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What are the three biggest challenges facing the city?

What can the city do better to address utility customer questions/complaints that have seemed to rise since Miamisburg increased rates annually for five years to finance its $70 million water and sewer system overhaul?

How should Miamisburg monitor growth in undeveloped areas of the city, particularly in the Byers, Miamisburg-Springboro and Benner Road areas?

What else do you want people to know about you?

Experience I am a 3-term member of Miamisburg City Council and have also served as the Vice Mayor of the City of Miamisburg in 2014 and 2015. I volunteer with multiple local youth organizations such as Children's Performing Arts of Miamisburg and Miamisburg High School Athletics. I am leading a group that will soon introduce the Hometown Heroes Banners program in our community. I was the 2003 Montgomery Republican Party Man of the Year and I am the Miamisburg 3-B Precinct Captain.
Education B.A. Political Science - The Ohio State University and Miamisburg High School Graduate - Class of 1996
The three biggest challenges facing Miamisburg are maintaining our current excellent level of service, keeping a strong local economy and combating the heroin epidemic. First, we must continue to provide services to our residents as cost effectively as possible by working cooperatively with neighboring communities and by further exploring the sharing of services to maintain a level that our citizens expect and deserve. We must also continue protecting our taxpayer’s dollars. Secondly, we must sustain our aggressive economic development program by incentivizing new business to invest in our community and also ensure that we retain all of our current businesses to continue to provide the needed revenue to support our critical services. Lastly, to combat the heroin crisis we have hired additional police officers and forged partnerships with neighboring governments and regional treatment providers to take drug dealers off the streets and get treatment to those suffering from addiction.
I believe that our City did a good job at utilizing every possible avenue of communication that was available to reach out to our residents and businesses during the massive 5 year overhaul of our water and sewer system. The unfunded mandates of the Environmental Protection Agency made this issue the most difficult piece of legislation that I have considered in my 12 year career as your City Council Member. The constituents I spoke with were heavily in favor of keeping these utilities in-house even though they would be paying a higher rate in comparison to Montgomery County customers (at least at the moment) in order to keep the excellent level of service provided by our Public Works Department who work quickly and professionally to address any water main breaks. Evidence of this was on full display over Labor Day weekend of 2019 in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood when members of our Public Works Department left their families to quickly address the main breaks in that area.
The City of Miamisburg will continue to vigorously inspect these three developments as they are being built to ensure that the developers fully comply with and follow the plans submitted. Those plans were strenuously vetted by the City of Miamisburg Planning Commission and Miamisburg City Council. The developers at each of these three developments have either met or exceeded our building and zoning requirements for residential development. The citizen-driven 5 Year Strategic Plan noted residential development as one of our primary goals and these developments are the beginning of those goals coming to fruition. Work and negotiations will continue to ensure that the "Mound Connector" from Austin Landing is expanded and safer for all the residents of our City. When it comes down to it, we are the victims of our own success in this matter. By working together, we have made the City of Miamisburg a place where the people of this region desire to live.
My wife Staci and I are both third generation graduates of Miamisburg High School where I also served as my Class President and was a 3 Year Letterman on the MHS Varsity Football team. Staci volunteers as a Board Member with Children's Performing Arts of Miamisburg and also serves on our city's Arts Council. Our son Mason is a sophomore at Miamisburg High School and plays on the Miamisburg High School Varsity Football Team and Miamisburg High School Varsity Lacrosse Team. Our daughter Rylee is a 7th grader and an aspiring young actor who has performed in nine shows for Children's Performing Arts of Miamisburg.

My family and I are very proud of all that has been accomplished in the City of Miamisburg during my last three terms on Miamisburg City Council and I am looking forward to continuing my work on building our City's Third Century. I have worked tirelessly these last twelve years to make the City of Miamisburg a great place to live, work and raise a family.
Experience Monitoring budgets for several organizations and being involved in the community.
Education Miamisburg high school graduate
The City of Miamisburg has successfully risen to the challenges of community safety, fiscal responsibility and infrastructure. However these key challenges are ongoing. As a City Council Member, I would strive to: Keep our Police department well-staffed, trained and equipped. Evaluate budgets and economic decisions by considering the City's fiscal health,its ability to provide services requested by residents and community growth opportunities Support reasonable, fiscally responsible programs that upgrade and maintain our infrastructure such as street, sidewalk and curb plans,job related equipment and vehicle purchases, technology upgrades, energy and water supplies as well as building improvements.
The entire region is dealing with aging water and sewer infrastructure. Miamisburg is ahead of many local areas in providing clean, safe, soft water to homes and businesses in our area. Continued communication with water users is critical to minimizing issues. Adding email along with text messaging to the traditional mailed documents or door hangers is clearly a good path to follow to include all customers in communications. Further, continued efforts to help customers identify leaks mid-billing will reduce waste and unwanted excessive bills. I will listen to ideas on how we can improve billing and notification systems for water and any other services the city provides.
Growth needs to be tempered with wise development strategies. Namely, the needs of the neighbors and new residents/businesses need to be balanced. Growth just for the sake of growth makes no sense. A mix of business helps isolate us from economic downturns, while new homes add to the housing market and helps keep our area relevant and thriving. Zoning regulations can be used to help temper over-development and insure the right mix of new businesses and housing are welcomed to the city.
I have lived in Miamisburg for 40 years. I am married, I have children and grandchildren. Miamisburg has been a great community to me and my family.My involvement with several organizations around town and my business has given me the opportunity to meet several citizens and business owners allowing me to keep in touch with their concerns. My business has allowed me to help support different local organizations.I have worked at Inland/Delphi factory before running a family business full time. I am a regular blood donor. I have held several positions in different civic and fraternal organizations.
Experience Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office- Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Education Juris Doctorate - The University of Dayton School of Law Masters of Business Administration - The University of Dayton School of Business Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Indiana Institute of Technology
- Water and sewer system overhaul that is burdening citizens - Unnecessary spending, and the need to be fiscally conservative - The drug epidemic and keeping our citizens safe from violent crimes and property crimes that are impacting most towns and cities in Ohio.

