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The counties included in the voters guide for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

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Mechanicsburg Mayor

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    Gregory Kimball

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    Benjamin Layne

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What are the biggest problems facing the community? What do you propose doing to tackle these challenges?

What makes you qualified for this job? What experience do you have to make good and informed decisions?

What can you do if elected to help grow the local economy and add jobs? What ideas do you have for attracting new jobs and investment?

What would you do if elected to make life better for residents?

What other information do you want voters to have about you?

Experience I have 18 years of Local Government experience. I have been the Mayor for 12 years and a Village Council member for 6 years prior to that.
Education I graduated from Canajoharie High School in 1965 and The State University of New York at Alfred in 1967
The largest single issue is infrastructure; streets, water, sanitary, and storm water systems, and acquiring the funds to attack those issues. Multiple state cuts have reduced our local government funding (LGF) by 75%, costing us over $100,000 recently, meaning less dollars for local projects. We have had to make difficult decisions on some services, but have proudly maintained core operations effectively by being more efficient and resourceful with programs to leverage existing tax dollars. Small communities simply put, do not have the resources, financial or physical to address the issues by themselves. Issues have been bandaged for so long that the overall cost is monumental. All repair/replacement projects are long term.
I have been Mayor for 12 years and was on the village council for 6 years prior to becoming mayor. The training and experience I received as a council member prior to becoming the mayor has been a key component to the progress our community has made and provided the compass as well as the team building and leadership skills for what needs to be done and how. Together, we have established great working relationships with other county entities and have worked tirelessly with them in providing safety services such as fire, EMS, and law enforcement.

We are a small bedroom community located in farming country. We have very little industry. We are working closely with the County Economic Partners, a Housing study through the County Commissioners, and the Logan, Union and Champaign County Planning Commissions to identify and address deterrents to growth and possible solutions. If re-elected, I will continue to strengthen and grow the relationships we have established during my tenure.
We will continue to work to address funding for infrastructure, economic, and zoning issues. We will continue to partner with other county entities and share resources to improve our services for all.
I have been a resident of Mechanicsburg since 1986. I am married, with grown children and 3 grandchildren. I have lived in New York, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma and travelled extensively throughout the United States during my professional career. I retired after spending 50 years in the industrial air compressor business, including owning and operating my own sales and service business. I am an active volunteer in the Lions Club, Our Towne Mechanicsburg, the food pantry, and The CC Opiate Task Force. I believe as the mayor of a small community, there are many hats to wear daily: a hardhat at water main breaks,a toboggan while driving a snowplow,or a suit and tie at county and state meetings. In the 12 years I have been in office, I have learned that small communities have similar issues. Limited funding in years past has resulted in aged and failing infrastructures. While the revenue sources from local communities remains low, the cost of substantial replacement continues to escalate.
I believe the biggest problems facing the community is that the infrastructure falling apart.. I think its time to start looking at alternative ways to save what we have and replace what we need.
I have heard Experience matters, I believe I have experience in tackling the main issues we face in our village.

For the last 5 years, I have worked for the City of Marysville as a licensed water distribution operator. Responsibilities include repairs and replacement of the city’s water systems and street repairs.

Prior to my current employer I worked 8.5 years at Heritage Cooperative part of those being the operations manager, which generated over 8 million.

3.5 years in commercial and residential plumbing.

Open minded and listen to what other have to say.

I've heard from many business owners about the struggles of trying to run a business in the village of Mechanicsburg, I believe we need to Work closer with local businesses while finding ways to support and encourage new business growth within the community.
Open government while encouraging more citizen involvement. i hope to find ways to save the village citizens money, would also like to see more things for children to do in the village.
Lifelong resident of Mechanicsburg, father of 2 children.