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Why are you running for office?

What are the 3 biggest problems facing the nation and how will you fix them?

Recent mass shootings have led to calls for gun control – background checks, a resumption of the assault weapon ban, etc. What are your views on gun issues?

What do you think lawmakers can do to make schools safer?

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a major employer in the Dayton region. What will you do to keep the base strong?

Ohio has legalized marijuana for medical use. Do you support federal action to provide clear rules for legal marijuana businesses to gain access to banking? If so, please describe what you would support.

Should changes be made to the Affordable Care act to repeal it? Replace it? Shore it up? How would you fix health care in America?

How should the U.S. deal with immigration?

Do you support an increase in the federal minimum wage, and to what level? Should the federal government require paid sick time or family leave?

Where do you stand on trade issues? Do you support deals such as NAFTA?

Should the Russia probe into meddling in the 2016 election end? Do you support Robert Mueller’s investigation?

What makes you better than your opponent(s) in the race?

What else do you want voters to know about you and how you will serve in Congress?

Experience I own and operate Full Circle Development, my current business, reinvesting in vacant and boarded up houses after the foreclosure crisis. My previous company was Colonel Glenn Executive Suites, which I had originally bought as a secretarial and telephone answering service when I was five months pregnant with my second child. We provided administrative support to defense contractors at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and had grown into the largest business center in Dayton by the time I sold it in 2000.
Education Archbishop Alter High School, Class of 1979.
In short, I care too much to sit on the sidelines. I am a fourth-generation Daytonian and local small business owner. I am running because we deserve a representative who understands the challenges we face and will work to raise wages, lower healthcare costs, and create more local good-paying jobs. I have worked to make my community a better place to live, work and raise a family by reinvesting in and renovating homes that have fallen into disrepair through my company, Full Circle Development. We need leaders with the courage to fight for us in DC, and that’s what I am prepared to do.
The problems we face trace back to the lack of opportunities for working people, a great need for good-paying, middle class jobs, access to affordable health care and treatment, and reforms to even the playing field between corporations and workers.

We must invest in continuing skills training and workforce development programs in our colleges and universities, encouraging businesses and workers to settle down locally with trained people to fill their jobs. On health care, we need to incentivize marketplace competition to keep costs down. Small businesses have to be able to enroll their employees without taking on huge cost increases. And I would advocate for federal policies that would hold pharmaceutical companies liable for the addictive and harmful substances in prescription drugs, as well as increase state funding and infrastructure for treatment and recovery.

Lastly, we have to support and maintain workers’ right to unionize and collective bargaining and raise the federal minimum wage and tipped minimum wage. We should close loopholes that allow corporate abuse and corporations to ship jobs overseas, undoing the harmful provisions previously passed through Congress in the Republican tax bill.
​I am for sensible gun laws including closing the gun show/private buyer loophole, background checks, waiting periods, limiting the size and numbers of magazines, and restoring a ban on assault rifles, and banning bump stocks. And anyone with a domestic violence conviction should be denied access to a firearm.
First and foremost, the answer is ​not​ to arm teachers. It is important to address the issues in our public schools that create unsafe environments for students, including a need to fund mental health services and outreach capabilities, especially for at-risk students, and provide staff trainings for bullying prevention.
First, for WPAFB and other major employers to attract the caliber of talent they need to fulfill their missions, the entire community needs to be vibrant and strong. While the base is a huge economic driver in our region and critical to our national defense, it cannot be an either/or scenario.

A particularly damaging effect of the chaos in Washington is that the military isn’t getting a regular annual budget that funds their priorities on time. Jumping from one temporary funding measure to another prevents military leaders at Wright-Patt from planning ahead, hurts military readiness across the board, and creates a lot of uncertainty for military contractors in the Dayton area. This is what happens when people in Washington put politics ahead of funding our national security. Congress needs to do its job and pass a budget on time, and I will work with leaders on both sides of the aisle to make sure that happens.

