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Jefferson Twp. Fiscal Officer

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    Tracy Edwards

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    Maggie Whitaker

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Experience Fiscal Officer, Jefferson Township - 6 years Treasurer, Jefferson Township Democratic Club - 10 years Chairperson of operations and budget for Citizens for Jefferson Township Schools; managed the budget for passing the 2008, 2009 and 2010 levies. Jefferson Township School Board - 4 years Retired engineer snd technical manager - Wright-Patterson AFB - 41 years Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Notary Public
Education 1981 BSME, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati 1984 Bachelor of Science of Mathematics, University of Dayton 2000 Masters in General Administration, Central Michigan University 2008 Doctorate in Organizational Management, Cappella University
Fiscal Officers are responsible for the care and maintenance of the records of the township. The Fiscal Officer does not make decisions but assist the trustees in making a sound financial decision fot the township

With accounting oversight, the fiscal officer is tasked with providing daily governance of the township's funds, ensuring that the monies are spent according to fiscal policy. All processes and controls must be in place to ensure that funds are assigned to the proper department, that safeguards are in place in accordance to the recording of transactions, that the reconciliation of accounts is accomplished on a monthly basis, and that expenses conform to the budget.
Budgetting of the township funds because of the lack of resources available. The township trustees need to be more diligent with the taxpayers' money. The township is in a financial crisis as there has not been a general operations levy passed for over 30 years. This is causing the budget to suffer as the cost of living has increased over the years. The township's ioeration will suffer without the funds to manage the township"s operations. The shortage in the general funds used to run the township has caused the township Administration to mismanage the funds. This has resulted in transparency issues and mistrust from the citizens and taxpayers in the township. In turn. The citizens will not pass a levy.
Employs excellent financial management and organizational skills. Highly proficient in the use of the Uniform Accounting system used for the Financial Management in the township. Knowledgeable of the Ohio Revised Code. Extensive knowledge of internal control requirements and procedures. Knowledgeable of the accounting system and state finance laws. Ability to gather and analyze data, to prepare reports for management. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Tracey is lifelong resident of Jefferson Township and a 1976 graduate of Jefferson Township Local School System - Valedictorian. She is an intelligent, motivated, and personable individual seeking an opportunity to continue building the local community; fostering growth and development of the township. Utilizing extensive academic and professional experience while Employing excellent fiscal management and organizational skills, Tracey works to keep the trustees and community informed on the financial status of the township funds. Tracey is the " Fiscal Officer for the People". She believes the taxpayers and citizens should know wohere and how their monies is being spent. She continues to keep transparency within the township and believes in keeping everyone accountable.
Experience I have 40 years of accounting experience in: Real Estate Government Contracting Automotive Publications Day Care Home health care Landscaping Rental Property Structural engineering Retail Machine rebuilding Manufacturing
Education Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Notre Dame
I will provide detail-oriented accounting and budget guidance to maximize best use of tax payers money. Specifically for Jefferson Township, this includes keeping department accounts differentiated, so that each department can better manage providing their services to the tax payer. Being a tax payer myself, my ultimate goal for serving the township is to eliminate waste starting with the on-time payment of bills and subsequently managing the accounts to assure a balanced budget for each department.
I will work with the departments to prepare a budget to follow that is realistic and practical for the township and tax payers. I will pay bills on time, to prevent late fees. I will meet the State of Ohio requirements, to prevent yearly audits that are costing the tax payer around $34,000 a year. There has been an audit done by the state each of the last 3 years. I would help the departments evaluate and manage their financial decisions, to make sure they are not spending unnecessary funds. When they decide to spend money on large projects. I would assist them in evaluating the benefits vs the cost long term for the township.
I am the best candidate for Jefferson Township Fiscal Officer because of my broad work background and my track record of satisfying customers. I am good at assessing a situation to determine the best course of action for providing efficient and effective accounting, always following General Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP)
I love living in the country. I love the outdoors. I have owned my own business: Maggie's Accounting & Bookkeeping, since 2006.