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Butler County Commissioner

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  • Dora Derrico Bronston

  • Cindy Carpenter

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Biographical Information

Why are you running for office?

What are the 3 biggest challenges facing Butler County?

What will you do to bring jobs to Butler County?

The Butler County commissioners have vowed to have a debt-free general fund by 2020. That will mean some major money is available for other things. What do you think the county should be investing in and why?

What can be done to deal with the rapid growth in the county?

What will you do as a commissioner to fight the opioid crisis?

The state historically keeps adding on unfunded mandates, the commissioners and other elected officials always lament this fact. What could you do to try to stop this trend or better deal with it?

What else do you want the voters to know about you?

I am running for Butler County Commissioner. It’s personal to me! I have concerns about our national and state leadership and their tribal thinking. I will bring bipartisanship to county government. I have been encouraged to run based on my leadership as councilwoman and Vice Mayor for Middletown. This Commissioner office is the primary legislative and executive branch of the County. Commissioners hold title to all county property, serve as the taxing authority for the county and control county purchasing. I bring expertise, diversity, and perspective. I want to represent every resident and every business in Butler County. I want to: Improve Infrastructure and Address Public Safety concerns in a bipartisan manner, Increase Educational opportunities, Boost Economic Development and jobs, Attack the Opioid crisis through coordinated health services. I will fight for more jobs and a healthier county.
a. Jobs & Economic Development (jobs affect city revenue, standard of living & quality of life). Economic growth creates more profit for businesses which helps our cities. As more jobs are created, salaries increase and consumers have more money to spend on products and services. The per capita income for the county is $25,892. About 8.3% of families and 12.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 16.1% of those under age 18 and 6.8% of those age 65 or over. The challenge is to provide better paying jobs. b. Infrastructure (transportation and broadband access). The county is served by rail lines, interstate highways, two nearby international airports and high-speed fiber-optic data communications to enhance business development. Many residents cannot get to their jobs because buses don’t reach their neighborhood or come at a time needed for their work schedule. To keep up with the fast pace of technology, residents need broadband access. Job applications are basically processed online today. The challenge is to improve transportation and internet access. c. Education (businesses, families and quality education go hand-in-hand) Access to quality education keeps families and businesses in our county. The challenge is proper testing, equal public & charter school regulations, and school safety.
I will explore more incentives to attract businesses. I will encourage our Chambers of Commerce and Visitors Bureaus to expand relationships with businesses. I will support our farmers more, especially our dairy farmers whose cheese exports bring in billions of dollars to our country. I will support advertising our county through social media avenues. I will support tourism with our Visitors Bureau. Our Great Miami Riverway is a draw for tourism. We can make better use of our Great Miami Riverway to bring tourism to our county and increase revenue. According to the Miami Conservancy District’s annual report in the DEED 2018 states, “tourism is one of the world’s largest economic sectors.” “Tourism sustains 1 in every 10 jobs around the world.” “Visitors spent $43 billion in Ohio in 2016.” Partnering with neighboring communities for grants and JEDD’s will save money and bring jobs to our county. Revisiting the cities Master Plan and Zoning Codes may be necessary to entice businesses to come to Butler County and the plans are easy to access. According to our OKI report last year, President Trump said he would disperse funds to repair the Brent Spence Bridge. Construction for highways and bridges will bring more jobs. ODOT has been a valuable resource for Butler County especially at our gateways. Transportation is important to industrial companies and is a deciding factor in expansion or relocation. I will encourage our maintenance departments to keep potholes filled, street striping visible, and erect privacy fencing to camouflage our industrial areas on main loops into our cities. Beautification of our cities can be costly but there are some inexpensive creative ways to do so. The challenge is to be accessible and appealing to attract new residents and businesses.
Until I’m voted in as commissioner and interact with the other two commissioners, I cannot promise a debt-free general fund. I can promise that it will be done in a bipartisan manner. I can promise a fair review of the available money and allocation of resources to best benefit the county. I will welcome ideas from all residents and businesses whose tax dollars the county is spending. I will seek administration input regarding their budgets.

When we invest in the people in our communities, they will have a better quality of life and the city will benefit from their purchasing power. The county must provide proper funding, services and programs to meet the health needs of children & adults, veterans, opioid addictions, infant mortality, and county recreational parks and programs. The challenge is to assure a healthy and vibrant community.
It’s wonderful to have such a blessing as rapid growth. In Middletown, we are in the process of a housing study. Many jobs will be created by an increase in the housing market due to growth. We need to have green space to accommodate that growth. Growth sparks our Economic Development and affects standard of living and quality of life. The challenge is to manage growth effectively on a county wide basis.
I plan to continue to participate in our opioid summits and support programs for the addicted. I’ve attended about 12 summits over the last 4 yrs. In our summits, strides were made to collaborate with numerous social support groups & other agencies to provide resources to care for the addicted. The plan includes Education/Prevention, Identification/Intervention, Treatment/PostTreatment, and Youth Out-of-school Programming. This allows residents to connect to local resources and reduce addiction issues. I am a member of the Butler Warren Re-entry Coalition. There is a program in place to assist returning citizens to get re-established. It includes housing, transportation, driver’s license, and a job to prevent recidivism. This program targets reducing the use of opioids. When a returning citizen works and lives in a different environment, they are less likely to return to the use of drugs. This also will reduce the number of EMS runs and costs to the city. The challenge is better education and awareness, reduction of drug users, and returning citizens to a productive and healthy life.
I will Speak Up. It’s across the board. I am lobbying for new elected officials at all levels of government. Current elected officials are not aware how lack of funding for state/county mandates without proper funding has a negative effect on our communities. We cannot do anything other than vote other persons into office who share our same concerns. The superintendents who I’ve spoken with want the opportunity to explore more creative ways to allow students to learn. They are stifled due to the lack of funding and/or cannot meet guidelines for grants while money sits in the state coffer. The challenge is to attract more consumers, businesses and home owners, which will provide increased revenue.
I’m a mother and grandmother. My husband is a veteran. I am Dependable, I am Objective, I am Respectable & Responsible, and I am Approachable. I have a diverse background both professionally and ethnically. I have worked as a bookkeeper, model, purchasing agent & negotiator, pastoral counselor, and a teacher. I continue to teach religious courses in churches and in prisons.

I have served over 20 years in community and social organizations I am Middletown former councilwoman and Vice Mayor I have decades of experience with local community policy development I am experienced in ethics and conflict resolution within many organizations as well as on various governmental levels. I have worked with many county social programs.

I have served on some of these county boards and commissions and other organizations: OKI, BCRTA video, BCESC, Tax Incentive Review Bd, PRIM Infant Mortality, DMI (Drug Marketing Initiative), Midd Community Fdtn., Cinn State Advisory Bd, NAACP, SWOP (Southwest Ohio Philharmonic), Butler Warren Reentry Coalition, Citizen’s Advisory Board, Kiwanis, and AAUW.

I was responsible for branding Middletown the Purple Heart City. With my strategic efforts, ethics, and conflict resolution experience, I was instrumental in bringing back the Middletown July 4th celebration.

We are Building responsibly. Together. We are Building Our Future!
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