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Congress District 8

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    Warren Davidson

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    Vanessa Enoch

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Why are you running for office?

What are the 3 biggest problems facing the nation and how will you fix them?

Recent mass shootings have led to calls for gun control – background checks, a resumption of the assault weapon ban, etc. What are your views on gun issues?

What do you think lawmakers can do to make schools safer?

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a major employer in the Dayton region. What will you do to keep the base strong?

Ohio has legalized marijuana for medical use. Do you support federal action to provide clear rules for legal marijuana businesses to gain access to banking? If so, please describe what you would support.

Should changes be made to the Affordable Care act to repeal it? Replace it? Shore it up? How would you fix health care in America?

How should the U.S. deal with immigration?

Do you support an increase in the federal minimum wage, and to what level? Should the federal government require paid sick time or family leave?

Where do you stand on trade issues? Do you support deals such as NAFTA?

Should the Russia probe into meddling in the 2016 election end? Do you support Robert Mueller’s investigation?

What makes you better than your opponent(s) in the race?

What else do you want voters to know about you and how you will serve in Congress?

Experience U.S. Military, 1988 - 2000 Small business owner, 2000-2016 U.S. Congress, 2016- Present
Education U.S. Military Academy at West Point M.B.A, Notre Dame
I am running for another term in Congress because I love this country with a soldier’s passion and I want to help re-establish principles that built it. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, including historic tax reform. I will continue to work hard and provide results for the families and taxpayers of Ohio’s 8th district.

President Trump changed the status quo in Washington, and it's time Congress does the same.
1. America's most urgent problem is the national debt. I'll continue to fight for balanced budgets and work to reign in spending. We have a large, diverse country, full of good causes. Unfortunately, there are more good causes than resources. Deficits do matter. It is not compassionate to bankrupt America, and yet that is the status quo unless Congress swiftly changes course and begins to make tough choices to prioritize spending. For example, while Obama-phones help some, I would favor using those scarce resources to fund infrastructure projects like a new Brent Spence Bridge. 2. We need to re-establish constitutionally limited government. Ben Franklin succinctly explained that the founders had created a republic, if we can keep it. America has abandoned the simple framework our founders built: Article 1, Congress makes the laws; Article 2, the Executive branch implements and enforces the law; Article 3, the Courts apply the law, they do not make it or re-imagine it. The Ninth Amendment makes clear that the Constitution does not list all of the rights. The tenth makes clear that the powers not granted to the federal government are reserved for the states. Lastly, the Constitution can be amended. There are no provisions for it to be ignored. The oath of office requires that every member support and defend it against all enemies. 3. America's broken healthcare economy. The status quo in healthcare is broken. We need more market forces at work in order to fix our broken healthcare economy. For example, we need to end antitrust exemptions for health insurance companies, end price controls, and end federal subsidies. Last March, the House voted 416-7 (on HR 372) to end the antitrust exemptions that health insurance companies exploit. The Senate refuses to vote. Ask yourself why. Then ask your Senator.
I support and defend the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment. I'm opposed to a ban on assault weapons.
I view this as a local issue. School boards and parents are best equipped to make the best decisions for their districts. I don't support a national school safety policy just like I don't support a national school bathroom policy or a national school lunch menu. At the federal level, I supported legislation to provide grants to schools to help with school safety. Even within the same county, school districts are different and the safety and security policy should apply to each individual building and district where school boards and parents can provide maximum input and accountability.

One related federal priority is mental health parity. Though some laws have been passed, there is a critical shortage of qualified mental health professionals. Mental health is frequently linked to school safety and red flag laws at the state level may help save the lives of troubled individuals, and their potential victims.

