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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

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Urbana Council at large (unexpired term)

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What can elected officials do to necessitate growth in downtown Urbana? What can be done to further that development? What has been lacking in the past in terms of bringing investors and growing preexisting investment in Urbana?

What can be done to usher job growth in the city and in Champaign County? What can be done to keep Urbana residents living in Urbana? What are some of biggest challenges facing Urbana? What can be done to improve student performance at Urbana City Schools?

How important is it to pass an income tax in the city that would help fund emergency services?

What are the biggest challenges facing the city?

What else to you want voters to know about you?

Experience At age 34, she is a lifelong resident of Urbana and lives here with her family. She began her working career at 19 with Rittal Corp. Over 11 years she held multiple management positions and took courses to further her education in management skills. Upon leaving the manufacturing world, she found a love for volunteer and service work. Participating in various volunteer positions, she used the opportunity to teach her children the importance of serving her community.
As an elected official you are the first point of contact for developers, economic partnerships, and grass roots movements to grow your community. Urbana already has multiple groups such as CEP, The Chamber of Commerce and Monument Square District; who have worked hard to develop our downtown. We need city leadership who is actively involved by going after grants, cutting red tape and regulations for businesses, as well as creating a strong foundation for the current and future workforce.
Keeping citizens in Urbana means raising the standard of living. When we have 1 in 5 people in Urbana living in poverty and 53% of students in Urbana City Schools classified as disadvantaged, we have a problem. By incentivizing businesses to raise wages, we keep current citizens in Urbana, encourage new families to move to the area and attract new businesses with a strong workforce. Addressing the poverty that so many kids are dealing with at home is one way to improve performance. We also know that the current city administration has done a poor job of working with the schools for the betterment of our kids. Creating a strong relationship between the city and school is another way to make sure our future generation can be successful in Urbana.
The community has watched our leaders spend money without a formal plan and create duplicate paid positions in the administration. The Urbana Wins team believes there is at least $500,000 being wasted by our current leadership. Part of our plan is to find and secure grants to upgrade the city’s energy infrastructure in places like the municipal building, reducing operating costs by 20% or more. In addition, we will look to eliminate unnecessary government positions, and reduce health care costs for the city.
The Urbana Wins team has laid out a comprehensive approach at to address the 2,250 people currently living in poverty (according to 2017 data from the Census Bureau) and our declining population. We have more than 1,155 kids who are classified as disadvantaged by the Ohio Department of Education. We must address these issues immediately.
I want voters to know that I am doing this out of a genuine desire to see my hometown succeed. This is not just about stating that there are issues facing our community. We’ve spent countless hours researching solutions to these problems, but more than that we’ve visited with citizens, business owners large and small, and past city representatives. Urbana Wins is about bringing the community together to face the issues, find the solutions and work together for a better future for ALL of our citizens. That’s why our plan has been available at since the start of this campaign.
Experience I have worked at Champaign Health District for 15 years. I am Administrative Assistant to the Health Commissioner. I manage several State and Federal Grants. I am the Registrar for Birth and Death Records for Champaign County. I am on the Monument Square District Board and volunteer for Chili Cook Off, Art Affair, Balloon Fest, Santa Parade, Santa Breakfast, Preservation Alliance Tour of Homes, and Champaign Cancer Association Tour of Homes.
Education Urbana High School Clark State Community College
Bringing together city partners who are interested in successful solutions, not political gain to focus on a plan to continue the development of the downtown.

I think the new schools has been a big boost to Urbana. People are moving to Urbana and building houses and new businesses. The new Cobblestone Hotel is a prime example of that.

The Urbana University had over 200 new freshman enrolled this year. Those students will have families come to visit and ultimately shop and dine in Urbana. In 2020, those families will be able to stay in the downtown Scioto Inn or the new Cobblestone Hotel.

I believe the city and Champaign County is growing. Property values have increased 18%. People are moving into Urbana. They are buying homes and building homes. New Businesses will follow. The revitalization of the two elementary schools and the Douglas Hotel will only improve the area. It will not happen overnight but it is on the upswing.