Flexible billing system for water services to ease the burden of high bills for our citizens
Staying in close contact with citizens, there is a need to really hear and address the concerns of citizens. There is also a need to stay in contact with the developers and ensure each of their proposals are thought out and follow the plan for the City of Miamisburg.
MY BIOGRAPHY Assistant Prosecutor for the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, Mat Heck, Jr., Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecutor in the criminal division protecting the rights, property, and well being of the citizens of Montgomery County, Ohio

Graduated from The University of Dayton Law School earning a Juris Doctorate and The University of Dayton School of Business earning a Masters of Business Administration

Attended undergraduate with both an academic and athletic scholarship

My family, including Apollo our rescue dog, are blessed to call Miamisburg home

Born and raised in the Miami Valley

COMMITTED TO SERVICE Advocate for victims of crime, protecting our community

Currently a volunteer youth soccer coach and trainer

Previously assigned to the Child Protection Unit ensuring protection for abused and neglected children

Assisted with disaster relief in Dayton and Brookville after the Memorial Day tornadoes

Experience -8 years on Miamisburg City Council -Vice President of Miami Valley Communications Council -15 years with Pfizer -Miamisburg Economic Restructuring Board -Past board member of BOGG ministries
Education -Graduate of Miamisburg High School -Bachelors degree from the University of Dayton -MBA from Regis University
Miamisburg is a terrific city. Like any city we have challenges, but thankfully there isn’t one key issue that defines us. We have new businesses coming to town and new neighborhoods being built in Miamisburg because of the positive momentum in the city. Some of the challenges we have include: •How we prioritize tax payer dollars. It is our responsibility to maintain a high level of public safety, offer recreational options, improve infrastructure, and complete projects to make the city better. All of these cost money and the biggest challenge will be allocating those dollars judiciously. •We need to continue focusing on economic development and recruit new businesses while working to maintain positive relationships with our existing companies. •Continue working to revitalize existing neighborhoods with the Miamisburg CARES program. This program is a partnership with the community and the city that will help bolster safety, raise property values, and make the city even better.
City staff and elected officials are always willing to answer questions from the public. If a resident has a concern or suggestion, I would recommend that they reach out. The best way for the city to share any information, positive or negative, is constant communication with the public. We have shared information on the city website, on Facebook, sent mailings, published the Civic Focus, and during public meetings. As this project nears its completion, we will continue to notify the residents with the appropriate updates.

The overhaul was necessary due to aging infrastructure. City Council had the option to outsource these services, but we decided to keep water and wastewater in the city because we believed then, and still do, that we can provide a great product for our residents at a cost that is less than if we had joined the county. Residents now receive soft water, a high quality product, and an increase in capacity for heavy rain events.
In Miamisburg’s strategic plan, residents asked us to continue bringing in new business and create additional housing. They have also asked us to be good stewards of tax payer dollars and monitor what businesses come to town. We have specific land-use plans that clearly lay out the types of business we would like to welcome to our community and others that we would prefer to avoid. The city also has a very good working relationship with the developers in the region and we're able to partner with them to clearly define what is acceptable and what is not. The city is keeping a close eye on each phase of progress and is involved in the planning meetings.

Similarly, when it comes to housing, our planning commission is diligent in making sure that the new neighborhoods meet specific standards and complement the housing inventory that we already have in place. The two new neighborhoods will be well constructed houses and will be attractive to a families, professionals, and retirees.
I am a lifelong Miamisburg resident. I love this city and my family is very active in the community. My wife, three daughters, and myself volunteer with Blessings in a Bag and attend St. Henry Church. We participate in many activities such as Children’s Performing Arts of Miamisburg (CPAM) and the recreational softball leagues.

I got involved with city council because I had a great childhood in Miamisburg and I want others to have a similar experience. My biggest goal for the city is to leave it better than I found it. If I am re-elected I will work to constantly improve the residents’ quality of life and do it in a fiscally responsible manner.