I am also alarmed that reported incidences of sexual assaults on the base have doubled in the past two years. There is more to be done to prevent these tragedies. I am committed to work with our local military leaders and in Washington on reforms to increase accountability.
I would support federal legislation to provide clear guidance on banking for these businesses, especially because a cash-only system is so vulnerable to abuse. I support the recent state legislative proposal of closed-loop payment mechanism. Given Ohio’s legalization of medical marijuana, I would also support downgrading its DEA categorization from a Schedule I drug to ease banking difficulties for its associated businesses.
The Affordable Care Act brought the security of health insurance to millions of people who couldn’t get it before, but it certainly isn’t perfect. I’ll fight to protect insurance for people with pre-existing conditions and work to make insurance more affordable for families. As I previously mentioned, we need to promote competition in the healthcare marketplace to keep costs down. I don’t believe that allowing states to opt-out of the coverage mandate is the answer; it will only make insurance more expensive to those who need it most. Ultimately, I would like to see a single-payer or Medicare-for-all type plan.
The family separations under the Trump Administration are inhumane. Children have been subject to trauma and are vulnerable to abuse. I believe in a path to citizenship for DACA recipients as part of comprehensive immigration reform, especially since my hometown of Dayton has been a pioneer for instituting welcoming policies for immigrants and refugees. It is cruel ​and immoral​ to separate contributing community members, including more than 10,000 DREAMers in Ohio, from the only home they have ever known.
I support the Fight for $15 movement, because no one who works a full-time job should be struggling to put food on the table or a roof over their head. I would also advocate for employers to provide paid sick time and family leave. Both further ensure the economic security of working families, not to mention promote healthy workplaces overall.
I stand firmly against trade deals that encourage corporations to ship Ohio jobs overseas, as in the most recent Republican tax law. NAFTA in its current form benefits corporations and their executives at the expense of their workers. A renegotiated NAFTA, as the Trump Administration has promised, must include protections for Ohio workers. Currently, Ohio exporters are at-risk if the U.S. cannot reach a deal with Canada.
Because Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election is a national security concern, I believe that Robert Mueller’s investigation should be allowed to take its course. I strongly condemn the actions of Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, including our Rep. Mike Turner, for undermining the investigation through the release of a partisan memo in February, contradicting the greater intelligence community assessments of Russia favoring Donald Trump and prematurely ending their investigation.