First, we need to make sure the Department of Defense is narrowly focused on fighting and winning our nation's wars. WPAFB and the Springfield Air National Guard (ANG) base are essential to this mission. Second, we need to make sure our military has the resources it needs to defend our country. Given the vital role that WPAFB has with procurement across the military, and especially within the Air Force WPAFB will remain essential to accomplishing the first mission. Springfield plays a critical role in several ways, and I will continue to help ensure those vital missions endure. Lastly, I will continue to work with community leaders to support Springfield ANG and WPAFB. I visit regularly and have passed amendments that strengthen WPAFB and the Springfield Air National Guard base. My staff and I remain in contact with base leadership.
At the federal level, I believe marijuana should be moved from a schedule 1 drug to a schedule 2 drug. This would allow the FDA and researchers to study it for medicinal use. True medicinal use should eliminate the need for "dispensaries" and allow pharmacies to fill properly dosed and regulated prescriptions. Where the activity of medicinal marijuana is legal in Ohio, federal banking laws should not restrict this activity. I'm actively looking at a proposal from State Senator Bill Coley regarding a banking system for medical marijuana in Ohio that would require federal coordination and oversight from FINCEN.
The ACA will bankrupt Ohio, so Ohio should end Medicaid expansion. It will bankrupt America, so not only is it not working, it is not compassionate. There are features that should be maintained, like coverage for pre-existing conditions, but the status quo in healthcare is broken and the ACA on net made it worse. We need more market forces at work in order to fix our broken healthcare economy. For example, we need to end antitrust exemptions for health insurance companies, end price controls, and end federal subsidies. Last March, the House voted 416-7 (on HR 372) to end the antitrust exemptions that health insurance companies exploit. The Senate refuses to vote. Ask yourself why. Then ask your Senator. Tort reform is also essential to fixing health care in America. I support Medicaid for traditional populations, but I oppose Medicaid expansion.
America needs to solve this problem. Amnesty will not solve our immigration problem, nor is it compassionate. Look at all of the chaos that has followed from the 1986 amnesty plan. America is rightly recognized as the world's land of opportunity. We have the world's best markets for goods, services, capital, intellectual property, and more. We are a welcoming country, and should remain welcoming, but we should insist that people come here legally and stop tolerating illegal immigration. This will require making it nearly impossible to be in the USA illegally, and making it far simpler, faster, and less expensive to be here legally.

First, we need to secure the border. Border security is national security. Second, we need to end sanctuary cities, states, workplaces, and activities (like visa overstays). Third, I support conditional visas that can only be applied for at an embassy or consulate. This would relieve pressure at the border. This conditional visa would establish a biometric identity and complete a secure background check: not wanted for any crime, not a known member of a gang or terror group, etc. It would explicitly prohibit participation in any means-tested (welfare) program. It would qualify the person to be in the US legally, but be removed for criminal activity. And, with a record of legal employment or education, it would lead to a green card. The path from there is already established. Lastly, we need to end birthright citizenship when neither parent is a U.S. citizen.

I oppose all federal wage controls. America's costs of living vary widely. No single federal standard could balance the variance in a meaningful way.

I do not support the federal government providing paid sick time and family leave.
I support good trade deals. I agree with the President that our trade deals have been flawed for a long time and they need fixed.

As a manufacturer, I've seen first hand the impacts of our bad trade deals especially when it comes to NAFTA and the WTO. I support free trade.
The Mueller investigation into the President has turned into an inquisition instead of an investigation. It needs to be separated from the Russian actions prior to our election.

Russia clearly attempted to influence our election, and I voted for sanctions against Russia for their actions. Election security is important. Only U.S. citizens should be able to vote in our elections.

