee Board readily available to the residents. First, I uploaded the Trustee meeting minutes to the Township website and that was well received. I quickly realized that the meeting minutes really were not telling the entire story because they were merely a summary of the topics and business discussed. The next step was to upload the meeting video/audio recordings so the residents could view the entire meeting. We upgrades the AV equipment and the quality is now much better.
Morgan Township is a very rural community and I have heard loud and clear that the residents want to keep it that way. Sure Morgan Township will grow but it will be controlled growth so we can maintain the rural feel that is the reason people move to Morgan.
If re-elected, I will continue to find ways to do more with less meaning still provide the services that the residents expect on a more lean balanced budget. I will continue to work with our staff to find available grants and apply to help offset direct costs hitting our budget.
I have been a resident of Morgan Township for over 30 years. I am married to my wife of 38 years, Vera and have 3 grown children (Chris, Chelsea and Caitlyn) that went entirely through the Ross Local School District for their education. I have been involved in the Community the entire time serving on Parish Council at St. ALoysius, coaching baseball, softball and basketball through MRAA. I also volunteered for many years as a firefighter/EMT with Morgan Township Fire Department.
Experience 12 yrs. former morgan twp. trustee And organized several citizens groups that fought large housing developments and hazardous waste dumping in our farm fields. No other candidate has this experience that may be necessary in the near future.
Education Ross High School and Miami Un. Law
Keeping Large Housing developments from coming to Morgan Twp.and crowding our beautiful country side and our schools ! I also pledge to keep out any hazardous waste companies from dumping their harmful products in our farm fields . I am the only candidate that was faced with this problem in the past and successfully prevented both of these serious problems from occurring .
I have 12 years of previous experience and I am a lifetime Morgan Township Resident . I know my community and residents well and am able and willing to talk with them personally and have done so many times in the past to resolve any problems . I' m very involved in the community and participated in many groups. I coached MRAA baseball , Ross Little Pro Football and Ross Select Baseball. Was on 1st Morgan Twp. Zoning Board for 12 Yrs. On the Fernald Citizens Task Force . Was the only person on that committee that voted against the Government burying their radioactive waste on the Ross site ! I was one against twelve ! I organized and fought a large waste treatment company from dumping in Morgan Twp. and stopped them. I organized a group that helped prevent a large housing development from being built on our farm ground . I am the only candidate with this past experience , knowledge ,and knowhow . I am also the vice president of the Ross High School Alumni Assoc.
I really don't want to promote the building of large types of businesses that would lead to the over developing of our precious farm land. Once this ground is built on, it's gone forever and we can't get it back. This would also lead to more homes that would put a harmful strain on our school system. I do suggest we encourage smaller family type businesses that blend in with our small rural community. We may need to address our zoning regulations to make these smaller type businesses able to operate in other sections of the township.
Let the citizens know that I truly will have an open door policy and promise to listen to every bit of information presented to me. Then I will try my best to help them with their issue or at least come up with an agreeable compromise. I also promise to keep Morgan Township under budget, as I have done in my past administrations. I pledge to treat every Morgan Township resident as my neighbor and my friend.
I am excited about the future of Morgan Township. We belong to a small country community that others only dream of. We are not only proud of our scenic beauty, but very proud of our excellent educational system that is number one in the entire county. Parents sleep comfortable at night, knowing their children are being watched over by our top notch fire and life squad we maintain. I have always supported our emergency personnel and will continue to do so in the future. The fact that my wife, children, an grandchildren, all live in Morgan Township gives me extra reason to do the best job possible. There is no greater incentive than family.