We need responsible leaders ​who will put the country ahead of their party and ​to come together and determine what happened and what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
I believe I am the best-suited to take on the challenges our communities face. It’s clear that Congress is not working, and we are in need of bipartisan solutions to move the Dayton region forward. I’ve seen too many families doing everything right and still struggling to get ahead. My experience in South Park after the housing crisis taught me that we must grow the economy from the middle out and focus on job creation, instead of the strategy of the recent Republican tax code of cutting taxes for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else or undermining our health care law so those with pre-existing conditions won't have coverage.
​As a small business owner, I am a problem solver. As a former Republican, I believe I am best able to bridge the parties and work toward solutions that benefit the many instead of the few. I hope to make clear to voters that I am focused on doing what is right to lift all of us up, and will work with anyone to get it done. I am passionate about increasing job opportunities for Southwest Ohio and making sure that people have health care access to get the care they need.
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Experience Congressman Turner practiced law in Dayton for over 17 years and in 1991, he opened his own private legal practice specializing in real estate and corporate law. Turner served as Mayor of the City of Dayton for eight years. During his tenure as Mayor, he was a strong proponent of neighborhood revitalization, crime reduction, increased funding for safety forces, economic development and job creation. He created Rehabarama, a private-public partnership to rehabilitate neglected housing in Dayton’s historic neighborhoods, which had significant economic impact on the region and received national awards. For the 5 years prior to Mayor Turner’s leadership, Dayton did not have a balanced budget. Turner worked across the aisle and balanced the budget for all eight years of his tenure. He also successfully reduced police response time by 40%, added 54 police officers to the force, and established a development fund that awarded over $19 million in grants for housing and job producing projects. Congressman Turner was first elected to Congress in 2002. He has served on the House Armed Services, Intelligence, and Oversight and Government Reform Committees, including subcommittee chairmanships. Turner is Chairman of the U.S. Delegation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Parliamentary Assembly and previously served as NATO PA's president.
Education Growing up, Congressman Turner attended Dayton Public Schools and graduated from Belmont High School. He continued his education in Ohio and received a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Northern University; an MBA from the University of Dayton; and a Juris Doctorate from Case Western University School of Law.
I’m running for re-election because as Mayor of Dayton and now as Congressman, my prime focus has always been advocating for our community. I appreciate the honor to fight for Southwest Ohioans in Washington and further promote the growth of our region.
The three biggest issues facing our nation are national security, the economy, and the opioid epidemic. Since I’ve been in Congress, approximately 10,000 jobs have been added at Wright-Patt. The work done at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base plays a critical role in keeping our country safe, which is why I continue to advocate for the missions at WPAFB. In the past five years, local defense companies have seen a nearly 60 percent increase in Air Force contracts, which means even more jobs in our region. In addition, I have been fighting the opioid epidemic in Southwest Ohio since 2013 and have passed legislation to increase prevention efforts and treatment options.
Recent tragedies have exposed a lack of reporting and communication between authorities, a loophole allowing for semi-automatic weapons to become automatic weapons, and an inability for our law enforcement to intervene when they identify individuals who may need professional mental health care. All of these need to be addressed. I will continue to support the 2nd Amendment.
I supported the bipartisan STOP School Violence Act to fund grants for evidence-based violence prevention programs for school personnel, students and law enforcement; school threat assessment; anonymous reporting systems; and school security equipment. This bill, now signed into law, provides a significant investment in early intervention and prevention programs so that acts of violence at schools can be prevented before a weapon ever comes on campus.
As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee and House Intelligence Committee, I continue to advocate for increased funding for the defense industry in our community. Since I’ve been in Congress, approximately 10,000 jobs have been added at Wright-Patt. In the past five years, local defense companies have seen a nearly 60 percent increase in Air Force contracts, which means even more jobs in our region.
I do not support legalization of marijuana.
I’ve long supported ensuring that insurance companies do not discriminate against pre-existing conditions. Additionally, children should be able to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26. I voted to expand Medicare to include prescription drugs, expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and protect Medicaid.

My opponent has called for an end to Obamacare and a complete takeover of healthcare by government, saying “we need some type of a single payer.” I oppose the government takeover of healthcare.

I supported repealing the individual mandate in Obamacare.

I support ensuring access to quality and affordable health care for all Americans.
Our immigration system is broken, and it must be fixed. We must prevent the flow of criminals, drugs, and guns through our border. To do so, it is critical that we provide reasonable, practical, and cost-effective measures to boost border security along the southern U.S. border. Getting an immigration bill passed and signed into law is vital to the well-being and safety of our country.
I have previously voted to increase the minimum wage. I voted for the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007, which increased the federal minimum wage. I supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has led to more money in the paychecks of hard working Americans.
The renegotiated NAFTA, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), is a mutually-beneficial win for American farmers, ranchers, businesses, and workers. Upon implementation, it will create more balanced, reciprocal trade that supports high-paying jobs for Americans and grows the North American economy. This renegotiation will protect jobs in Ohio and the Miami Valley.
I support Robert Mueller’s investigation. We need to move forward quickly to implement safeguards against future interference in our democracy.
My years of service and experience in leadership positions in our community.
From my time serving as Mayor and in Congress, the community has real results from my work. From the Schuster Center, baseball stadium, and Riverscape, to the strength and growth at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the new jobs at Fuyao, I have played an integral and important leadership role in our community’s successes.