My experience. As a small business owner, West Point graduate, Army Ranger, and father, I have a proven track record of success and I am honored to represent the 8th District of Ohio in Congress. I love this country with a soldiers passion.
In Congress, I serve on the Financial Services Committee, where I am focused on policies that promote economic growth. My other priorities in Congress include fixing the VA, defending the constitution, and making sure the political elites don’t bankrupt America.
Experience Dr. Vanessa Enoch is a public policy and social change expert, with proven leadership skills and broad and varied experience that crosses several sectors, including non-profit, government, business, and entrepreneurship. As an experienced senior level business and technology professional, with over 16 years of corporate operations experience, Enoch understands the challenges that business owners face in growing their businesses. She has held positions as a Business/ Information Technology Analyst with corporations such as General Electric, and she has worked as a Paralegal with the US Small Business Administration. She has also held positions as a Project Manager within the insurance industry, construction, and within corporate retail and the hospital departments. Enoch has also owned and managed several businesses, including a construction company, a non-profit organization, and two consulting companies. Her current consulting company, Cultural Impact, LLC specializes in providing management consulting services, research and policy analysis, and program evaluation, and training services to governments, businesses and corporations. Dr. Enoch has also worked as a college professor and a higher education administrator for nearly 15 years. Enoch served as Department Chair/ Dean of Students for business and accounting departments. Enoch is also a trained community organizer, who has taken up numerous causes for marginalized and oppressed communities. She is passionate about social justice and human rights causes, and has fought vigorously for change to a system that wishes to maintain the status quo to the detriment of 99% of Americans. For over 20 years she has been leading local efforts to drive change in communities across the region. Most recently, she has been involved in efforts to ensure fairness within the criminal justice system and the jury selection process. Dr. Enoch has also fought to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and reform the jury system.
Education Dr. Enoch holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from The Ohio State University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in Information Technology from Xavier University. Dr. Enoch is an MLK Scholar with a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Social Change from Union Institute & University. Dr. Enoch earned the Eugene Ruehlmann Fellowship and several academic awards as a Ph.D. Student.
I am running for US Congress because I am fed up with wealthy Washington bureaucrats ignoring the voices of the American populace. I believe that Americans deserve elected officials who actually care about the people they are elected to serve. Like many Americans, I have watched in frustration as Congress has created policies that take hard-earned dollars from hardworking citizens, and line the pockets of the very rich. I have become incensed at the audacity of public officials who have blatantly passed healthcare and tax laws to the detriment of the majority of Americans. I am disgraced by the moral decay and the exploitation of women and children among legislators across the country. Legislators have turned a blind eye to issues such as mass incarceration, opioid addiction, and tainted water supply. And, rather than fix the problems they have instead cut funding to agencies designed to protect us and simply ignored the voices of constituents.
I believe the 3 biggest problems that we face as a nation are a dying economy, a lack of confidence in government leadership, and a healthcare crisis. Our Congress is made up of elitists who lack morals and values, and seemingly have no understanding of what it’s like for the majority of the American people. They are out of touch. We need to repeal and replace everyone in the US Congress. We need new leadership with fresh ideas! We can also fix our dying economy by electing new leadership. New leadership will foster new ideas. We need a new wave of creativity, and in touch citizen representatives, who understand life on the other side of the political sphere. Over the past decade, there has been a healthcare crisis in this country. The healthcare crisis is compounded by the Opioid epidemic. We can solve all of these problems by electing a more in touch congress, which understands the needs of various constituent groups. Electing a new congress will ensure that a cross section of the citizenry is represented, and a meaningful contribution of ideas will come from various population groups.
Recently, gun violence has become a hot button issue across this country. I believe in the second amendment, and that responsible adult citizens should have the right to defend and protect themselves. We need sensible gun legislation that rids ordinary citizens of bump stocks and other gun modifiers that make semi-automatic firearms fire faster. Shootings, such as those which have taken the lives of citizens at social events, in churches, and has taken the lives of school children across this country demonstrates the hazards of certain accessories ending up in the hands of civilians. We should not be afraid to assemble at recreational events, and our children should not be in fear of their lives at school. Similarly, I believe that arming teachers is a terrible idea! Teachers are not trained law enforcement, and should not have to be worried about being trained in firearms. Schools should not be war zones. Keeping weapons out of the hands of individuals who show the propensity to abuse them can curb the incidents of gun violence.
It seems that the common denominator in most of these school shootings is that the shooter has experienced some form of childhood trauma, and in some cases still harboring animosity into adulthood. Lawmakers can help make schools safer by using the funds they were planning to allocate to arm grammar school teachers to fund mental health counseling for disturbed, bullied, and injured children. As Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” It would also be helpful to teach ethics, morals, and value for all human life in schools. These things were taught in school when many of us were children, and many children learn these things at home, but for the good of society it may be a good idea to reintroduce these things in current school curriculum.

