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Montgomery County Recorder

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    Adil Baguirov

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    Brandon McClain

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Experience Small business owner. Realtor with the largest local realty - Keller Williams. Real estate investor. Co-founder of a local trucking company that's certified to do business with Amazon, USPS, and hundreds of shippers and brokers. Former elected member and President of the Dayton Board of Education (DPS) during whose term as President of the Board DPS avoided state takeover and got its first-ever historic "A" on the state report card. Additionally, significant improvements in financial accountability and transparency were achieved at DPS by establishing the office of independent Internal Auditor and joining the OhioCheckbook initiative; fixed the decades-old transportation problem by financing the purchase of 115 school buses with 10 year bumper-to-bumper warranty at the lowest price and ultra-low 2.05% interest rate; improved working conditions for bus drivers and mechanics; revamped decades-old curriculum and pacing guides, replaced old school books from 1990's and 2000's with brand-new editions with free digital updates; brought technology to the 21st century with the best 1:1 technology program anywhere in the region that offered individualized learning and better college and career preparedness; introduced performance based contracts for top administrators and for educational software; established online DPS school to take Dayton children back from failing ECOT; voted to adopt a policy on equity and the establishment of the Office of Males of Color; reduced the number of deficiencies on annual State Audits; helped rebuild and more than double the required cash reserves; prevented significant bond rating downgrade by Fitch rating agency; expanded Belmont - a popular high school - by 500 seats; Mobile Health Unit - a wrap-around service to help DPS students with various health conditions - began its service; and according to the Internal Auditor’s calculations, in just two years under Dr. Baguirov's term DPS saved over $6.5 million and recovered over $1.3 million.
Education Undergraduate degree in business administration and international relations from the University of Southern California (USC) Graduate degree (Ph.D.) in political science from MGIMO University Ohio Notary Public Ohio real estate sales license (Realtor) Author of monographs and academic journal articles Lectured, among others, at the University of Dayton's UDLLI 2017 recipient of Dayton Business Journal's Forty under 40 award
County Recorder is a custodian of mostly real estate records, as well as some business and veteran records. The County Recorder position is about two very specific skills and industries: real estate and technology. I’m the only one well qualified in both of these industries and have multiple certifications: a licensed real estate salesperson (REALTOR) in Ohio, and a technology expert as a former web developer and champion of the largest technology upgrade in Montgomery County (the one-to-one technology initiative at Dayton Schools for 14,000 students, 1,000 teachers, in 29 buildings).

Additionally, as all government should be, it is about fiscal responsibility and positive customer/taxpayer experience, serving homeowners and businesses. Here, my record is also superior: by having Dayton schools joining and establishing the office of independent Internal Auditor, that large local government organization became the most transparent in Ohio and uncovered fraud. By introducing a unique school bus tracking mobile app for parents as well as improving its enrollment center, Dayton schools radically improved satisfaction among parents.

Thus, I’m the most qualified candidate to truly improve the County Recorder’s office and bring it into the 21st century – and have more in common with virtually anyone actually using County Recorder’s services on a frequent basis, as I have to do title searches, be at closings, file UCC-1 statements, notarize powers of attorney, etc.

Right now, the Recorder’s office is behind many other counties in Ohio, including nearby bigger and smaller counties, including Warren, Miami, Clark and Greene counties, as well as larger counties like Hamilton and Cuyahoga. I intend to change that quickly, in my first year, and cost-effectively, at no cost to the taxpayers. I offer strong leadership, integrity, real-world skills and professionalism – all while being a family man and a dedicated community leader.

Montgomery County Recorder’s office is severely behind times in terms of technology. It takes nearby Warren and Miami counties, just to name a few, as well as larger Cuyahoga County, minutes to record and notarize all mortgages, satisfactions, lien releases, assignments, as well as titles and deeds due to improved cooperation with the office of the County Auditor and Engineer.

Meanwhile, in Montgomery County, according to Realtors and real estate attorney's, it can take days to sometimes up to three weeks to record a real property transaction - unless it’s a "slow day" or they know someone at the Recorder’s office. Either way, in Montgomery County one has to come to the office, and it better be before 3:30pm. What other counties have and Montgomery does not is not a "new" thing - for example, Medina County has had e-recording since 2014, Wood County has had it since 2015, Cuyahoga, the second largest county, since 2016. Hamilton, another larger county, added it recently, as did adjacent Clark.

Even with property fraud alerts Montgomery County is a whopping seven years behind - despite finally catching up a months ago by being among last at the finish line, other counties, big and small, had it for years. For example, Colombiana County has had such a free property fraud alert system since 2011 - seven long years ago. Many others, including surrounding counties like Warren and Miami, have had it for years, too. Thus, we are always behind the curve and times - and I will change that.

