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    Khalilah Forte

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What are the two most important challenges facing the district?

What are the most important steps Trotwood schools can take to support students and families that continue to deal with fallout from Memorial Day tornadoes?

Does tension remain between the teachers union and administration after last year's problems, and if so, what can the board do to address that?

Should the board hire acting superintendent Marlon Howard to run the district long-term, or should they do a broad search for a new superintendent?

What else do you want voters to know about you?

Experience Jefferson Twp grade 5: math, science, soc. studies. 4.5 years Trotwood-Madison grades 4-8: math soc. studies, health, science. 30 years Indiana Univ. Upward Bound: asst. director, 1.5 years Mont. Co. Parks, Recreation, Maintenance: district supervisor 1 yr. TMEA President: 3 years Ohio Grade 8 Science Achievement Test committee member. 3 years
Education Nettie Lee Roth H.S., Dayton The Central State University B.S. Ed Indiana Wesleyan Univ. M.Ed.
Test Scores. There are several intertwined challenges here. We are undertaking the process of working with all staff to enhance empathy as well as effective teaching/ learning strategies. Research has shown a key to working successfully with our students is developing some level of mutual affinity. I believe this is a critical component as we move forward strengthening and improving our curricular offerings.This combination should be instrumental in helping us raise district test scores. Finances. Our district, as have many around the region, has not been able to pass a levy for many years. Finances are tight everywhere for most everyone. Our treasurer's office has been very careful and prudent with the district's money and finances. We will have to continue to monitor and utilize the funds we have and balance that responsibility with meeting the needs of students and staff in a manner that keeps T-M Schools competitive and moving forward with solid financial planning and execution.
There will be mental health services provided within our schools. We are helping staff learn how to recognize, identify, and refer individuals and families who may be suffering from the trauma of those storms.This is slated to begin very soon. The community and other supportive groups (and neighboring districts) continue to offer support raise funds to meet students' school needs such as supplies, uniforms and shoes. Our Transportation department is devoting busses and vans to transport our displaced students to their schools in the district. This process is ongoing as we identify our students and "bring them home". We are trying to bring a sense of comfort, support, and normalacy for our students and families.
Last year was a contentious one. We have recently negotiated a new contract with the TMEA. I am hopeful that many of the TMEA concerns have been (or are being) addressed and the acrimony is being reduced. There are, as can be expected, lingering suspicions and bitterness, but I am optimistic that time and new directions will heal those wounds. We are trying to conduct the board's business in as transparent a manner as possible. We encourage attendance at board meetings and staff feedback. We offer staff "tailgates" at home football games, and will look for otherways to create comraderie.
I believe that either direction will depend on how Mr. Howard performs as acting superintendent, and if he decides to continue the job officially. He is already serving the district as Director of Operations. He has a vested interest in the district as student, teacher, principal and administrator. He is "all in" for Trotwood.
I have served the Trotwood-Madison City Schools for over 30 years in my 36+ years in education.My career experiences have afforded me the opportunity to many perspectives or sides of the issues the district faces. It helps me weigh the varying concerns of all parties, keeping in mind that all parties want the children and young people of Trotwood-Madison to succeed. One of my greatest joys and most humbling experiences is to see former stuedents as adultsand know they doing well and they may thank me for my small contributionto their lives. It doesn't get much better than that. Like so many that serve(d) the T-M, I feel that teaching there was an honor and a privilige. Like many others, I had other offers over the years, but T-M becomes a mission - a calling. I would like to continue to serve Trotwood-Madison Schools as a board member; there is still much work to be done.
Education Graduated from Colonel White High School For the Performing Arts in 1998 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration From Central State University acquired in 2004 Alternative Career Technical Education Teaching License
I feel that the two most important issues facing our district is accountability & equity. It’s no secret that Trotwood has faced some challenges and hit some road blocks over the years. There has been a lack of accountability which contributed to the decline. Accepting the fact that change is needed in everyone, will now allow the district to come together to make positive gains. I also feel that the equitable success of all students and staff needs to become one of our main focuses. Transformation will begin once we change to a growth mindset of thinking that requires an individualized approach for everyone. Our staff, students and families need to know that there is a common goal, and although our path to get there requires differentiation, if we work together we all can succeed.
The district has already done any outstanding job catering to the needs of our students. From day one the district was on the front line doing all they could to support our families. Continuing to provide seasonal clothing for the displaced students will be vital as the weather changes. The district is steps ahead with providing the Mental Health services needed and is currently working on a strategic plan to aid those district families affected. The district will continue to provide support by lifting some of the traumatic burdens that our families have faced.
