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Ross Twp. Trustee

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Experience 32+ years in Education Ross School Board President Butler Tech School Board Member Teacher, Guidance Counselor, High School Principal
Education 1982 Bachelor of Science from the University of Cincinnati 1989 Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from University of Cincinnati
Ross Township is a great community. Ross Township is only 20% developed and is an area of Butler Co. that is poised for growth in the next few years. The township needs to have a current and up to date land use plan. The township currently does not have its own zoning board. Growth in our township is going to happen and the township needs to plan accordingly. A township zoning board would help us plan and have some control over the growth as it changes the landscape of our township. The township also needs to plan for the growth in other ways, such as the impact on our resources with regard to police, fire and road departments. Looking to the future and having a plan to deal with the growth is better than reacting to the growth after it happens. Ross Township is going to change and we need to be prepared for it.
I have worked in the public sector my whole career as an educator. I have worked for 17+ years managing building budgets as a high school administrator. I am currently on the Ross Local School District Board of Education and the Butler Tech School Board of Education with fiscal responsibility of budgets in excess of 20 million dollars and 45 million dollars respectively. I have always prided myself on being informed about the issues and making data driven decisions. I have the ability to look at problems from multiple frames of reference and to work towards developing solutions that are based on data,
Ross Township is poised to be the next future growth area in Butler County. The Spooky Nook project in Hamilton for example is going to increase traffic in the Ross area and the hopefully impact our local economy by bringing more people traveling through our township. I am sure this will lead to new business based on the food and hospitality areas. In the heart of Ross is 350 acres of land that is soon to be developed, this parcel will have a major role in shaping what direction the township takes in the next few years. The township needs to have a sound plan in dealing with these rapid changes. We need to update our land use plan, establish our own Ross Township Zoning Board and to begin to establish Tax Incremental Financing plans, Joint Economic Development Districts to deal with the increased pressure this growth will place on our resources. The township also needs to take an active role in these new developments so that we can recruit businesses and industry to our township.
If elected my job as trustee would be to work for the residents of Ross Township to make our township on of the best places to live and work in Butler County. I would work as a trustee with a focus on Fiscal Responsibility, Transparent Operations, Managerial Accountability, establishing our own Zoning Board, establish a Township Safety Quality Improvement Plan, Recycling Program and improve our Park and develop more green spaces.

i have lived in Ross Township for 25 years. I have 32+ years of experience working in public education, of which 8 were in the Ross Local School District as the High School Principal and two years as a Guidance Counselor. I am currently serving on the Ross Local School Board as the Board President and I am on the Butler Tech Board of Education serving as the representative for the Ross Local School District. I am currently employed as an Adjunct Professor at Bowling Green State University in the Department of Teaching and Learning mentoring first year Career Technical Teachers that are pursuing their teaching credentials.

Growth in our township appears destined to happen. A smart community recognizes that growth cannot be stopped but can be controlled. Smart growth is key to a well-run and successful community. As a trustee, we have developed a Land Use Plan with input from our township residents. With the Land Use Plan, we are setting up for future development to provide the income necessary to sustain the infrastructure required by the growth without being a great burden to residential taxes. It will also provide our residents with the type of growth they are asking for while staying within the existing character that make Ross special. This process enables residents to participate in what becomes of the township through public volunteer committees.

The thought of township zoning for Ross is not new. We are in the process of doing a township-wide survey that will let us know what the residents of Ross want. Based on that information, we will move accordingly.
I have lived in the Ross/Morgan Townships area my entire life. During my 16 years as a trustee for Ross Township, I have attended numerous conferences, seminars and educational workshops concerning township and local government issues. As a trustee, I have become completely familiar with the resident’s desires for our township and have worked with my co-trustees to provide the type of township they want. For example, we have worked to make the Police and Fire Departments 24/7 coverage agencies to meet the residents needs for safety services; we have modernized snow removal equipment to better handle winter storm emergencies and have purchased and utilize a computerized program for rating and repairing the roads within the Township to provide for quicker and more economically efficient roadway maintenance needs.

People come to Ross Township because they like the way it is right now; however, realistically we must prepare our township for the right kind of growth that is going to come our way. That’s why it is important to keep this growth in the designated business zoned areas. I believe that smart commercial and light industrial business growth is essential to an economically healthy community because business growth will help that take a good deal of the tax burden off the backs of Ross residents. In addition to the zoning study discussed above, we have hired a municipal tax advisor and bond counsel to assist us setting up all the tools available to increase our tax base to ensure that future development pays for increased services. This will keep that burden off your real estate taxes.
We are utilizing Joint Economic District Developments and Tax Increment Financing Funds to increase our tax base to insure that future development pays for increased services. A TIFF is used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects. It typically diverts future tax revenue resulting from county taxes increases to an economic development project or a public improvement project within Ross. A JEDD is an arrangement Ross partners with a nearby city to develop township land for commercial or industrial purposes. Employees working within the JEDD area pay an income tax to the partnering city which is then split by agreement with Ross Township. The Township receives the benefit of an income tax for workers within the JEDD area (something we couldn’t otherwise do by law) and the city benefits by getting a portion of the taxes levied in the JEDD without annexing Ross property. They keep burden of development driven services off residential taxes.
I, and my fellow Trustees, have worked hard to provide residents with the best safety services possible. I believe our Police and Fire Departments are the model of how to grow these successful agencies. Our road network is in great condition especially considering the ever-increasing costs for maintenance. We must always be aware of possible funds that might be available for future road improvements. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue serving Ross Township. In total, I believe that the residents of Ross are getting great value for their tax dollars. I am very proud of the job we have done and even more proud to say I am a Ross Township Trustee.