We live in a society where value for human life is at an all time low, and suicide is on the rise. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the suicide rate has increased by more than 24% since 2006. The most frequent suicide method in 2014 for males involved the use of firearms (55.4%). Congress must pass sensible legislation and do their part in keeping guns out of the hands of children and individuals who show the propensity to abuse them. This can curb the incidents of gun violence in America.
I understand that aerospace technology is critical to our economy. We can only be competitive as a nation if we continue to maintain our global competitive advantage. As a technology professional, I realize that technology is always advancing. As a member of Congress, I would have the responsibility of helping to shape and or vote on budget allocations and public spending. My responsibility to Ohio and my priority would be to support and introduce legislation to fund research and development that will ensure that our military is strong, and that we are creating and utilizing the latest and greatest technology.

Wright-Patt’s economic footprint is critical to the economy in District 8. The Airforce base has over a 4.5B impact in our region. The success of Wright-Patt is exigent! With heavy Civilian retirements in key sectors, it is urgent that new talent is attracted and retained in the region. Research & Development, testing, maintenance, and manufacturing development of weapons systems is critical to our national security and the future of our military and our country as a world power, as is the Air Force Materiel Command. In order to keep the base strong,

I would first meet with the leadership team at Wright-Patterson to better understand what internal and external supports are needed. As the Congressional leader for the 8th District, my primary job will be to ensure that our national security interests are protected in Washington. My role would also be to help secure resources to strengthen the economy in the surrounding region, which includes the counties that fall within the 8th District. Aerospace technology is critical to our economy. We can only be competitive as a nation if we continue to maintain our global competitive advantage. As an education and technology professional, and an entrepreneur, I also understand the critical need for a strong supplier base, and the importance of attracting and securing good civilian talent is to Wright-Patt.
At a minimum I would advocate for decriminalization and legalization for medical use of marijuana at the federal level. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move to reinstitute the war on drugs is bad for Ohio and is nothing more than a continuation of the war on people, which created the situation of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration takes good paying jobs and tax paying citizens out of society and shifts entire sectors of our economy to the private prison industrial complex. This has destroyed our tax base, along with eliminating payers into our Medicare and social security systems. If Sessions proceeds with his renewed war on drugs, it will amount to continuing to fuel the national slave labor force by way of the mass incarceration system. Over the past 20 years, the prison industrial complex has taken over entire industries and jobs in agricultural, manufacturing, and even the administrative jobs within the prison. Prisons are making $.26 to $1.05 to do jobs that use to command reasonably high salaries to citizens. Large corporations benefit from this nearly free labor, while tax payers are exploited and made to cover the cost of housing, feeding, and providing services to the $80 billion per year prison industrial complex. Over a half million people are

Federal legalization would reduce the racially skewed marijuana arrests, and it would eliminate the black market for cannabis, and take marijuana out of the hands of criminals. It would also enable marijuana to be regulated and taxed as with other legalized substances. Federal legalization would allow marijuana growers and distributors access to business tax credits, and federally regulated banking institutions would have the ability to lend to marijuana growers and distributors, as well.

