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  • Martin Hamlin

  • Rusty Holman

  • Diane Horvath

  • Tony Niemesh

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What are the 3 biggest challenges facing the school district? How would you deal with them?

What makes you qualified to be on the school board and gives you an advantage over other candidates?

What is your position on state testing and graduation requirements?

What would you do to close the skills gap that employers say is hindering their ability to find workers?

Are there any areas where you believe the school district currently underspends, or overspends?

Is the school district doing enough to ensure student safety? If not, what else should they be doing?

Are there any subjects or topics not currently being taught (or not taught broadly enough) that you would like to see expanded?

What other changes could be made that you think would improve students’ academic performance?

If you had to choose between increasing the number of regular teachers, to lower class size, or increasing the number of counselors/social workers/mental-health therapists/school resource officers to deal with non-academic issues, which would you choose?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

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Experience Retired after a 34 year career with Formica Corporation as Vice President of Customer Operations. Started as a volunteer Fiscal Analyst for Hamilton Township and saved the taxpayers $150,000 a year. Also am serving on the Business Advisory Council of both Little Miami Schools and the Warren County Career Center.
Education BBA from Tulane University with a major in Accounting. Also attended the Graduate School of Sales Management and Marketing at Syracuse Unibersity.
All of the challenges facing Little Miami relate to growth. Enrollment continues to grow, adding over 130 students per year while the School District is still suffering from the effects of being placed in Fiscal Emergency several years ago. And while the District has repaid all of the monies advanced by the State, growth continues to be the main priority. At the moment LMS is in the middle of a $65M expansion.There will be a need for both operating funds and additional expansion during the next 4 years. The School Board will be faced with numerous funding issues during that time and we need to explore creative solutions to secure funding.
I have served on the Business Advisory Council for the past 5 years and have been attending meetings of the School Board for most of that time. I have an objective mind and a willingness to learn. I am a team player and really enjoy working with people of all ages.
I believe in teaching students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life and whatever next steps they take along the path. I am not in favor of “teaching to the test”; yet I do understand the need for some form of standardized testing. I tend to favor local control as opposed to State or Federally mandated testing.
I strongly support the Warren County Career Center and their steps to expand their programs. I also believe that High Schools should do more to help their students prepare for next steps whether they be on the college or straight into the workforce bi also believe that we need to listen to those employers and better understand their needs.
LMS is in the process of expanding their one-to one computer based replacement of textbooks with Chromebook tablets, and I strongly support the conversion. Many of the textbooks used in the schools are outdated and need to be replaced. Computer based training allows teacher-student interaction and also facilitates updating of instructional material.
The School District has added a second School Resource Officer, and has established an excellent working relationship with the Hamilton Township Police Department. They have also taken steps to retrofit existing facilities and incorporated strong security measures in their new construction.
I believe that ther is a universal need for improved public speaking and interviewing skills and would like to see additional emphasis placed on those skills.
I previously mentioned the one-to-one effort involving computer based interaction. I believe this has great potential for most if not all of the students from intermediate school through High School. Kids today learn computer skills almost as soon as they can walk, and this is just a logical extension of a learning method they are already comfortable with.
I have the necessary skills to help the School District. I am analytical, objective and fair. I listen well and learn quickly, and I have a strong business background.
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Experience I have been a Special Education teacher for 20 years.
Education Bachelors in Athletic Administration-Western Carolina University Masters In Secondary Education-Union College Masters in Special Education-Wilmington College
Twitter @TNiemesh
1. Student Growth- Great problem to have. Families want to move to Little Miami, and feel that we deliver a great value. Challenge is how to we continue to deliver to a growing number of students with our current level of revenue. 2. Inadequate State Funding Model- The State's funding model is not only unconstitutional, it does not adequately provide enough dollars to educate our growing number of students, placing an undue burden on taxpayers. 3. Hiring and keeping our teachers and staff- Due to past fiscal emergency our current teacher pay structure has resulted in a situation where Little Miami is becoming a training ground for other local school districts. Teachers come to Little Miami and become seasoned professionals, then leave when they find out they can make significantly more money elsewhere. We need to find a way to train and retain our teachers.
I am a life long teacher and coach. I have served a 4 year term on the board from 2014-2017. I understand how the education system operates from a classroom perspective.
I have been a consistent vocal opponent of State testing and the ever changing landscape of graduation requirements. I am not opposed to those ideals, but the manner in which the State designs, dictates, and changes these two issues takes control away from local elected leaders and school officials. There is WAY too much testing of students and not nearly enough educating of them.
We need to partner with Vocational Schools and Community Schools to develop places and curriculum that will help us develop those skills in our young people. Our business leaders know what skills they are looking for in their employees, unfortunately they don't match State standards and State tests so teachers tend to focus on the material they need to cover so students will do well on the test, because that is how their job performance is evaluated.
Our district does an outstanding job when you look and how our students perform compared to how much we spend per pupil. One area we are lacking is in how much we invest in our extra curricular programs and athletic facilities. Our athletic facilities and coaching supplemental positions are not currently at acceptable levels to compete in our new league the ECC. We should be committed to providing our students the best opportunity to compete inside and outside the classroom.
Yes, I believe they take student safety very seriously. We can and should always look for ways to stay one step ahead, but to date I believe Little Miami is doing very well in this area.
I think we should always be looking for ways to increase our offerings if it will help our students be more college ready. My experience is that we are doing a nice job here, but we should always strive to be cutting edge.
Less State involvement and more local control. I believe you would see student achievement dramatically increase if the State would send us adequate dollars per student like the do in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, then simply get out of the way and let local school leaders decide what is best for their community.
I would increase teachers first. When class sizes are smaller, teachers are able to create deeper relationships with kids. Teachers how earn the trust of their students are more prepared to know when a student needs mental health services and can help facilitate them accessing them. Schools definitely need more mental health services, but lets not forget out number one roll is to educate kids. There is an ever increasing need help dealing with non-academic issues and they are stressing the schools systems in a negative way.
I would welcome the opportunity to serve my community and and would appreciate their vote on election day.