Second biggest issue is lack of fiscal discipline by county, hence your taxes keep going up. This is very much evident and clear from a simple fact that despite being #24 in terms of highest income per capita among 88 Ohio counties, Montgomery County has the 3rd highest sales tax and the 2nd highest overall tax burden in Ohio. To put it in simple terms, we are all charged for a Mercedes, but given a Kia. I will be the voice of reason in the county government and fight for you.
I’m distinguished by the fact that as County Recorder’s office is about both real estate and technology, so as a REALTOR, Notary Public, and technology leader, I am an expert in both. My opponent does not have relevant real estate or any technology experience.

Moreover, County Recorder’s also provide an important service for business owners – recording financing statements called UCC-1. Just like I bought and sold real estate, and have personally coded and programmed and led complex technology initiatives, I’ve actually recorded UCC-1’s for my business.

Thus, I have far more in common with virtually anyone wanting to use County Recorder’s services than my opponent – my personal and business experience will allow me to better relate to homeowners, taxpayers, and Realtors, to help them navigate the unwelcome bureaucracy and find the right solutions quickly, thus saving time and money.

As a small business owner and as former President of the Dayton Board of Education, a seven-member elected Board (with remaining six members being Democrats), I did and do have to try to reach consensus or build coalitions to get things done. That is not easy, and is a valuable skill and experience for County governance.

Recorder’s office, and County government in general, can benefit from having leaders who have studied economics, accounting, management, entrepreneurship, as well as have small business experience, employed people and have had to meet biweekly payroll needs.

Additionally, I do not think it is right for any appointed official to insist on taking political credit for merely following the legal requirement - case in point the issuance of Veteran IDs, which has been the law in Ohio for two years now, and Montgomery County Recorder's office is again behind times in catching up with fulfilling that legal requirement.

Therefore, in terms of real estate, technology experience, fiscal discipline and reaching across the aisle I’m the best candidate for County Recorder.
Recorder position is about maintaining accurate digital and paper real estate records. It requires expertise in both real estate and technology – both of which I have. Only by improving and upgrading technology will County increase efficiency, lower costs, speed up service, increase taxpayer’s and customer satisfaction, while making sure that Montgomery County is a business-friendly jurisdiction. This will assure accurate and efficient record keeping for real estate transactions, business financing statements (UCC-1) and veteran IDs. There is no other candidate that understands this well and can achieve this due to my education, skills and experience.

In terms of practical steps, already in the first months of my first year in office I will adopt the most robust and efficient e-recording and e-notary solution, which will not just speed up processing and recording times dramatically, but will reduce errors, actively reduce fraud, and lower expenses. E-recording and e-notary will improve efficiency and transparency most dramatically. This will be done not only very soon, in 2019, but also at no additional cost to the taxpayers, and will start saving money immediately while making Montgomery County a more business- and consumer-friendly jurisdiction. This will set an example for others in the County government to follow and allow me to start reducing the Recorder's office's annual budget and demand from the County Commissioners that they pass those savings to the taxpayers.

I will also champion that Montgomery County heed to the State Auditor's warnings and improve its responses to the public records requests under the Ohio Sunshine law. Additionally, I will champion the need for Montgomery County to supply financial records to the Ohio Checkbook initiative - the #1 transparency initiative in the entire U.S. - on a more frequent basis. As of October 2018 we can only view records there till December 2016.
Experience I am a proud Veteran who is the Montgomery County Recorder. I became the Recorder in March 2018 following the passing of Willis E. Blackshear, Sr. Since taking office, I have implemented programs to protect the property owners of Montgomery County and serve my fellow Veterans. Previously, I served as a Magistrate and Acting Judge in Dayton Municipal Court where I presided over landlord/tenant matters and real estate cases. Prior to serving on the bench, I was an Attorney fighting for property owners throughout the Miami Valley who had their ownership interest negatively impacted by fraudulent activity. Currently, I am the Secretary of the Montgomery County Records Commission and Microfilming Board, and a member of the Montgomery County Automated Data Processing Board, the Ohio Recorders Association, the Ohio Bar Association, the Ohio Association of Magistrates, the Dayton Bar Association (Board of Trustees and 2017 Rising Star Recipient), the Ex-Offender Reentry Program Legal Subcommittee, the Dayton Bar Association's Ethics Subcommittee and Chairman of the Dayton Bar Association's Diversity Subcommittee. I also serve on the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyer's Project Board of Directors, the Mary Scott Nursing Center Board of Directors, and the Sinclair Community College Paralegal Program Advisory Committee. I am also an active member of my church, St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church.
Education Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Dayton School of Law; Master of Science from the University of Cincinnati; and Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
As your Montgomery County Recorder, I am responsible for overseeing all ownership documents pertaining to real estate transactions and the release of our veterans from military service. I want to remain the County Recorder so I can continue to protect our homeowners and serve my fellow Veterans throughout Montgomery County. My background as a legal professional who handled cases pertaining to the real estate market and distinction as a proud Veteran make me distinctly qualified to be the Recorder. My background permits me to identify and address the very issues experienced by our communities’ property owners and veterans alike in a unique manner that will improve the quality of life for all citizens within Montgomery County.