Most Americans have made it clear that we need sensible and workable health care solutions. People across the district have expressed the desire for a medical plan that will be accessible for all. I believe the focus needs to be shifted from the conversation on coverage, as it has been the central focus in the health care debate so far. I believe that the focus should be on identifying the high cost drivers, and understanding why aspirin and band-aid costs have spiraled out of control. Hospitals and medical facilities need to operate more efficiently, so that medical services are more affordable for consumers. Other countries have been able to successfully provide quality care at an affordable rate. There is no reason why we can’t accomplish the same here at home. The problem with the way the managed care systems operate now is that they stand between medical doctors and their patients, and they stifle the creativity of practicing physicians, by putting our health care solutions and treatment options in the hands of private insurance providers whose interests are only in controlling costs. As a business professional, I am a huge advocate for controlling costs, however we need effective solutions to the nations health care crisis and sometimes the prevailing cost control measures as they stand are not conducive to providing effective solutions. Providing good health care solutions and are often more cost effective, because they get to the root of issues and keep people healthy for the long haul. Good health care solutions foster competition and improve systems overall.
Americans need policies that will foster growth in our economy and promote the general welfare of all American citizens. I believe that we must put American interests above all. We need to ensure that our immigration and international policies improve conditions for American people and does not take jobs away from hardworking citizens, and from those who have followed legal pathways to citizenship. Undocumented workers need to become taxpayers, so that they don’t put a strain on government-funded systems, without contributing to our tax base. Children who are raised in America should have the opportunity to become productive tax paying citizens. We must ensure that our policies are humane and takes the protection of the family unit into consideration, as we consider the best policies to ensure lawful immigration and naturalization.

Many years ago, I lost my good paying job at one of America’s wealthiest corporations, when they became the first company in the US to outsource. Since then, numerous job opportunities have gone the way of outsourcing. We must invest in jobs of the future, so that we can put Americans back to work.
I firmly support an increase in the federal minimum wage to a minimum $15.00 per hour, which is the amount needed to accommodate a typical family size in our region to keep people out of extreme poverty. No one should work a full time job and live below the poverty line. The federal government should require paid sick time and family leave. This supports the viability of our families and promotes strong families.
I believe that strategic trade policies should be beneficial for America and American businesses. I don’t favor protectionist policies that inhibit free and open trade. Competition keeps prices low and is generally good for consumers. NAFTA needs to be renegotiated and modernized in order to ensure that Ohio’s manufacturers benefit in the same way that Ohio’s farmers have benefitted. Since drafting the initial NAFTA agreement, we have had an opportunity to realize both the costs and benefits of the nearly 30-year-old agreement. NAFTA must be modernized to improve outcomes for workers in the manufacturing sector in the state of Ohio. The 8th Congressional district has been significantly hurt by the agreement. A renegotiated agreement will improve the trade deficit problem and more fairly balance trade in our favor. Moreover, it will put Ohio back in a competitive position, and it will bring jobs back to our district.
The Russia probe should be sustained. Meddling in our elections jeopardizes the integrity of the process of fair elections, and the fundamental aspects of our democracy. We must understand what occurred in 2016 Elections, and fix the vulnerabilities in our electoral process. This will ensure that international meddling can never happen again. This is a bipartisan issue. If Russia can get away with tampering in our elections this time, we can expect that similar meddling can and will occur in subsequent elections as well. Allowing tampering with elections from either side of partisan politics places Americans in a vulnerable international position. I fully support Mueller's investigation.
My life experience, business background, and public policy expertise uniquely position me to provide the necessary leadership to move Ohio forward. We need policymakers who understand business, governance, and social issues, and who understand that the three are intertwined. Women are severely underrepresented in our legislature. In a year that is being marked as the year of the woman, I am running as the first woman to ever represent the 8th District US Congressional district. Under the current leadership, much of the 8th District is floundering. Ohio’s manufacturing sector is has been crushed by antiquated trade policies, our communities are dying, and Ohio leads the nation in opioid addiction and drug overdoses. I have spent my entire life fighting for change and fixing broken systems.
I believe that we need representatives who are willing to represent all people, and not just those who ascribe to the same beliefs or based on partisan politics. We need representatives who understand what life is like for people who don't belong to the wealthiest 1%. I have struggled and overcome adversity, I understand what is needed to help our district improve. I am committed to serving the people of the 8th district. I don't take dark money and money from corporate PAC's. Unlike my opponent, I will not be beholden to any group or special interest, aside from the people of the district.