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Wayne Twp. Trustee

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    Tim Taylor

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Experience Small Business Owner For 25 Years (Taylor Performance) Wayne Township Trustee For 20 Years Wayne Township Volunteer Firefighter For 15 Years
Education Graduate of Preble Shawnee I have my CDL license Business classes
The biggest problems facing our community relate to public safety. We have several dangerous intersection in our township. I plan to advocate for safety measures to be implemented to help cut down on the amount of accidents that occur at them. This will require much dialog with both state and county officials. We also have several roads that are deteriorating that need to be addressed. I would work with our road department to implement a regular maintenance schedule for them, as well as prepare capital improvement grant applications to finance improvement projects. We also have aging equipment within our road department that is needing to be updated. I would work to again secure grant money to help offset these costs.
I owned my own business for 25 years and also served as township trustee for 20 years. I have extensive experience dealing with financials due to this experience. Also, due to my experience I am well networked within both the community and local government communities. This will allow for me to seek guidance should there be a time when it is needed or if a phone call is needed to check up on a particular issue, I know who to call.
Our township has little property zoned for commercial use. However, our township does own several of the lots that are zoned for commercial use such as the Way Side Inn property. I would like to see the township either rent the properties out for additional revenue for the township or divest themselves of the properties. By selling the properties this would allow the money generated to be used as a part of the general fund. This would mean the money could then be used either for road improvements, equipment updates, or facility upkeep.
I would work to make sure the township zoning resolution is implemented properly. Township residents voted in our zoning resolution and it needs to be upheld to help protect our community. By ensuring that the zoning resolution is followed it will help protect our residents' property values and quality of life.
About myself, I am a Christian and my faith is at the center of my life. I owned my own business for 25 years (Taylor Performance) and recently retired. I have driven a school bus for Edgewood City Schools for almost 20 years. I served on the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department for several years. The annual fish fry and Father’s Day Car Show where two of my favorite events to help coordinate to raise money for our department. I also hold a CDL and helped plow snow as needed while I was a trustee and plan to do so again when re-elected. Please Vote Taylor for Trustee on Nov. 5th. As your trustee I will always work for you and our community. I will always keep open lines of communication with our federal, state, county and local officials. If you would like to meet me, have any questions, or would like a yard sign please feel free to call me (513) 836-6831.
Experience Wayne Township Trustee 1/1/2016 - 12/31/2019
As a current Township Trustee, the biggest concerns that I see facing Wayne Township are paving of township roads and staffing of our volunteer Fire Department and Life Squad (primarily the Life Squad). The current Board of Trustees, Bill Jones, Ed Truster and myself have been looking at all options available for paving our roads. We are not a big fan of chip seal paving, however asphalt paving is expensive. We as a Board are working on the steps necessary to bid out our township road paving ourselves to see if we can get a more favorable cost to the township. The volunteer Fire Department and Life Squad members are great, but are stretched thin. It is a big commitment to fill these roles. I am committed to finding ways to attract new members to our volunteer departments so that we are able to provide the best services to our residents as possible. We are looking at ways to help fund the training needed to become certified, and other incentives to join Wayne Township Fire & Life Squad.
Having served as Wayne Township Trustee for the last four years, I know the business of Wayne Township inside and out. I have been a "hands on" Trustee, and involved in all aspects of township business. I have served as President of the Board for 2018 & 2019, and have been the Wayne Township representative to the Butler County EMA board, and served on the Butler County EMA executive board. I have attended the Ohio Township Association Conference in Columbus each of the four years I have served as trustee; each year attending numerous seminars during the four day conference on virtually every topic regarding township business and operations. I regularly attend the bi-monthly Butler County Township Association meetings. All of these experiences are necessary to make sure that your Township Trustee is keeping himself up to date on all the laws, changes, proposed state legislation, ETC. that effect our township.
Wayne Township is primarily a rural community comprised of farms and residential homes, we do have a small portion of the township zoned for industrial / business uses, but the majority of Wayne Township is zoned agricultural. Being as such, we do not have large businesses or the ability for large expansion of businesses. I do however believe that small 'mom and pop' type businesses can be of great value to rural communities, like Wayne Township. With the zoning laws we have in place it is difficult to operate much of a business in Wayne Township but I do see a future of 'agri-tourism' and farm related enterprises in our community through the laws stated in the Ohio Revised Code. I personally would like to see our zoning laws amended to allow for some small at home business in our community. I am not suggesting large industrial / commercial complexes, but small businesses. Small business is a good thing, and I believe would be a betterment to Wayne Township.
I am seeking re-election to this position to continue the progress that has been made, and continue in the direction that progress has been made. Wayne Township Zoning is being enforced in a fair and respectful manner, and we have concluded and resolved all legal cases involving township zoning. I will continue working with the other Trustees, our Fiscal Officer and all other township departments to continue working as a team; finding ways to improve upon what we have now and building a better Wayne Township for years to come. As your Trustee, I have made every decision with the best interest of Wayne Township in mind, and following the Ohio Revised Code with all decisions and votes that I have made. My primary goals for the future will be township road paving, bolstering our rosters in the Fire Department and Life Squad, continue to plan for replacement of township vehicles and equipment, and planning for the future of Wayne Township to ensure we remain financially strong.
I am grateful for the opportunity to have served my township the last four years. I have a strong belief that all government positions are meant to serve the people. It seems so many of our elected officials have forgotten their place is to serve those whom elected them. I do not intend to make a career of this office, however I do firmly believe that I have more to offer and give to my community through the office of Wayne Township Trustee and I am asking the voters of Wayne Township to give me the opportunity to continue providing my services to them. There are often choices and decisions that have to be made as a Township Trustee that are not always easy, as it effects friends and neighbors on both sides of a topic. A Trustee often has to be able to set aside their personal thoughts and feelings and make decisions on the topic at hand based on facts and the law. Every decision and vote I have made has been based on the law, the best interest of Wayne Township and its residents.