As a legal professional, I have personally observed the very issues I am currently addressing within our real estate market concerning property fraud. In May 2018, after only being the Recorder for approximately 60 days, I implemented the Fraud Alert Notification (FAN) System to combat property fraud and protect our property owners. To date, the FAN System protects the real estate investment of approximately 5,000 citizens of Montgomery County against property fraud.

Additionally, as a proud Veteran and former Veteran’s Treatment Docket Attorney, I understand the visible and invisible wounds experienced by our Veterans. As such, I developed and implemented the Veteran Identification Card Program to assist our communities' local Veterans in obtaining eligibility for healthcare benefits, burial benefits, service credit benefits, store discounts, and more. To date, approximately 750 Veterans have obtained their veteran identification card.

I have already implemented (2) programs currently benefiting our community, and I want to continue to operate both programs to ensure our property owners are protected and my fellow Veterans receive all they have earned by their service to our great nation.
As the Recorder, the (2) biggest ongoing issues facing my office is protecting the investments of Montgomery County property owners against property fraud and saving the citizens hard earned tax dollars. Property fraud threatens an individual’s ownership of real property and can cause a lifetime of financial ruin. To address this issue, I implemented the FAN System to enable property owners to receive alerts upon the recording of documents that could impact their ownership interest in real property. My system is vital to Montgomery County because time is the biggest factor in being able to properly combat property fraud.

Additionally, I implemented a comprehensive outreach plan to reach all jurisdictions within Montgomery County. To date, I have held over 75 informational sessions at council meetings, local conferences, priority board meetings, and neighborhood association gatherings to inform property owners about my fraud detection system and how to combat property fraud. I have also encouraged all property owners to register for my fraud detection system so we can collectively protect all citizens of Montgomery County against the devastating effects of fraudulent activity.

While my office is a revenue generating source for Montgomery County, I believe we will always be better served when we can save taxpayer dollars. To save citizens hard earned tax dollars, I am currently in the process of implementing changes which will reduce annual maintenance fees, increase revenue generating services, and improve customer service and satisfaction.
Whether a proud Veteran, Attorney, Magistrate, Acting Judge, or even now as the Montgomery County Recorder, public service has been a calling I have continuously and unwaveringly answered throughout my life with a high degree of integrity and transparency.

Public service is and has always been a full-time commitment that requires sincere selflessness and dedication to others. For me, unlike my opponent, public service has, is, and will continue to be a full-time commitment where I will remain dedicated to the needs of those I serve within Montgomery County. Additionally, unlike my opponent, I have proven my competence and ability to be the Recorder through the creation and implementation of (2) successful programs in the Recorder’s Office that are currently benefiting the citizens of Montgomery County.

My past and present dedication to the citizens of Montgomery County has earned me the support of the Dayton Area Realtors PAC (comprised of experienced and respected realtors and investors) and the recommendation to remain the Montgomery County Recorder by the Dayton Education Association (comprised of teachers, counselors, media specialists, nurses and therapists).

My genuine commitment to our community has earned me the endorsements of the Montgomery County Sheriff FOP Lodge #104, the Captain John C. Post FOP Lodge #44, the Dayton-Miami Valley AFL-CIO Regional Labor Council, the AFSCME Ohio Council 8 Local 101, the Laborers Local #1410, the IBEW Local #82, and the CWA Local #4322.
Upon becoming the Recorder in March 2018, I believed the Recorder’s Office needed to improve concerning property fraud prevention, Veteran outreach, and modernization. In response, I implemented the FAN System to protect our property owners against fraudulent activity concerning their real estate within my first 60 days as Recorder. While my system currently protects approximately 5,000 property owners, I will utilize my role in the Ohio Recorder's Association to continue to advocate for legislation that creates precautions when transferring real estate.

Similarly, on September 4, 2018, I launched my Veteran Identification Card Program to assist my fellow Veterans in obtaining the benefits they’ve earned. In doing so, my office has recorded approximately 750 military release documents, which is more than the previous 10 years combined. To ensure more military release documents are recorded and Veteran ID cards are issued, I will continue my "Coffee for Veterans" events throughout Montgomery County and continue to collaborate with the VFW, American Legion, and other Veteran groups.

Additionally, to modernize the Recorder’s Office, I have begun to explore the development of a new land records system, which will ensure better customer service, convenience, and even new revenue generating services. I will advocate for the new revenue that is generated to be utilized by Montgomery County to build back up our communities street-by-street and neighborhood-by-neighborhood, which will increase our property values and overall tax base.