With the new businesses, there will be some executive positions that will be available and some of the hometown college graduates may feel the pull to settle in their hometown and help that growth.

I will leave the student performance improvement to the Board of Education.
After reviewing the last five years Budget’s, I feel that an income tax increase would be the fiscally responsible thing to do. It has been 28 years since there has been an increase. The average salary for Urbana is $36,791. The .6% increase would be equal to a large pizza a month. An income tax increase would reach all employed and not effect just homeowners like a property tax increase. Reducing staff that is already limited would only put the city at a disadvantage. Emergency services are important, as is public safety, improvements of city infrastructure, economic development. This increase would be huge plus for Urbana.
Convincing the Urbana citizens that a income tax increase is important.
My commitment is to serve the citizens of Urbana and continue to contribute to its growth and prosperity; I will support public safety, encourage the continued improvements of city infrastructure, and encourage new economic development while supporting our local business.

I believe that public service is a responsibility that we all share and we should all be willing to contribute time and effort toward the well being of the community in which we live, work, and play.
Experience I worked for NAPA for 41 years. I started my career at NAPA working in the warehouse filling customer orders,worked at inside retail sales and wholesale outside sales. For last 20 years I managed the NAPA Auto Parts store in Urbana Ohio.I served as the Urbana City Councilman for the 2nd ward for twelve years. Those twelve yes of counsel experience I bring, sets me apart from my opposition in the race for this open at large council seat. I humbly ask for your vote, on November 5th 2019 Thanks
Education Graduated from Central High School, Columbus, Ohio. Attended The Ohio State University, Urbana University, and Liberty University Am still a candidate for a Bachelors Degree
The city continues to support Downtown merchants. City dollars are spent to help beautify the look of downtown, city workers support events by hooking up electric, placing traffic signs. A vibrate downtown is important to the continued success of or city. I remind all, that there are neighborhoods, and other businesses in Urbana that I believe need and will appreciate what the city con do to help them.. The improvements made in the revamp of the downtown roundabout are needed for safety, and maintenance on infrastructure that was aging. I believe the merchants will survive, and thrive going forward. With or without help from the taxpayers.

Working with companies to determine what type of training future employees need is critical. Urbana's citizens have a great work ethic, we need to train them to meet Urbana's companies needs. Once we know what type of training is needed we then can work with the schools to help design programs to achieve desired training needs.
I believe the taxpayers have spoken. No additional income taxes for Police and Fire. As a voting citizen, I voted no, on the income tax increase tax levies. If elected I will work with the UPD and the UFD to provide the excellent service that the citizens deserve with the dollars budgeted to the divisions. I will also work with the administration, all other division heads, council, and the citizens to secure additional funding to all departments. A review of the City’s budget, focusing on funding must need items, that meet the needs of Urbana's citizens is a priority. Budget cuts may be necessary. Cutting expenses will not be easy. Extras will have to come as money is available. We must meet the everyday needs first.

Better communication between the administration, council, and the citizens is very important. Council as a group should work on ways to get their messages to the citizens. As candidates we find a way to communicate with then as we ask for their votes. It shouldn’t be hard to communicate with the citizens after they have given their votes to those elected.

Finding funding to run Urbana is a continuing problem. City leaders should work with the State of Ohio for the return of local government funds taken from us by former Governor Kasic's administration. These funding cuts left holes in the city's budget, we have yet to recover from these cuts The city should make every effort to secure grant funding to cover costs.

I am a conservative republican and am a proud supporter of President Trump, Jim Jordan, Rob Portman and Mike DeWine I came to Urbana in 1999, I transferred here to take a job managing the Urbana Parts Co. (NAPA) In 2004 I was elected to Urbana City Council, representing the 2nd ward. I served for 12 years. I am eager to serve again. Voters looking for an experienced leader to serve as your representative on council I will serve your interest with all my heart and soul. Should any of you have any questions, please contact me at 937-869-4453 or e mail at
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