I can only speak on the capacity in which Mr Howard is serving currently. I can say that as a district parent, I am very pleased with the corner the district has turned in such a short time. Mr. Howard’s resume speaks for itself, his tenure and track record proves him to be just what the district needs to regain its ground. Mr Howard has spent over 20 years in the district and as the current Director of Operations he knows what is needed to get us where we need to be. Mr Howard is trusted, he is fair and he certainly has the knowledgeable skills to complete the assignment. He is focused on transforming the current climate and culture that will allow us to provide and maintaining high academic expectations for students that need support in and outside of the classroom. Our children and families remain high on his list of what’s important when it comes to moving student achievement. I guess for me the question becomes “Does he want the job!”
Khalilah Forte is a bold 21st century leader dedicated to the equitable success of all learners. Her passion for children and her ability to become a change agent has allowed her to shine in her community. She is actively, engaged and invested in herself, her family, her spiritual life, her community as well as her district. She has a huge social and community platform from working with and throughout the City. She has spent countless hours volunteering and serving her faith based community. Her time and attention to the needs of others, allows her to connect and foster successful relationships. She loves children and she passionately continues to push them towards achieving their goals. Her tenure as an employee at Trotwood afforded her the opportunity to sit among the districts administrators, staff and students, which allowed her to gain the skills needed to assist in moving the district forward. She is your next school board member!
Experience I retired as Chief, Program Development Branch, Manpower and Personnel Directorate, Wright Patterson AFB. I currently serve as Vice President, Trotwood Madison and Miami Valley Career Technology Center school boards. I am also a member of the OSBA Student Achievement Leadership Committee and the Southwest Region OSBA Executive Committee. I am a College Promise mentor to a Trotwood High School sophomore and a former volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).
Education Business Management degree from Tuskegee Institute and continued with a certification from Manpower Management School that supported my 30-year career in Manpower, Engineering and Organization at Wright Patterson AFB and the Pentagon.
I believe the first challenge is making sure that our students and staff are provided the supports they need as a result of the Memorial Day tornadoes. For our students, this includes supplies and clothing and for both, it is important to make sure that supports are there to help with the emotional/mental health, if needed. Secondly, we continue to focus on strategies to increase student achievement and it’s not because of a state mandated grade on a report card…it is for our students because they can achieve. I understand this can happen when given the additional academic supports and opportunities for active student engagement. I think we are on the path to student success.
One of the biggest challenges after the tornadoes was ensuring we could provide transportation to the many different locations of our displaced students due to the tornadoes. Our Operation Director, Mr. Howard has worked and continues to work with other districts and RTA to arrange the transportation to get them back to Trotwood. The staff continues to monitor the needs of our students through communication of our school social workers and other staff with students and families. Most importantly, the support from businesses, churches, organizations, alumni classes, other school districts and individuals have been simply overwhelming in providing bookbags, supplies and uniforms. The collaboration with these entities has helped tremendously. We expect to continue to foster these collaborations.
The board listened to the concerns of the union and after several months of negotiations, the board approved the union’s proposed negotiated agreement for 2019- 2022. As a part of the agreement, the union recommended improving collaboration with creation of committees around Professional Development, District Communication/ Curriculum and Instruction/Assessment. I think we’ve moved forward with a unified purpose to work in the best interest of students in a welcoming, professional learning environment.
I believe Mr. Howard is doing a good job stepping in as a new superintendent after being the Director of Operations. One of his conditions upon being asked to accept the position as Acting Superintendent was that he was willing to try it until December. Mr. Howard was instrumental in uplifting the district after the tornadoes and received a show of staff support at the convocation going into the new school year. I think Mr. Howard will continue to grow in the new role.
I am committed to the success of the students and worked actively as a parent prior to being elected as a board member. My children attended and my grandson currently attends the elementary school. Our students and administrators have participated in the OSBA Capital Conference for the last four years since my membership on the OSBA Student Achievement Committee. Our band was asked to perform during the Southwest Region Spring Conference as a member of that committee. I am proud to have been a part of highlighting our student and administrator achievements at the state and regional level. I am a strong advocate for providing after-school tutoring, enrichment programs (coding) and more student lead initiatives. I want to continue advocating for the achievement of our students.